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20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

The reason they are so successful is not that they are beautiful, but because they are among the most talented and skilled athletes in their sport.

Though it might not sound like the most difficult thing in the world, being beautiful and being a world-class Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face is not always easy. Women have it even worse than men do since they not only compete against each other, they also contend with the fact that men’s sports are more popular than women’s sports, as well as the myth that if you are pretty, then you probably aren’t all that tough and have made it on your looks your whole life.

All of the women on this list are incredibly beautiful, but they are also talented and hardworking. The most successful athletes in their fields didn’t get there by being beautiful; they got there by being some of the most talented individuals in their fields and by putting in a lot of hard work.

Is it any wonder that all of them were ridiculously beautiful? Check out these 20 female athletes who are more than just a pretty face.

1. Paige Spiranac Fought To Wear What She Wanted

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

Without Paige Spiranac, wouldn’t this list be incomplete? Despite being a professional golfer, she is probably better known for being a social media influencer, if you don’t believe me, just look at her Instagram. She currently has well over 1 million followers, and that number is growing daily.

First, Paige became famous for her fight against the LPGA dress code, which was attempting to impose more conservative dressing on female golfers.

In doing so, Paige became much more well known throughout the world, proving to everyone that there was more to this beautiful woman than meets the eye.

2. Sydney Leroux Wins Gold

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

The gorgeous Sydney Laroux is without a doubt one of the most beautiful people on the planet. Her professional soccer career dates back years, and she was a member of the United States gold medal soccer team. Currently, she plays for the Orlando Pride. While she is an incredibly beautiful woman, she is also one of the strongest and most competitive Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face in her sport. She embodies what this list is about. Sydney has been one of the most beautiful women to play for the United States soccer team, and there are many to choose from. Despite this, all of these women are more known for their abilities than their looks.

3. Catrine Larsasen Has Won Ten Times In A Row

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

The Norwegian pole vaulter Kathrine won the Norwegian championships ten times consecutively from 2004 to 2013. There are a lot of beautiful women from Norway, but none are as stunning as Cathrine, who serves as a perfect example.

Besides the fact that she is incredibly beautiful, she is also the best in her country in the sport that she loves.

It seems that you might be able to have it all. Her competitive life has been put on hold due to her recent pregnancy. The loss of a top athlete in Norway is bad for the country. It is good news for the man who will be able to spend time with her.

4. Winifer Fernandez Wants Credit For Her Talents

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

A very beautiful volleyball player for the Dominican national team, Winifer plays for the national team. If there is a sport that tends to attract the prettiest women, it seems to be volleyball. Among the 10 most beautiful Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face in the world, the Salvadorian newspaper El Mundo placed her at number 7.

According to her, it was an honor, but she would like to be regarded for her skill as a volleyball player, and not just because of her beauty.

Basically, Winifer came out in force to say that she is more than just a pretty face, which is true, but it is hard not to notice her.

5. More Than Meets The Eye With Paige VanZant

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

There is one sport that is not typically thought of when it comes to really attractive women, and that is MMA. To dispel that notion, flyweight Paige VanZant has done pretty much everything within her power.  We all have a little bit of prejudice when it comes to this kind of thing, and I am not just talking about men here, women are not immune to this, either. It is hard to understand why someone so attractive as Paige would let her graceful face take so many blows. Well, the answer isn’t really all that complicated; it is because she is an athlete first and a pretty face second.

6. Eugenie Bouchard Becomes A “First”

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

Another sport besides volleyball that has gorgeous women in it would have to be tennis, although surfers are up there too; there are so many women who surf who have stunning faces. Eugenie Bouchard, who is still young and has had great success in her sport despite her looks, is one of the prettiest tennis players around.

As the first Canadian-born player representing Canada in singles at Wimbledon, Bouchard made history by reaching the finals of the 2014 event.

She’s going to be on the screen more and more as the years go by.

7. Sierra Blair-Coyle Makes Her Way To The Top

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

Originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, Sierra is a professional rock climber. In general, the fact that she has a career as a professional rock climber makes her extremely attractive, women who are into that kind of thing are almost always very cool, and have a very down-to-earth personality. However, she is stunningly beautiful as well. She is very active on Instagram so you can see more of her beautiful face, but remember that women like Sierra are even more beautiful because of their athleticism and their desire to succeed. She is an ideal example of an athlete who can do more than just look good.

8. Blair O’Neal Is A Model And Athlete

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

It’s just so pretty to see Blair O’Neal. In case you don’t know who she is, she is a golf professional and also a model. Are you wondering how a female athlete can be beautiful and still work hard to succeed? Take a look at her website to find out more:

In case you don’t already know me, I am a professional golfer and model, and I won the Big Break Dominican Republic contest. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, play some of golf’s greatest venues, meet old friends, and build new relationships along the way.

As a model, I have been in print, on the runway, and on television.” Blair seems to be able to have it all, and she deserves it.

9. Danica Patrick Joined An “Adult” Sport

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

Does anyone not know who Danica Patrick is? In addition to being a race car driver, model, and advertising spokesperson, she has been successful at doing these things as well. Does anyone come to mind who shows that a good-looking woman cannot be deterred from being a successful athlete?

The fact that Danica accomplished this in a sport that has largely been dominated by men makes it even more impressive.

In reality, guys don’t actually have an advantage in terms of physical strength. Everyone knows that she is a good driver and that she is more than just a pretty face, even though she uses her face to make money.

10. The Sally Fitzgibbons Wave Is Making Waves

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

In my opinion, some of the most beautiful women in the world are female professional surfers, and Sally, who is a very good professional surfer from Australia, is one of the most beautiful. I am wondering if it is because gorgeous women of a certain type often surf, or is it because when a woman spends all her time paddling around on a surfboard getting in shape under the sun she becomes even more beautiful? Sally is stunningly beautiful in any way you cut it, and no matter what you do, you simply cannot deny it. With her impressive track record, she became the youngest surfer to win an Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Pro Junior (Under 21’s) event. With her first World Title in Portugal, she became the youngest surfer to ever win the Under 21’s event.

11. One Of The Fastest Women In The World Is Ivet Lalova-Collio

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

The athletics star hails from Bulgaria and competes in both the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints. Throughout her Olympic career, she has taken part in four different competitions and has always looked amazing. Don’t be surprised if she competes in at least one more Olympic competition before she finishes her career. She is still very active in sports. Sportswomen like her are very inspirational. Despite the fact that she comes from a small country and is obviously very attractive, she has worked hard to keep up with her sport. It was in 2004 that she qualified as the 12th fastest woman in history, finishing the 100-meter race in 10.77 seconds, tying with Irina Privalova.

12. Guard Skylar Diggins Is An All-Star

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

Anyone who follows women’s basketball is familiar with Skylar Diggins. As the top scorer at Notre Dame University, she went on to have a long and successful professional career.

As well as playing for Dallas, she has been named to the WNBA all-star team. Skylar is so beautiful that it is unjust, but that’s exactly what makes her so intriguing. We tend to equate beauty with something else, such as why would Skylar be so into sports and work so hard at it if she is so pretty? This is a ridiculous way of thinking, and Skylar proves it every single time she steps out onto the court.

13. Yuliya Yefimova Was In The Center Of A Controversy

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

Russian swimmer Yuliya Yefimova was the center of controversy during the 2008 Brazil Summer Olympics over alleged blood doping. The rumor is that she has been caught twice, but has never admitted doing it. It appears Yuliya may have cheated in order to gain an advantage, so she may not be innocent. In any case, this proves once again that Yuliya is more than just a pretty face. It remains to be seen how this will shake out, and she has continued to swim and be successful at it. Additionally, she continues to look great while doing it. She is a very beautiful woman.

14. The Alex Morgan Show Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

As we’ve said before, the United States soccer team is filled with incredibly hot women who also happen to be fantastic Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face. Our entire team is filled with really attractive athletes who are more than just pretty faces, so we could probably have picked the entire team for this article, but we decided to focus on Alex Morgan, an Olympic gold medalist, and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion. Her team, Orlando Pride in the National Women’s Soccer League, also has her as a forward. Have we mentioned how lovely she is? Yes, she’s pretty, but she’s much more than that; she’s a phenomenal athlete.

15. An Interview With Allison Stokke

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

In terms of an athlete who is more than just a pretty face, Allison is one of the best examples. In the beginning, she was just an anonymous pole vaulter, but photos and videos of her became Internet sensations against her will when they were posted on websites. She explained,

 In spite of the fact that none of this is illegal, it’s still really degrading. I worked so hard for pole vaulting and all this other stuff, but it’s almost like that doesn’t matter. Nobody sees that. No one ever sees me.”

Allison, we see you, and we congratulate you for speaking out about it. Allison shows how being treated like that can harm women despite the fact that none of them are just pretty faces.

16. The World-Class Athlete Maria Sharapova

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

Maria Sharapova had to be on a list like this, not only because she is incredibly beautiful, but also because she is one of the best tennis players in the world. Despite being ranked number one in the world as a tennis player several times, she has also made a lot of money and gained a lot of fame by trading off on her looks, for example, she modeled swimsuits for Sports Illustrated numerous times. What kind of thing should she feel bad about? That is really what it is all about if you are a woman, you can be one of the best Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face in the world and be proud of your beauty and show it off as much as you want.

17. Kaitlin Neil Goes From Cheerleading To MMA

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

It’s pretty awesome to think about Kaytlin as both an MMA fighter and a competitive cheerleader. In the history of the world, how many women have been compensated for fighting and cheerleading? Her entire act demonstrates a great deal of confidence. A woman can be anything she wants to be, from a tough and confident MMA fighter to a feminine and bubbly cheerleader, or she can even be both. Are you getting what I’m saying? Although Kaytlin is a very beautiful woman, she has many sides to her and is in no way just a pretty face.

18. Snežana Rodić Works Hard For Her Athletic Body

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

We have next on our list the Slovenian track athlete Snežana Rodić who specializes in the triple jump. Snežana has received a lot of attention over the years because of her body – pictures of her have been posted on numerous websites and on numerous lists that talk about how attractive she is, without once saying anything about her athletic ability or how hard she worked for it. Consider this for a minute, sure Tom Brady is attractive, but people focus more on how talented he is than how hot he is. Snežana is much more than a pretty face.

19. Darya Klishina Takes One For The Team

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

Dariya has been very successful over the years as a long-jumper, winning numerous European Championships throughout her career. The 2016 Olympic games were also part of her career. It is clear that she could have easily become a model or even an actress, as looks like hers are not easy to come by. Her background is as an athlete, a very good one. She has never done anything of the sort. Darya was the only one on her team to be allowed to compete in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil after she appealed the initial decision.

The fact that I am a clean athlete has been proven many times and beyond any doubt.

After living in the US for three years now, I have been tested almost exclusively outside the anti-doping system in question. My sport is being manipulated by those who created such a system and have been using it for political purposes.”

20. Michelle Jenneke Goes Viral

20 Female Athletes Who Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

The coolest person ever is Michelle Jenneke. You are missing out on something very important if you have never viewed the viral video of her warming up. YouTube videos of her warming up and dancing before a race went viral in 2012, even making it onto The Tonight Show. The photo of Michelle is just the epitome of a young woman who is relaxed, having a good time, and looking incredible at the same time. People tend to forget, however, that Michelle won the race she became so famous for, and made the Olympic team one year.


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