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How Much Do Sports Journalists Earn?

Sports journalists are a crucial part of the sports industry. They report on games, team members, and league news to help inform people about all things related to sports.In this article, you’ll learn how much they earn, why their compensation depends on factors such as experience and location, how their work schedule looks like, and more.

What do Sports Journalists do?

Sports journalists report about sport-related news. The length and number of stories varies depending on how professional they are and how important the story is. “Although the entire country looks up to journalists as the most reliable source of information on the goings-on in the sporting scene, the industry is pretty cutthroat for journalists. Once they land a job at a publication, they have to battle with the same competition that most sports journalists do.”

But that doesn’t mean that all of them are treated the same. There are distinct distinctions in the job of sports journalist – one that has the privilege of being an athlete or a group of athletes. As compared to non-sport journalists, athletes are already accustomed to the job.

The Salary of a Sports Journalist

A majority of sports journalists have a bachelor’s degree, but some have experience in other industries before choosing to pursue a career in sports journalism. In terms of salary, however, it’s all about the position you have. According to a study by Zippia, the average salary of a sports journalist. That salary can go up to $48,790 a year, but for entry level sports journalists, the minimum salary starts is high.

From experience to education, the background, location, industry, and salary range are all crucial things to consider when looking at the salary of a sports journalist. Most journalists have a long and full-time job. They cover games and various athletes. For instance, ESPN has a group of Sports journalists.

How much do sports journalists get paid?

Whether you’re pursuing a career in sports journalism or not, there’s no denying that the sports media industry is one of the highest paying in the entire world. A whopping number of sports journalists are paid around $50,000. That’s even more than some new-age celebrities. In the United States, journalists earn the most in salaries of all other media professionals. This is because the journalism industry in the U.S. is huge, sports have a worldwide following, and there are several sports reporters who move around a lot. In 2021, media professionals earning the most were sports journalists. According to the CNN Money’s annual ranking, news anchor Liz Carter earns the most in wages.

Why are their salaries different?

Each country is unique when it comes to sports journalists’ pay. Sports journalists’ annual salaries in some places can be as low as a year or as high as a year. Some are hoping to earn more than , while some don’t earn enough money to cover their everyday expenses. This may be because journalists are paid a commission-based salary. In some countries, this means that if a player or team wins a tournament, their winnings can be credited to their paycheck.

In the U.S., sports journalists do not get any salary because they are covered by a press release from the athletic league’s corporate sponsors. Yes journalists have careers with little-to-no work hours and often get weekends off.

What is their work schedule like?

Depending on their area of specialization and area of duty, sports journalists will usually be working seven days per week and between 10 and 20 hours per week. They also have the possibility of working overtime during the week, especially if there is a big game or event they are covering.

Newsrooms typically shut down on Sunday and sometimes other Sundays as well to make room for sports journalists’ rest. But, as a sports journalist, you’ll most likely be the first to know about important sports news, so try to turn to your smartphones if there is something you’re looking for.


If you are still not convinced that sports journalism is a career you should consider, read through the rest of the articles and check out this list of journalists to find out which ones could be the best fits for your career path. Then, get started right away by researching the best sports journalism schools that offer excellent sports journalism degree programs.

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