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Everything to know about CBD shipping and Legality

The CBD industry is growing by leaps and bounds in present times. Multi varied CBD products like CBD Vape pens and CBD Cartridge are taking over the market due to their potential benefits. From supermarkets to online stores, CBD products are seen everywhere today. With improvements in legalization and information, many small-scale retailers are showing interest in CBD products. Estimations suggest that the US CBD market as a whole will reach $20 billion by the year 2024.

The rapidly growing CBD market has drawn the attention of many people in business to make ambitious investments. Businesses in CBD products require proper research regarding legalities and safety protocols. This article talks in detail about CBD shipping and legality.

CBD is a chemical named Cannabidiol found in the cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabidiol is a popular natural remedy for various ailments. A variety of CBD products are available in the market, like gummies, topicals, oils, and capsules. One may select from a wide range of products depending upon your requirement and preference.

Cannabis containing above 0.3% THC concentration is considered illegal in many countries. This includes the US under federal law. However, cannabis containing less than 0.3% THC, called hemp, is legal at the federal level. But this legality differs across states. To do business in CBD products, you need to check the state-specific laws. There is strict quantity control on the usage of certain ingredients like THC in hemp products. In some states within the United States, the upper limit of THC in hemp products is zero. Laws clearly state that any hemp-derived CBD product must not have any traces of THC. Other states allow the presence of THC in CBD products but have limited it to only 0.3%. You can use hemp-derived CBD products only when the THC level is below 0.3%.

The 2018 Farm bill is of considerable significance to the CBD business. This bill announced hemp production to be legal nationwide across the US. It states that as long as hemp-derived CBD products have kept the THC limit to below 0.3%, they are not considered to be a product under federal control.

Everything to know about CBD shipping and Legality

Few points to consider while shipping CBD products

Hemp-derived CBD is widely legal in many parts of the states. But all products containing marijuana are strictly monitored and regulated. Hence,  be informed about the laws before you plan to ship CBD products. Here are a few factors that will help a supplier to determine whether the CBD products are legal to ship

  1. Origin of plant: CBD products considered legal in the States are extracted from hemp plants, not marijuana. You must communicate with an attorney if your products follow synthetic manufacturing processes. However, it would help if you ascertained that the products have less than 0.3% THC, irrespective of the production process. Suppliers should be very cautious that all products meet this standard before shipping.
  2. Potency of CBD and THC: This is the most vital information that makes your product legal to be shipped. Ensure all CBD products do not have more than 0.3% THC. Written verification is vital for all the products to ascertain the levels of THC.
  3. Testing: Third-party testing of all CBD products is mandatory. This is a crucial aspect of thriving in the cannabis industry as well. Consumers look for third-party testing in CBD products to ensure their quality and credibility. A third-party test ensures and lists the chemical ingredients used in the product, including THC content. This is often considered a prerequisite before shipping any CBD products.
  4. License requirement: CBD products must come from a licensed grower. You cannot ship CBD products without a recognized license. You can import legal CBD products to the US by consulting an Attorney. Selling or shipping illegal cannabis products can lead to legal challenges and dangerous consequences for both the supplier and the businessman. Being a licensed grower in the US means that legal authorities have proper scrutiny over your CBD production process.

Who can ship CBD products?

Shipping CBD products requires attention to legal details. You need to first comply with all shipping carrier requirements. Additionally, you need to take note of the legal status of CBD products in the place of origin and the end destination where the product is required. You can ship CBD products if you adhere to the following requisites

  1. When you are in charge of all legal documents, including grower, manufacturer, or retailer license
  2. Have a third-party testing process and document the results of the tests in writing
  3. You are dealing in CBD products that do not exceed 0.3% of THC content
Everything to know about CBD shipping and Legality


The guidelines mentioned above are very significant to the shipping and legality of CBD products. Anyone trying to deal in CBD products with more than 0.3% THC will be charged with legal consequences and even get arrested. Additionally, a high level of THC in CBD products will make the authorities destroy your products during transit. It can turn out to be a financial constraint on your business.

Please consult your legal team to make sure they go through your statements and identify the base location you intend to send your CBD products. The CBD industry has gained momentum due to its medicinal benefits and has become famous, but hemp-derived products are still unlawful in some states.

Though these products are not considered unlawful at the federal level, each state may have its own individual set of laws. If you do not run your farm and depend on a supplier, ensure they follow all the legal guidelines while manufacturing the product. Lastly, If you are looking forward to doing business in CBD products, be sure to update global regulations and keep a close watch on the changing shipping policies. The laws around CBD products are constantly under scrutiny.

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