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How To Get to Bluewater Shopping Centre?

Bluewater Shopping Centre is the largest shopping centre in the UK. The centre has over 300 shops and restaurants, as well as a 16 screen cinema and an Olympic-sized ice rink. Locals and tourists alike love the mall for its sheer size and variety of stores. You can find everything from high street to luxury brands such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Nike, Zara, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., and more!

There are three main ways to get to Bluewater shopping centre: car, bus or train. The car park is located off junction 2 of the M25 motorway at Dartford Crossing. Bus routes stop outside Bluewater at bus stops 3 and 4 on The Avenue. There are trains stopping at Blu

Getting to Bluewater Shopping Centre

Most Bluewater shopping centre car park are £8. However, there are a few car parks that are cheaper. The Costcutter car park charges £4.50, car park 5 is free of charge and parking at these car parks will allow you to leave your car in the car park for longer if you buy a Bluewater Saver ticket for £15.

Level 1: How to Get to Bluewater Shopping Centre. Level 1 is the main entrance to Bluewater Shopping Centre. You can walk from there straight into Bluewater to visit any of the shops, restaurants or cinemas that are inside.

Level 2: How to Get to Bluewater Shopping Centre. Level 2 is a free-flow shopping and dining concourse that runs from The Avenue to the Cube. You can also enter the concourse from outside through one of the exits.

Planning your trip to Bluewater

Blue Water Shopping Centre is a destination that requires a lot of planning and research before you get there, as there are so many factors that go into the visit. To assist you in making your trip to Bluewater a good one, here are our top five tips for getting to Bluewater.

Pay before you park

If you are driving to Bluewater Shopping, make sure you are aware of any parking restrictions before you get there. There is currently a £2 to park in the car park until 12 noon and before 9pm. So, be sure to pre-book your parking when you book your train or bus ticket. The Bluewater Arrivals car park, at the Dartford Crossing, has 2,000 spaces. You can pay for parking using the site’s web and mobile apps. The Dartford crossing is the point at which you can enter Kent.

Arrive at the mall in style

Whether you are driving, using public transport or travelling by car, make sure you wear comfortable shoes, have a free handbag and your sunglasses on hand. When visiting Bluewater, parking is free as long as you follow the posted time restrictions.

Bluewater Shopping Centre is built on 15.5 acres of waterfront, giving it an extensive footpath network. You can visit Bluewater for the day and have your afternoon tea with a picnic or stop off for dinner and cocktails before heading back to the car park.

If you’re heading to Bluewater with friends, leave the strollers at home! They aren’t suitable for a mall as busy as Bluewater, so bring a pushchair for your baby or toddler.

Parking and Driving Inside the Centre

The easiest way to get to Bluewater centre is by car! There are more than 300 spaces on the Dartford Crossing car park for those who don’t want to drive and would rather walk. Before you drive to Bluewater Shopping Centre, you can also use any one of the car parks in Dartford, Greenwich and Ashford.

There are many bus routes that go to Bluewater Centre. You can see the full list on the Kent & East Sussex Travel Centre website. If you are going to Bluewater Centre by bus then you will have to change buses once you arrive. There are services stopping outside Bluewater all along The Avenue and The Avenue and The Quadrant, as well as on The Avenue and The Quays. Here are the main services.

Travelling by Bus to Bluewater Shopping Centre

Bluewater Shopping Centre is located by the Dartford Crossing on the M25, which provides a good direct route to London. The bus route to Bluewater Shopping Centre is covered by most bus services from Dartford.

Route 201/202/203/204/205/206/207/208/209/210/211/212/213/214/215 is the network operated by Arriva, providing connections to London. The above services all stop outside Bluewater Centre.

Route 206/207/207A/205A/205B is provided by First London, which also operates a night bus service. The 207A stops outside Bluewater Shopping Centre, along with the 207C and 208.

Route 203/203A is provided by Kentish Bus. Services to Bluewater Centre start and end at Langley Green bus stops 1 and 2, on the A228 road.

Travelling by Train to Bluwater Shopping Centre

If you live or are visiting Bluewater Shopping by train, this is the best way to go. The fastest way to travel from London to Bluewater is by train. Bluewater is served by London Overground, South Eastern, Thameslink, Southern, Southeastern, and London Underground, with many trains arriving at 8am and 9am, before starting to run out at 5pm and 6pm.

Southern and Thameslink are the slowest trains from London to Bluewater. Southern runs many trains for the last train on most days, and Thameslink trains stop every 12 minutes at weekends. There are also two services per hour on the Circle line stopping at Bluewater and no changes at London Bridge. Most passengers get off at London Bridge or Blackfriars.


The shopping trip to Bluewater Shopping centre is one of a kind. Even though it takes a while to get there, it’s well worth it in the end. Here’s the route I used for my shopping trip, which you can take too!

If you are visiting Bluewater centre for the first time, there is one hotel in particular that you should stay at. It’s called Bluewater Boutique Hotel and it’s located on the outside of the Bluewater centre at the south entrance. The hotel has a huge selection of rooms that range in price from £70 a night to £195 a night, but the biggest advantage is that it’s all included in a single booking. This means you won’t have to pay for meals and entertainment.

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