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Does an Apprenticeship Count as Full-Time Education?

Many 16-year-olds across the country will be contemplating what they would like to do next as the school year nears its halfway point, and they may be wondering ‘Does an apprenticeship count as full-time education?’. As Employing an Apprentice, we are committed to championing all learners, no matter what their educational path is. To help you understand what the law is regarding school leaving and apprenticeships, we have provided some information below.

According to the law in the United Kingdom, you must study full-time until you are 18. Nevertheless, this can cause some confusion since it is not clear which classes are considered full-time education. Moreover, it leaves many questions unanswered regarding apprenticeships and their dual status as employment and education.

If we are talking about full-time education in relation to leaving school laws, Apprenticeship Count as Full-Time Education. Thus, it is possible for you to move straight to an apprenticeship after leaving school at 16 and still be classified as being in full-time education. At 16, a student must choose between three things if they want to leave school:

  • Continue your education full-time by attending a college or sixth form.
  • You can also do an apprenticeship or traineeship.
  • In addition to training or studying, spend at least 20 hours working or volunteering.

Does an apprenticeship count as full-time education?

In the eyes of the law, Apprenticeship Count as Full-Time Education, which can be a bit disconcerting for some people. It does not mean that full-time education means staying in the classroom or in a school environment. The purpose is to ensure that students continue to learn and grow until their 18th birthday, in whatever way they deem appropriate.

For 16-18-year-olds, apprenticeships count as sufficient learning because they combine employment and training to earn a relevant, valuable qualification.

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship at 16?

Now that you know you can do an apprenticeship at 16, you might want to know why you would choose an apprenticeship, rather than going to college or doing A-Levels:

  1. You can start earning money immediately
  2. You can start your career early when you become an apprentice, progressing through each level
  3. By learning in a real-world environment instead of a classroom
  4. Become proficient in a trade
  5. Gain experience in the workplace
  6. While earning a valuable qualification for free

Our guide Who Can Start an Apprenticeship? offers more information on starting an apprenticeship at 16 years old. Don’t forget to check out our Apprenticeship Jobs Board to find real-time opportunities in your area!

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