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How To Get The Most Out Of At-Home Workouts

Those of you who have been following my fitness journey know that I cancelled my gym membership in October last year and have struggled to settle into a new workout routine. There were some trainers and classes I missed from my old gym. Since moving, I have not been able to find a gym that matches my preferences. As a result, I’ve been exercising at home more often.

It’s awesome from a financial perspective, too, since I don’t have to pay gym membership fees anymore. However, my motivation ebbs and flows, and sometimes I have trouble pushing myself harder.

However, I’ve been able to stop beating myself up over time. It has been my experience that a few things make working out at home more enjoyable — and more effective. These are my top tips for Get The Most Out Of At-Home Workouts…

1. Make Sure You Have Some Basic Equipment

Following the cancellation of my gym membership, the first thing I did was log onto Amazon and order some basic fitness equipment to help with my Get The Most Out Of At-Home Workouts. It wasn’t anything fancy; I only got a set of resistance bands, dumbbells, and a kettlebell (which I rarely use).

I spent about £40 for the whole thing, and it was definitely worth the investment since it allowed me to have a gym experience at home. Incorporate resistance bands and weights into my Get The Most Out Of At-Home Workouts to achieve more of a burn. This also allows me to perform a wider variety of exercises. (Believe me, exercising at home without variety becomes quite boring very quickly).

2. Establish Manageable Goals

When I canceled my gym membership, my physical condition was the best of my life. Therefore, I expected to remain in great shape and committed to working out. Surprisingly, this didn’t happen. Now I realize I was naive to think I would achieve the same results working out without a trainer.

I accepted that I wasn’t going to be able to work out to the extent that I did before because I am in a season of my life where doing so isn’t feasible. Hopefully, I will be able to return to that level of fitness in the near future. For the moment, my goal is to remain as active as possible. My goal is no longer to beat myself up and set unrealistic targets. Instead, I work on manageable goals, such as exercising three times per week.

Therefore, think about what you can manage and what is realistic, right now. Concentrate on that.

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3. Create An Enjoyable Experience

Furthermore, I have gone to great lengths to make exercising at home enjoyable, in addition to setting more realistic targets. Thus, instead of slogging through exercises, which I dislike while counting down the seconds, I now only do Get The Most Out Of At-Home Workouts I am in the mood for. Yoga is my go-to workout 9 times out of 10.

Motivating myself becomes even more difficult when I am dreading a workout. Usually, I find an excuse to quit after 10 minutes. It didn’t make sense for me to keep fighting with myself, so I started focusing on fitness that brings me joy and puts me in a positive frame of mind.

4. Search For A Virtual Trainer

Working out at home has the main disadvantage that no one sees you slack off, or challenges you to work a little harder. It can be really helpful to have that extra push sometimes!

Therefore, I think a “virtual trainer” would be extremely helpful. Your workouts will be more enjoyable and more motivational with them.

Fitness apps such as Fiit and Aptiv as well as Freeletics Bodyweight are also great choices, and YouTube has plenty of great workout videos that can be done at home. There is Yoga With Adriene on YouTube, and Mimi Ikonn also has some easy-to-follow fitness routines (I like her Bigger Booty and Toned Legs video).

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