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How to Choose the Right Writing Style?

The field of academic writing is enormous and requires a great deal of skill. Often, even when your research is solid, the way you present that information can really rain on your parade and undermine your research for anyone reading it. As a result, writing styles have been developed in order to avoid this and to keep research devoid of favoritism and bias in the future.

If you are a student enrolled in a graduate program or undergraduate program, writing papers, assignments, and essays must be part of your standard educational experience. Perhaps there will be a day when you need free essay examples or sites that can help locate citations. Our service may be of assistance when this time comes. If you need help writing your paper, check out There are several writing styles that can be used to present your research. You might find that these guides are intimidating and overly complex at first, but once you get the hang of using them, they are pretty much ingrained in your brain and can even be mastered.   

Writing style guides in their various forms

CMS (Chicago Manual of Style)

In the publishing industry, books of both fiction and non-fiction are typically formatted in this way. Academic writing and publishing materials such as journal articles do not use CMS. History does use CMS occasionally, but not regularly.

Psychological Association of the United States (APA)

Writing articles and research papers in this style is standard in scholarly work. A number of social sciences such as economics, sociology, psychology, etc. are widely accepting of it. Just recently, the seventh edition was released.

Language Association of the Modern World (MLA)

The purpose of this guide is to provide writing style information to researchers with backgrounds in the humanities and languages only. Most of the content concentrates on documentation and citation style. The writing style is the first thing a student who wants to know how to research is taught at the university level.


A form of writing called Turabian was named after its creator, Kate Turabian. A lot of research will be conducted using this medium. It is important to students that they choose a writing style that is easy to learn. Using this example illustrates that well.

How to Choose the Right Writing Style?

What is the best way to choose a writing style?

There are three main factors that can influence your choice of writing style.

1. Disciplinary Field

The style of writing you use to present your research is largely dependent on the field you are researching. In addition, all fields have their own conventions and standards. Research papers should be written in Turabian or APA style, but literature and language papers are generally written in MLA style.

2. Guidelines for Target Journals

If you are writing a paper or article, you must have a list of the journals or publications you want your work to be published in. Journals have different requirements and guidelines for how their publications must be written. It is important that you follow these guidelines. The writing style you choose will follow these guidelines.

3. Individual Propensities

The more time you spend in the field of research and the more time you spend documenting and reporting your research, the more you develop a personal favorite style of writing.

When presenting research, bear these things in mind

Beginners may find academic writing confusing. Newcomers often commit common mistakes. You can avoid these mistakes next time you write an academic paper by following this list.

  • The language that is idiomatic or colloquial should not be used.
  • Verbs that are phrasal should be avoided. References should be provided.
  • In research, it is necessary to present data in the passive voice, without using personal pronouns.
  • The use of contractions, personal adverbs, and vague language must be avoided.
  • Bulleted and numbered information is not appropriate. The information should be presented in the form of structured paragraphs.
  • Basic language such as lots of, things, and hard should not be used. They should be replaced with significant amounts, factors, and difficult, respectively.

While all of this might seem intimidating at first, it is a skill that can be learned. You will be bombarded with a lot of information, but all you have to do is understand the various writing styles, the differences between them, and their appropriate usage in order to present a paper on your own.



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