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How I Achieve Loose Undone Waves In Under 15 Minutes

It has been mentioned before that I am capable of only mastering one hairstyle: Loose Undone Waves. I wear it no matter what I’m wearing, whether I’m dressed up or down.

It would be nice if I had another style or two under my belt because variety is the spice of life. Loose Undone Waves, however, can be done in no more than 15 minutes. When they are made with the right products, they last for two or three days. Therefore, as far as speed, practicality, and versatility are concerned, it makes a great hairstyle to master!

Below is a short Loose Undone Waves hair tutorial for those of you who are interested in learning the style. This post was created mostly for the benefit of Monica Welburn, who is always asking me to reveal my curling method.

STEP 1: I begin by brushing my hair, then I separate the top section into a half-pony and put it back into a little bun so that it’s not in my way. Upon finishing, I spray a small amount of OUAI Memory Mist onto the lower section of my hair. In addition to providing heat protection, it helps to lock in your style, so the curls stay in place longer. Memory Mist can be used either on dry or damp hair, making it a must-have styling product!

STEP 2: Then I divide the bottom section of my hair in half down the middle, and I tie either the left or right side into a ponytail. After that, I use a large hairclip to connect the two sides, whichever is the left side.

STEP 3: Warming up my curling wand. I also recommend the BaByliss Curling Wand (I currently use the T3 convertible base with the Tousled Waves tapered barrel).

As soon as the curling wand reaches the correct temperature, I remove one-inch sections of hair from the clipped-back side and wrap them around the wand. I hold this position for eight to ten seconds.

As soon as the clipped-back side is fully curled, I release the curling iron from the wand, curl the next 1-inch section of hair, and repeat the step until the entire side is completed. Then I tilt the wavy hair to one side, allowing it to be out of the way, and repeat the curling process on the lower section that was secured in a mini ponytail.

STEP 4: After I have curled the lower sections of my hair, I tie them back gently into a ponytail and then release the top section. After brushing through the top section, spraying on Memory Mist, and dividing it into left and right, I brush through the bottom section.

As usual, I curl one side at a time with 1-inch pieces of hair wrapped around the wand for 8-10 seconds. My usual method is to start with the front and work my way back. In contrast, if you prefer moving backward to forwards, it makes no difference.

STEP 5: After curling the top portion of my hair, I gently undo the lower portion of my hair. At this stage, the curls are usually pretty ringlet-like, so I gently run my hands through my hair to tone it down. Curls naturally drop after 10 minutes or so anyway. Therefore, if you feel that the look is too OTT give it some time to settle before brushing out any more curls.

STEP 6: When I am happy with the way my Loose Undone Waves are sitting, I will set the style by spraying hairspray on them. My hair is usually sprayed with a medium-hold hairspray immediately after curling, and then in two or three days, I’ll refresh it with Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray.

This concludes our discussion. Not complicated at all. We got Loose Undone Waves in under 15 minutes.

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