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Here Are 4 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Exterior Lighting For Your Home

Landscape lighting can transform your outdoor living spaces by adding elegance to the night and enhancing the beauty of your home. This can be done around a swimming pool, on decks and near fire pits. It also increases security and visibility for the exterior.

Lighting plans are about creating a balance between functionality and visibility. It can be difficult to choose one of the many lighting products on the market.

These are four ways to choose landscape lighting for your exterior spaces.

Assess your property

Before you compare the various lighting options, it is important to evaluate your property and decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create with the lighting plan.

Do you want to emphasize certain elements of your home? Knowing your needs will help you choose the right product. You can choose lights to illuminate your fire pit or deck area in your backyard. This will allow you to make use of these areas at night.

By walking through your yard at night, you can assess your lighting requirements. You will notice the areas that are dark and those that need lighting. Next, locate your power source. This is where your lights will be connected. You can save time and money by having someone install outlets outside.

These are the things you should keep in mind when approaching a retailer to discuss your options. You can also ask the retailer whether you want to hire a contractor or do it yourself. You may need to combine multiple lighting fixtures to achieve a cohesive look.

Learn about the Different Lighting Types

You can choose from a variety of lighting options depending on your preference. Many outdoor lighting fixtures can be controlled via an app using timers and switches that allow you to control when the lights turn on and off.

There are many lighting options, including low-voltage lighting and LED, solar lighting, CFL, and solar lighting. Low-voltage lighting uses 12V and is connected to a transformer via wires that run through the soil or buried underground.

Solar lighting is more environmentally friendly and includes a solar rechargeable lithium battery. While solar lighting fixtures can be brighter for longer periods of time, they do not last as long as wired fixtures. LED lighting fixtures can be energy-efficient and last a long time. Expect to pay less for your energy bills.

CFL bulbs or compact fluorescent lighting are another option, but they don’t last long and aren’t energy-efficient.

Choose a lighting fixture style that matches the design of your home

The right light fixture should complement your home’s style, not only be functional. These are the most common styles of outdoor lighting:

Smart lighting: The lights can be controlled from your smartphone via an app. Smart lighting allows you to adjust the brightness, color and even create a customized ambiance.

Motion sensor lights: These lights are ideal for protecting your yard and turning on when there is movement.

Flood Lights: Floodlights provide lots of light and cast a broad beam. Floodlights can be used to illuminate trees and house facades.

Wall-mounted lights are mounted on the wall or on either side of the door to provide lighting.

String lights: These lights are made up of small light bulbs that are attached to a cord. These lights come in many styles and are easy to install.

Make sure that the lighting fixtures match your yard

Your landscape should be matched by the right outdoor light fixture. If you have a sloped or curved yard, for example, try to find fixtures that curve down. If you have a small yard, you might choose taller light fixtures. You want fixtures that are harmonious with the light they provide, but not overwhelming.

Avoid having multiple fixtures that shine light everywhere on your exterior. If you have large areas with many trees, consider using outdoor lighting such as floodlights, post lights or outdoor chandeliers to create a dramatic effect. Accent lights and recessed lights can create dramatic effects.

Last Thoughts

Landscape lighting is not a one-size fits all. You may have different lighting requirements than your neighbour depending on what effect you want and the features in your outdoor space. These tips will help you find the perfect fixtures for your home.

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