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A Guide to Personal Productivity: How to Achieve More

What is the number of times you have thought, “if only there were more hours in the day”? You are not the only one experiencing this. As a matter of fact, there are only twenty-four of them. We have 24 hours to accomplish our tasks and reach our goals.

It is unfortunately not possible to create more time. It is possible, however, to use our time more efficiently.


We are motivated in the short term by setting goals, and we are guided in the long run by setting long-term goals.

When you set your weekly goals on Sunday night and create a weekly plan, you can feel motivated and energized when you wake up on Monday.

Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • How would you like to look back on this week and be proud of what you have accomplished?
  • Can you tell me what tasks you want completed?
  • Can you tell me when you need certain tasks completed?
  • Do you need to engage which stakeholders?

Prioritizing your week is easier when you have goals. Observe carefully your progress: Are you achieving your goal(s) or is this specific task hindering it?  Often, this creates a clearer picture of what needs to be addressed first and what can be pushed down on the priority list.

A Guide to Personal Productivity: How to Achieve More


Many of us believe that multitasking makes us more Productivity, so we try to multitask as much as possible. In most cases, this is not the case. When trying to complete multiple tasks at once, you are wasting your time. You will increase your productivity by focusing on one task at a time until it’s completed.

It is possible to help yourself with this by employing various techniques, such as the Pomodoro and Flowtime techniques. Both have their complexities, but the general idea is to break your day down into manageable blocks of time with frequent breaks. When working, you should focus only on one thing at a time.

A Guide to Personal Productivity: How to Achieve More


Meetings take up hours upon hours, and how often do we complain about them?

There is no doubt that meetings are an important part of business. They are a time for collaboration and bringing people together to accomplish goals.

Having a specific purpose and a tangible outcome is the key to an effective meeting. The habit of scheduling meetings without considering what needs to be accomplished seems to have become ingrained in our culture.

You can take back some of your time by following these suggestions:

  • Reduce the length of meetings. You can cut five minutes from a 30-minute meeting or ten minutes from an hourlong meeting.
  • Attend meetings only if you are confident that you will add value.
  • Enhance quality by reducing the frequency of meetings.
  • Prepare an agenda and make sure actions are taken within the meeting if you decide a meeting is necessary.

A Guide to Personal Productivity: How to Achieve More


We have access to information everywhere. As opposed to the past, we no longer store our documentation in filing cabinets. Information is stored on our laptops, in e-mails, on scraps of paper, or in letters we receive by mail. In short, we are often unaware of where vital documents are, which can be both frustrating and painful.

The use of a digital information vault is an excellent way to circumvent this problem. In case you are unaware, a digital vault is an online platform where users store information to be stored in one central location. Finding information is easier this way, which saves users time. No more searching around for the National Insurance number, the renewal date for your car insurance, or the leasehold agreement that you are in urgent need of. The process is as simple as logging on to the vault, downloading the relevant documents, and getting started. Quite simple.

Furthermore, it ensures that the user’s information can be passed on to friends and family as they wish in the event of their death, providing reassurance for them.


This is the tip most of us don’t want to hear. It is, however, the only surefire method of creating more time for productivity.

Begin by setting your alarm fifteen minutes before you would normally get up and gradually advance it. To assist with getting out of bed easier in the morning, you can use sleep tracking apps or place your alarm out of reach.

A Guide to Personal Productivity: How to Achieve More


Our lives are short, so we should spend them doing what we love, both professionally and Productivity. Successful people must work hard and be driven, but also be able to detach themselves from their jobs and maintain a sense of balance.

Make sure you plan for downtime every day, relax most weekends, and take your well-deserved annual leave. By allowing for regeneration and sustained drive, you’ll be able to increase your productivity.



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