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Do Video Games Affect Morality?

The number of mass shootings committed by young people in the United States has prompted more “blaming” of video games. Although many people believe video games cause violent thoughts and actions, there is no scientific evidence linking video games to gun violence.

With advances in cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing and mobile phone apps, society has undergone a revolution. As far as video games are concerned, they have not been left behind either. There is always something new being developed, which means developers need to find ways to entice and hook players.

There is evidence that suggests young people should avoid violent video games because they may encourage aggressive behavior, but no evidence has ever been presented to support this claim. Is there a socialization hypothesis regarding these virtual pastimes and morality? Continue reading to find out how we can answer this question.

A comparison between hedonic and eudaimonic experiences

In order to keep everyone on the same page, we’ll start by looking at how we experience video games. For this, we must define two gaming terms in the simplest terms possible: Eudaimonic and hedonic experiences.

It is through pleasure and enjoyment that eudaimonic experiences are accomplished, as opposed to meaning and purpose that hedonism experiences are attained. In terms of morality and gaming, what do they have in common?

Games are typically designed to provide entertainment and entertaining challenges, which means that developers aim for hedonistic emotional experiences.

Eudaimonic appreciation will be relied upon (most likely) by players to overcome moral challenges. Emotional aspects of the game affect both positive and negative reactions in the players. It is also true that most people prefer video games that challenge their morals rather than those that are not.

The Experts’ Opinions

It has become a popular cliché among critics to use the phrase “monkey see, monkey do.”. There has been a backlash in mainstream media to demonstrate the negative effects of video games on moral conviction.

Scientific evidence suggests that playing a video game improves moral reasoning, not the opposite. What a player does in-game to handle an ethical dilemma reveals a lot about their innate perceptions. It is remarkable how players demonstrate moral reasoning when they solve such problems.

Is there a difference in morality, sex, and gaming?

It has been a great deal of research on the sexes. It is obvious that there is a difference in mortality between men and women in their gameplay (as well as other factors). Video game statistics show that, in general, females, in general, are more likely than males to:

  • A shorter amount of time was spent playing
  • There is a preference for games that are less violent.
  • Gamers should apply more emotion to their games.

As a result of applying this model to morality, an unavoidable conclusion can be drawn. There is a higher level of moral reasoning in males who play video games regularly, but females have a more developed moral sense.

The bottom line

Currently, online gaming is at an all-time high, just like SLA 3D printing and instant messaging apps. Virtual worlds become more interesting when players are faced with moral dilemmas. There will be almost no new video game releases in 2022 that do not let players make choices that will shape their gameplay.

Recent video game news suggests there is still a debate about the impact video games have on moral development. It is evident that video games have a positive impact on morality and have a positive relationship with it.

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