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How To Get To Westfield Shopping Centre?

Westfield Shopping Centre are the world’s biggest shopping centre. They have more than 800 stores in 16 different countries, with 11 Westfield Shopping Centre in Australia alone. Westfield are both the shopping centre and the company that owns them. The Australian company was founded in 1950 by Frank Lowy and his son Peter. The US company was founded in 1994 by the Westfield family, who had bought out the original Australian company three years earlier.

Westfield Group currently has more than $35 billion worth of assets, which is $10 billion higher than the next largest retail property group in Australia! And it’s all because they know how to please their customers. Here are some ways to get to Westfield quickly and easily.


You can drive to Westfield from most major centres, but if you prefer public transport then there is no better way to get to Westfield Shopping Centre than the NSW Train Link City Hopper service. The one-hour, three-train service departs from South, North and Central stations and travels straight to Westfield Parramatta.

The journey takes about 25 minutes and there are three stations on the route, so you should be able to catch it as it stops at the following stations: South, Central, North, Chatswood. Once you’ve arrived at Parramatta station, you can walk from the station’s bus interchange, which is just outside the station, towards Westfield.

How to get to Westfield

These directions are direct from the Westfield Shopping Centre, but they also work just as well on Google Maps. You will need to park at either Bourke Street Mall or Sydney Olympic Park Stadium. Westfield Bagatelle is on its own little side road behind Westfield Shopping Centre Bondi Junction, so be prepared to spend some time walking. Head down Bourke St Mall to Regent St.

Bourke St Mall is a very popular street at the moment, so you may want to avoid this area during peak hours. However, for anyone who is visiting Sydney, it’s a great place to see. It’s a very bright and airy area with lots of bright shops, cafes and restaurants. Be sure to check out H&M, C&A, Pandora, Diesel, Fable and many more. You’ll pass by the Museum of Contemporary Art on your left, and on the right is the World Trade Centre.

Get a direct flight

According to US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Aussies spend $5.5 billion on air travel each year, making it the second highest spender in the world after China. American Airlines have their hub in Sydney and offer a direct flight from Sydney to LA and Boston, whilst United Airlines also have a direct flight from Sydney to Boston.

One of the best ways to get to Westfield is to get the train to nearby Chatswood station. Or, there is a train that goes straight to the Westfield Shopping Centre. And it goes by the stop that you will need to get off at. Westfield Shopping Centre is easy to get to. Photo / Getty Images The Australian Train System (ATS) has direct trains to Westfield from all major cities in Australia.

Take public transport

If you’re thinking of getting there, one of the easiest ways is to take a bus or train. And it’s all free! Westfield have created an app called Westfield Shopping Centre, which is available on both Android and iOS, that allows you to plan your journey and even track the buses. Each station will have a queue at their doors, so be sure to arrive with plenty of time!

If you’re using the Sydney Trains network, the Westfield SBS trains are the ones you want! The SBS is made up of 12 SBS Sato and 14 SBS Sino lines, and there are so many different stations that you can get off at! But if you’d rather have a smoother journey, take a free bus! The buses run all day and late night, with 3 different routes available.

Drive and park your car at Westfield

If you’ve not got a car, there are plenty of convenient public transport options to get you to Westfield Shopping Centre. Your biggest problem will be parking, however. You can pay at Westfield to park for up to 72 hours, but that won’t cost you a cent.

A multi-storey park and ride is located right by the station, and you can take a shuttle bus from there to the centre. It’s only $2.70 per trip, which is a bargain considering you could have booked a train ticket to the city centre for the same price.

Metropolitan, North and Southern train lines all stop at Green Square. Southern trains are closest to Westfield, so it’s only 10 minutes to get there by train if you catch an express. I’ve always found it a pain using Sydney’s congested public transport system, so the drive always wins out for me.


Planning a Westfield Shopping Centre trip is a much easier process if you know how to get around an area. Westfield is very busy, and you don’t want to get lost and miss your window of opportunity! Don’t forget to visit and share this article on social media. Your friends will thank you.

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