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How To Make Pakistani Ghagra Clothes At Home?

The sewing of Ghagra is the most difficult task in sewing all Pakistani clothes. Because it is a time-consuming process, and a small mistake can ruin your whole work.

In this article, we’ve tried to summarize the complex process in front of you, so you can easily understand how to start while making Pakistani ghagra. First of all, make sure you’ve done with all the requirements that are needed. What should be included in this, quality fabric, exact waist/measurements, matched thread, zippers, and elastics.

Selecting a fabric is up to you, whether you can choose embroidered, or sparkly, or anything else. But the thing is, it should be up to mark, and excellent in quality. After getting done with these things, just follow the steps on by one explained below. Here’s the solution!

Cutting the Panels

Before cutting the fabric, it’s important to know the desired length, or your height, and round waist. Now, just fold out the unstitched fabric by centre, measure the length, and mark on it. After cutting the piece, you’ll get double, and lengthy unstitched front and back. You should do this with proper focus because the overall beauty of your dress depends on it.

Joining the Panels

Interestingly, panels are already joined to each other except the final one. All you need to do is, you have to join the last two edges, and sew them together with lining. Sometimes, you experience stitching with nets, and transparent fabrics which may look ugly from the outside. To avoid this, use french seam instead of regular seams.

Pay attention – Trim seam allowance close to stitching line, and turn pieces right sides together & then stitch.

Add Zippers

Press and open the seam, keep the zipper face down. Mark and stitch around the zipper foot attached. Lastly, with the seam ripper, cut open the basting stitches. Color of the zipper should be exactly matched, or slightly to the color of ghagra, otherwise it looks bad.

Make Waistband

Cut out a piece of outer fabric by interfacing the lining piece in the same direction. Always add 1” extra extension for seam allowance, and 1” more for adding hook after measuring the top edge of your ghagra. This would be the real length of your waistband. Down the centre of the piece joining the both pieces together, make a straight stitching line. Now, fold the waistband vertically, join the side seam with allowance, then trim closely.

Join and sew the waistband in place, and that’s it. Now, sew the hook, wear, checkout what you’ve made. But have you ever thought, what should you do if you didn’t even know anything about stitching? Don’t worry, we’ve a legit solution to your problem.

Studio By TCS

Now, getting Pakistani ghagra clothes has become easier with Studio By TCS, if you don’t know how to stitch at home. There, a vast collection of various authorized designers available. You can get your favorite one under your comfortable budget. Connect with this legit source today, and get your fine quality ghagra today!

Wrapping Up!

Don’t you know how to make ghagra clothes? Above article is the solution to your problem.

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