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How To Clean Silver Jewelry At Home?

Cleaning silver Jewelry can be pretty simple if you have the right tools and materials. This step-by-step guide on how to clean silver Jewelry at home will show you how to easily clean silver Jewelry and keep it gleaming with regular care. If you’re interested in cleaning gold or platinum, check out this article on how to clean gold jewelry. Before you start cleaning your Jewelry, it’s important to know what kind of metal it’s made of so that you’ll know which cleaning methods are appropriate and safe.

Silver Jewelry is a natural material and extremely rare, but it’s also a very hard asset to clean. A simple silver cleaning kit, however, can be used in an effort to make your silver jewelry cleaner and more vibrant. You should start by cutting off any excess wire that may be on your silver jewelry. This will keep it from tarnishing and will also do away with the need to worry about cleaning your silver pieces with soapy water.

How to safely clean your silver jewelry?

Clean silver jewelry can seem intimidating. To prevent you from damaging or discoloring your valuable pieces, however, there are some simple do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. When it comes to silver jewelry, many people assume that sterling silver means tarnish-free — unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth. In order to keep your expensive pieces looking good for years and years, here’s what you need to know about clean silver Jewelry at home. How Can I Tell If My Jewelry Is Sterling Silver? You’ll want to inspect a piece before attempting any kind of cleaning.

Just grab some baking soda

You can clean silver jewelry with a home remedy as simple as baking soda. A paste made of three parts baking soda and one part water will gently remove tarnish, so your favorite silver pieces shine like new again. Soak your jewelry in a small bowl or cup filled with water. Make sure there is enough water to cover all of it; you don’t want any part exposed to air. Dissolve three tablespoons of baking soda into 1 cup of water in a separate container and add that mixture to your bowl. The baking soda should fizz up as it hits the water—this means it’s working!

Make a paste

For a paste that will get your jewelry sparkling, mix a tablespoon of baking soda with one tablespoon of water. Apply it to your silver and let it sit for two minutes before rinsing in warm water. It might take a few applications, but you’ll be left with clean silver Jewelry that is ready for wear. How cool is that?

Apply it directly on the item you want to clean

There are three main cleaning methods you can use:

  • Apply it directly on your jewelry
  • Place it in a small bowl and pour boiling water over it and
  • Boiling is often considered one of the best ways to clean silver jewelry and is most popular among experienced jewelers. The trick here is that whatever you do, do not put your silver in with other items since boiling will create too much contact with other materials. To boil jewelry, make sure that you have a pot that’s large enough for your jewelry. Add an inch or two of water before adding any pieces.

Leave it on for 10 minutes

The first step in cleaning silver is soaking it in a mild, bleach-free solution. The ideal way to do that is with an overnight soak. Fill a large bowl with warm water and add 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup salt. Stir until it’s dissolved completely.

Cleaning In a Few Easy Steps:

  • Start by removing all of your silver Jewelry from its box, pouch, or other storage container and spread it out on a clean surface.
  • Next, fill a bowl with warm water and add in 1 tsp of household ammonia or other household cleaning solution that contains ammonia. If you don’t have any housecleaning supplies like these on hand, you can use a mixture of hot water and white vinegar instead—it’s still a good clean silver Jewelry.
  • Mixing just boiling water with baking soda also works well; check out our tips for cleaning with baking soda for more information.

Wipe down your Jewelry items

One of my favorite things about silver is how easy it is to keep looking good. After using your jewelry for special occasions, you should always wipe it down with a soft cloth and mild detergent. This helps remove any skin oils or makeup left behind after wearing, as well as polishing away tarnish.

Clean Silver Jewelry At HomePolishing silver (especially antiques) can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, so I recommend finding an experienced jeweler who can help guide you in caring for your items.

Cleaning silver Jewelry using toothpaste

Most people don’t realize that toothpaste can be used for more than just keeping teeth clean and fresh. If you have a piece of silver Jewelry that is in need of cleaning, then try rubbing some toothpaste on it. Be sure not to use any whitening toothpastes as these tend to contain abrasives that will damage your Jewelry. Toothpaste also works great for polishing brass and other similar items as well. For complete instructions visit our website best Bizz.

How to clean silver jewelry using old towels?

All you need is some elbow grease and a few simple household items. You will want to use a soft old towel, such as an old cotton one, that you don’t mind cutting up. Throw your Clean Silver Jewelry in a glass or bowl and cover it with water and baking soda.

The ratio of baking soda to water depends on how much jewelry you have and can range from 1 baking soda for every 3-4 tsp of water for small pieces like rings to 2 tsp of baking soda for every 1/2 cup of water for larger pieces like necklaces. Let your Clean Silver Jewelry soak for about 30 minutes (don’t soak longer than 30 minutes). Then take out your Clean Silver Jewelry and scrub with a soft cloth until clean!

How to clean your silver jewelry without harming its finish?

Rinse your Clean Silver Jewelry with a mild solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water. Don’t use anything abrasive or harsh on your silver, because you risk damaging its surface and dulling its finish. Don’t use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, which can tarnish even polished silver. Brush your jewelry with a soft toothbrush and soap in lukewarm water.


What Makes Clean Silver Jewelry So Difficult? Because jewelry is often one of our most treasured possessions, it only makes sense that we want it to look its best—not just on special occasions but every day. It’s an investment, after all! Keeping it shiny and sparkling isn’t always easy though. Although you can certainly find a local jeweler who will clean your silver or gold (and they’ll probably do a great job), there are easier and cheaper ways of cleaning your jewelry at home.

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