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4 Ideas To Boost Your Marketing This Autumn

The fall season is a crucial time of year in the world of business and Boost Your Marketing. After the summer holiday period slows down, people begin to knuckle down and rediscover their normal routines. As most people settle down to a long run of normality and routine, it is an ideal time for businesses to market their products and services. During the autumn, you can attract new customers and remind your existing customers of your fantastic service. Having said that, let’s take a look at a few creative – and highly effective – ways to boost your marketing this fall.

1. National Self-Improvement Month

4 Ideas To Boost Your Marketing This Autumn

The interruption of the holiday season will make many people consider ways to improve their physical and mental well-being. September is the month of self-improvement, so this was just in time! September is the ideal time to invest in things like branded water bottles since many people are using the return to normality following the summer to start their own health regime.

This is the perfect accessory to take to the gym or keep on your desk as a reminder to keep hydrated, making it an ideal tie-in for self-improvement month. There is a great lineup of printed water bottles available here: and since they’re a portable, practical product, they work well for getting your logo or slogan out there. Rather than stopping there, why not run a 30-day social media challenge where your customers post a selfie using their custom water bottles around the world?

2. Host an awareness event

4 Ideas To Boost Your Marketing This Autumn

There are many awareness days in autumn that might resonate with your client base, so why not support one of them? You don’t have to directly support these causes, but by showing your support, you can demonstrate to your customers that you are more than just a business.

Supporting an awareness day generates plenty of indirect opportunities for your company, too, and puts your brand in the spotlight. Links can often be made to specific aspects of your business as well. As an example, the term ‘seed gathering month’ could be used to describe anything associated with growth, food, or nourishment. Consider tying in a social media campaign with one of these events and increasing your online presence even more. In the UK, there are several awareness events happening this autumn, including:

  • September 23 – October 23, Seed Gathering Month
  • (25% September – 1 October), and Start by Bike Day (22 September – 24 October).
  • In October, there will be The Big Draw.
  • Black History Month runs from October 1 through October 31.
  • International Coffee Day takes place on October 1.

3. Have a spooky time

4 Ideas To Boost Your Marketing This Autumn

Halloween has struggled to maintain its popularity as much as any other festival. In 2013, spending on this spooktastic celebration approached £230 million. Its popularity is not expected to wane any time soon, as a figure of £500 million was reached in 2020. The fun of Halloween can be tailored to your business in many different ways – whether it’s a spooky window display, customized promotional items with a ghostly twist, or a horror-themed giveaway or competition, you can embrace Halloween in whatever way best suits your customers.

4. Use autumnal colors to create a warm glow

4 Ideas To Boost Your Marketing This Autumn

Would you rather have russets, deep crimsons, or bold shades of ochre? Incorporate autumn colors into your Boost Your Marketing strategy! They’re uniquely seductive and alluring, so take advantage of them! Colors and images evocative of an autumn stroll in the park crunching leaves, or a cozy fireside with a cup of cocoa are powerful Boost Your Marketing tools.

Win over your client base with these gorgeous special colors and images, whether you choose to create a temporary twist on your logo, a colorful display on your shop floor, or some effective custom products. Despite the end of summer, you should not be depressed; in fact, with all the Boost Your Marketing opportunities available, autumn is the perfect time to reflect on how to improve your business. Follow our tips and make those crisp autumn days your most productive time of the year!


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