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How Much is a Registered Nurse Salary in the Uk?

So you’ve decided to become a registered nurse, but now you have to decide how much is a registered nurse salary in the UK. Did you know that the average annual salary of nurses in the UK is £22,000? Did you also know that nursing in London can pay up to £30,000 annually? If you’re looking to jumpstart your career as a Nurse Salary in the Uk and make big money, This guide on how much is a registered Nurse Salary in the Uk will tell you everything you need to know about getting hired and moving up the ranks.

What is a Registered Nurse?

A registered nurse, also known as an RN, gives direct patient care and performs tasks that are vital to keeping patients safe and healthy. It’s important to note that registered nurses aren’t required to have an advanced education, so if you know what it takes to be a registered nurse but lack formal training, you can apply for jobs under various titles including licensed practical nurse (LPN), vocational nurse (LVN) or nursing assistant.

The actual requirements for becoming an RN vary from state to state, but most nurses must graduate from an accredited school of nursing before taking a licensure exam. Afterward, they can take on positions such as emergency room Nurse Salary in the Uk, school nurses or traveling nurse jobs.

What Kind of Skills Should You Have to Become an RN?

The RN (registered nurse) profession covers various job titles that all require different levels of education and training. The most common RN job titles include registered nurses, licensed practical/vocational Nurse Salary in the Uk, and nursing assistants. Registered nurses are required to have at least an associate’s degree from an accredited program as well as state licensure prior to practicing; meanwhile, LPNs/LVNs are not required to have a bachelor’s degree or pass any board exams—although many choose to do so for job advancement.

What Kind of Education/Credentials Do Nurses Need for Registers Nurses Licenses?

Nurses need to earn an associate degree from an accredited program and take certification exams. A bachelor’s degree may be required for RNs who want to specialize or become nurse practitioners. Once you’ve completed your schooling, get ready to spend some time in class studying for exams and learning about theory, skills, and nursing practice.

Earning your registered nurse license requires passing two separate certification exams: one written exam covering medical knowledge and one practical exam. If you fail either of these exams on your first try, don’t panic—you have up to three years total to pass both tests before having to retake classes.

How much does a Registered Nurse make?

It all depends on location, education level, and years of experience. Let’s break it down. According to Pascale’s Nursing Salary report from 2016, Nurse Salary in the Uk with entry-level education can expect to make anywhere between $51,000 and $73,000 depending on which state they work in. Experienced nurses with Bachelors’ degrees can earn anywhere between $69,500 and $95,500 in Florida or South Dakota respectively. At 10+ years of experience, top earners can make as much as ~$95K or more!

What are the best places for a Registered Nurse to work?

There are several key factors to consider when looking for an RN job. The salary, or pay rate, of an RN will vary depending on where you live. In 2017, you can expect a median salary of $66,1337 for registered nurses employed throughout all of Scotland. One of the best places to work as an RN is Northern Ireland where median salaries exceed those found in Scotland by more than 10%.

The cost of living there is also cheaper which means that RNs can receive more pay while still maintaining low expenses. Although average salaries fluctuate based on location and experience, they tend to increase overall as Nurse Salary in the Uk gain additional years of experience. In general, after five years as an RN you should expect at least 15% more than your initial starting salary!

What is the best salary range for Registered Nurses?

To answer your question about what’s a good salary for registered Nurse Salary in the Uk, we must first determine what constitutes good. Your circumstances play a big role: Do you have dependents? A mortgage or rent to pay? What city do you live in and which hospital do you work at? All of these factors affect how much money you take home each month. Then there are two ways of earning it:

You can be employed by an individual institution such as a hospital or clinic, or if you prefer independence, you could open your own private practice. Regardless of where your income comes from, one thing’s for sure: RNs are well-compensated for their hard work.

Nurse roles in the UK

NHS trusts and private hospitals employ registered nurse salary in the uk to treat patients, both within hospitals and through home visits. Once qualified, RNs can also pursue careers in nursing specialties such as nurse practitioners or advanced practice registered nurses.

Registered Nurse Salary in the Uk

Nurses work alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals to assess patient needs, record data on a medical chart, develop an appropriate treatment plan, administer treatment, monitor recovery and release information about patient care to family members or other caregivers. Nurse salaries vary depending on geographic location; with more senior positions paying more than entry-level roles.

Where do Registered Nurses in the UK earn the most?

Nursing is one of those careers that you can really do anywhere. But if you’re looking to earn a certain amount, you may have to make some lifestyle changes. We used data from Pay Scale to determine where RNs earn more than others, and which locations have lower living costs so your salary goes further and how to become a health and social care teacher.

The results might surprise you! You might not think of Liverpool as one of Europe’s most happening cities, but it’s definitely worth considering if your aim is to live well on your Nurse Salary in the Uk. Not only do they get an above-average salary there ($56K) but they also get great benefits and take home more cash than their counterparts in other cities across England and Wales.

Which university should I go to to get a Registered Nurse job?

With over 200 universities and colleges, London alone has over 100 different options for students. Whether you want to become a registered Nurse Salary in the Uk or just want to get educated in nursing so that you can work at some of London’s top hospitals, choosing which university to attend can be very challenging.

With so many options, how do you know which university will give you your best chance at obtaining an RN job once you graduate? This guide will walk you through how much money RNs make, where they are employed most often, as well as give insight into each University’s strengths and weaknesses.


There are over 730,000 registered nurse salary in the uk working in all areas of health care. The RN salary can vary depending on location, certification, and experience. It should be noted that RNs with advanced degrees tend to receive higher salaries than those without.

An experienced registered Nurse Salary in the Uk anywhere from $43,000 – $72,000 USD per year; however, these figures can change depending on specific factors such as specialty and education level. Additionally, we have compiled some additional data regarding RN salaries for you to take into consideration.

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