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How To Put A Murphy Bed Together?

Murphy beds and their components can seem confusing at first, especially if you have never assembled one before. However, the process of putting them together is not that hard once you know what to do and how to do it. If you are looking to put together your own Murphy bed, here are some instructions on how to do it correctly using an Emurphy Bed Store guide. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to put a murphy bed together safely and efficiently without having to read through hundreds of pages of instructions in the manual given.

Step 1: Gather Tools

As a minimum, you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver and an Allen wrench, which looks like an L-shaped hex wrench. Depending on how your bed is made, you may also need a drill and pocket hole jig. As with any DIY project, get a kit with all of these tools if you don’t already have them.

So you can easily buy them from your local hardware store for just 50$. Phillips head will let you remove screws that are normally covered by decorative caps. This is important because some Murphy beds use proprietary screws that can only be removed using special power drivers or other specialized equipment’s.

Required Tools:

  • Phillips screwdriver or bit for drill
  • Electric drill
  • Stud Finder

Step 2: Build Murphy Bed From The Base

The second step to building a Murphy bed yourself is deciding on which type of base you want for your bed. To build your own Murphy bed, you have three main options: the wall, pedestal and lift systems. While each system has its own pros and cons, they all work pretty much identically. That is, by pulling down one side of your bed headboard, you can fold it all down until it lies completely flat against the wall or whichever surface you have chosen.

Step 3: Build From the Top Down

Lift up your bed frame and slide in your mattress. It’s that easy! Once you have got, it set up, simply attach your mattress with either zippers or straps or maybe both and voila, you’ve got yourself a bed. It may take some time getting used to the first thing I did when I built my own was roll over in my sleep but walking up will never be easier once you do! Trust me! Now I am an expert at putting together a Murphy bed.

Step 4: Attach Side Rails

The side rails hold up your mattress or box spring, so they can’t be attached too loosely. Place one end of your side rail up against the front cross piece lining it up so that it is flush against both ends. Attach it to your cross piece with 4 screws and tighten them in an alternating pattern. This will prevent your screws from loosening over time.

Step 5: Attach The Front Rail

The 5th step is assembling your Murphy bed is attaching your front rail to its corresponding hardware. Use one of your bolt cutters to remove two bolts from each bag, then insert each bolt into an attached plastic foot. In the next step, align each foot with one of two screw holes on either side of your front rail and use Phillips head screws or a cordless drill with bit attachments to secure it into place. Attach both feet on opposite sides of your front rail before moving onto step 6.

Step 6: Add Complete Hardware and Make it Tight

The piece of hardware on your Murphy bed that allows it to fold down and pull out is called a rail. Once you have all of your pieces together, take them with you when you buy your rail so that you can make sure it fits. Measure your door opening and add about half an inch for wiggle room. The widest part of your Murphy bed should be less than 18 inches wide to fit through most standard doors.


Most DIY enthusiasts, whether they are new or experienced, will have heard of a Murphy bed. Murphy beds are extremely popular pieces of furniture which you use to save space within your home, but there are also some other uses for them that you might not know about. For example, putting together a Murphy bed is usually a very simple and straightforward process that you don’t need any prior experience to complete successfully after reading this guide.

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