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10 Facts You Never Knew About Alicia Silverstone

Iconic actress Alicia Silverstone established a name for herself in the ’90s with her roles in The Crush and Clueless. Learn about some of the actress’s interesting facts.

It is no secret that Alicia Silverstone was one of the most desired celebrities of the ’90s. Born a natural actress, she became known for her role in The Crush when she was a teenager. The actress describes herself as a natural entertainer who makes people happy with her life on and off-screen. There are so many things that happen in the background that no one notices despite the decades of publicity surrounding this 1976-born actress.

The career of Silverstone has seen her rise to the top with many prestigious awards. However, she has also experienced low points, such as her appearance in 2009’s controversial A Gathering Storm. Despite all the publicity, there is still so much we don’t know about Facts You Never Knew About Alicia Silverstone. Check out these ten fascinating facts about her.


Alicia Silverstone loved this, literally, though it was a hard pill to swallow. As a vegan mother, Silverstone understands the struggle. The author believes a plant-based diet can help mothers prevent miscarriages and improve fertility. In addition, she stated that eating the placenta after giving birth gives you a happy start as a mother.

The placenta from Silverstone’s son was encapsulated into pills, which she referred to as her happy pills. She describes in her book, The Kind Mama, how she enjoyed cosleeping with her children and feeding them their own chewed food.


Silverstone, who is a renowned naturalist, sometimes seems to shock everyone with her actions. Health Magazine published an interview in which she admitted to stripping when trimming her hedges, then taking a swim in her birthday suit.

She also admitted that she likes jumping on trampolines in the nude and that she does not see a need for anyone to wear a bathing suit. Even though she seems to have a weird gardening habit, the actress won’t say whether or not she’s a nudist. Although she said she had no plans to strip for a movie, she stressed that she won’t.

3. THREATENING To Resign From The Graduate Committee, She Threatened To Resign

There are many strict rules about nudity on stage for Facts You Never Knew About Alicia Silverstone. When Alicia was asked to act in the nude scene in The Graduate, she insisted she would resign from the production unless she put on some underwear.

For the sake of preventing increased production costs, the producers were compelled to comply with her demands. Throughout all of her movies, she has maintained her policy of not having nude photos of herself in the theater.

4. In High School, She Was A Cheerleader

California’s San Mateo high school was home to some of Facts You Never Knew About Alicia Silverstone’s most exciting experiences. After featuring in several films and commercials in high school, she was already popular. The non-famous girl, however, enjoyed her high school days just like any other student.

10 Facts You Never Knew About Alicia Silverstone

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She became a jewel for her school in her most popular films like The Crush while still entertaining the crowds in the arena while she was a member of the San Mateos cheerleading squad in 1991.


Alicia Silverstone is known for her strong opposition to nudism onset, which has become a symbol of her career. For all nude scenes in The Crush, the producers had to use body doubles. When she was given a role on The Babysitter, she insisted that the producers rewrite the scripts so she wouldn’t have to play nude scenes.

Her strict principles have caused her to lose many roles to more flexible actresses.

6. An Employer Turned Her Down For A Job Because She Was Too Heavy

I think everyone would disagree with this assertion as Alicia Silverstone is one of the fittest stars today, but not in 1994, at least as far as cameras are concerned. Producers of My Father The Hero chose Katherine Heigl instead of Facts You Never Knew About Alicia Silverstone to portray Nicole experiencing body image issues.

There was a perception that Silverstone was a little overweight for the role. Additionally, she was not eligible to appear in Little Women because the producers felt she was not old enough.

7. DOMINO’S PIZZA WAS HER FIRST Commercial Appearance

One of the most memorable images of Facts You Never Knew About Alicia Silverstone in the spotlight is her role as Adrienne Forrester in The Crush. By then, Alicia had already been modeling for a decade, having appeared in Domino’s Pizza commercials since she was six years old.

Photographs taken by the photographer featured her in the first commercial that generated interest. Despite this, she did not gain her first acting credit until later, when she appeared on an episode of The Wonder Years.


Alicia Silverstone’s 2010 film The Crash paved the way for many more onscreen roles, including a $10 million contract with Sony. As a teenager, she was only 15 when she acted in the movie, and labor laws limited the number of hours she could devote to the cinema.

Her goal was to become an actor, so she decided to circumvent the law by putting it out of her way as much as she could. This was a smart move as it allowed the actress to gain fame as one of the greatest celebrities of all time.

9. Her Focus Is On Animal Welfare And She Is A Vegan

Hollywood celebrities may not be as progressive as Silverstone when it comes to animal rights. While she has never posed naked in a film, she has often posed naked in PETA advertisements. The most notable appearance of hers was towards the end of 2018, when she posed naked in Times Square, urging people to leave wool behind.

10 Facts You Never Knew About Alicia Silverstone

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During shearing, Silverstone claims that wool is harvested by hurting sheep and that this is cruel to the animals. Additionally, she became a vegan after realizing she had been an animal lover who enjoyed eating animals.


Celebrities who are anti-vaccination are controversial in the U.S., especially with the recent resurgence in measles cases, which is why tabloids have not been too kind to Facts You Never Knew About Alicia Silverstone recently.

The Kind Mama author Sharon Silverstone strongly warns fellow mothers against vaccinating their children. Her argument was that there was no conclusive evidence that a one-shot vaccination is safe and that many children do not recover from the vaccination.



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