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Top 7 Business Tools to Boost your Online Presence

In spite of all the trends and demands of today, one thing is certain – the internet is your best tool for marketing your business. Today, digital marketing is no longer a preference, but a necessity for companies that want to grow and attract customers.

In addition, there’s the important question of how to build a great online presence.

You need more than a nice website and some nice photos on social media to have a successful online presence. Time and effort need to be invested in this. This is a difficult and expensive process.

It can, however, be incredibly rewarding if done correctly.

The process of digital marketing is not linear. Results are achieved by maintaining a presence across various digital channels. Your approach must be based on a variety of tactics and most importantly, the needs of your target audience.

Your brand’s online image and marketing campaign relies heavily on the best business and marketing tools that you are familiar with as a good marketer.

Because of this, we have narrowed down your options to 7 must-haves.

1. Pitch: The best presentation template.

Pitch: The best presentation template.

When you have the right people working on your marketing and business plans, things will run smoothly for your business. Having said that, Pitch, a website that provides presentation templates, is a great tool in your toolbox.

It offers many different types of presentation templates. Using these tools will help you prepare and present your project plans and ideas, create pitch decks, share keynotes at conferences, etc. This tool makes it possible for you to share the most important work with others.

A successful strategy requires this. Using the templates on Pitch, you can inform your team, work alongside them, and communicate step-by-step your plans for online marketing.

2. The best tool for transcription and text conversion is AmberScript.

The best tool for transcription and text conversion is AmberScript.

There will be a difference between one platform and another in how your brand is represented online. Instagram requires images and videos, your blog and website require long-form content, and Twitter requires short-form content.

In case you haven’t started creating content for your presence yet, be prepared for a lot of content creation. To establish an online presence, you should post consistently, work on your email marketing, and be very active.

However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t tailor the content to fit each platform or purpose, even though it is unwise to share the same content across multiple platforms or repeat it always.

Fortunately, AmberScript is here to help. Using this tool, you will be able to convert WAV files to text fast and with great accuracy. The transcripts can be used to enhance your videos or to convert them into blog posts.

Rather than creating new content to satisfy your audience’s demands, such tools can help you create two kinds of content with little effort. But how does it work?

Think about a video that you posted on your site or on a social media platform. It might not be viewed by all your customers. Most people prefer reading written text that can be skimmed to get the information they need.

What is your preference?

With AmberScript’s automatic speech recognition technology, you can easily translate formats like WAV, AAC, and MP3 to text that can accompany or replace your video content. With AmberScript, repurposing content has never been simpler.

3. Google My Business is the best option for local marketing.

Google My Business is the best option for local marketing.

The goal of attracting and reaching people all over the world is an excellent motivator. Local marketing is still crucial to most businesses, however.

There’s a good chance that your target audience is local for the moment. Therefore, your marketing efforts should be focused on attracting people who are most likely to buy from your brand – those nearby.

A local marketing campaign for your business is very similar to any marketing campaign. Your company should do market research to determine its target buyers, build links with established brands and influencers in your industry, and make it easy for people to find it.

There is one must-use tool you need to consider when it comes to making your company easy to find – Google My Business. Business owners can greatly benefit from this since it can increase their visibility on search engines tremendously.

Your first step will be to create a profile for your business on Google My Business. It will function similarly to your brand’s online presence. You will use this space to provide people with your location, contact information, and your brand’s mission. It is also a place where they can leave testimonials and read those left by others.

For business people, Google has made it very easy to make the information visible to it’s users.

Rather than registering your site on business listing sites and directories, you can upload the key information directly to Google and so make your brand more credible.

4. CoSchedule is the best tool for tracking headlines.

CoSchedule is the best tool for tracking headlines.

Titles, headlines, and subject lines of your content are usually the first things people see when they find it. There are two things they can do for you – push readers away, or convince them to keep reading your content.

Creating compelling and valuable content, starting with the headline, is one way to improve your online presence. The headlines of your articles should be concise, intriguing, and engaging.

When you only have a few words, it’s hard to find the perfect message to convey. CoSchedule’s headline analysis tool can be useful in this case. Using it, you can identify the best length and word choices for your headlines.

5. Webpage FX is the best for readability.

Webpage FX is the best for readability.

The quality of our online presence depends greatly on the content we share. The readability tool at WebpageFX can help you improve your content’s readability as well as its quality.

You can use it in a few easy steps. When you publish your content online, you can enter its URL into the search field, and WebPageFX will check it for complexity. Your sentence length and word choice will be guided by the program, as well as which parts are too complex or too overwhelming for the users.

6. Grammarly is the best tool for editing mistakes.

Grammarly is the best tool for editing mistakes.

Grammarly is currently one of the most popular editing tools for companies and individuals online. Using this digital tool, users can fix spelling and grammar errors, as well as improve the quality of their content.

Grammarly is like having a professional editor working for you, but at a very low price. It has a wide range of amazing features. Typing directly into it, pasting content to check, and even uploading files to edit it is possible.

Grammarly will automatically update the file you download after you make changes in Grammarly, so you can literally use it to fix errors without having to install anything.

However, one of the best features of Grammarly is its extensions. You can now install it on Google Chrome so you can check your content whenever you type on different websites, including Google Docs. With Grammarly, you will receive automated notifications about your email content, posts, and even the communications you have with your customers.

7. Ahrefs is best for keyword information.

Ahrefs is best for keyword information.

You can utilize Ahrefs in a variety of ways, making it an excellent SEO tool. In addition to tracking your backlinks, the tool will also help you assess your competition and assist you in finding the right keywords.

Over 150 million keywords are tracked by this tool alone in the US, not to mention in other countries around the globe. A great tool for competitive analysis. You can see who links to your competitors, which of their pages receives the most traffic, etc.

Using Ahrefs, you can check how well your content ranks. Utilizing their Content Gap tool, you can find the weaknesses in your content and fix them to improve your online presence. Your brand’s online presence can be improved significantly if you utilize its full range of features. In addition, it can improve your SEO so that you reach your target audience.

If you could decide which tool to begin using, what would it be?

These tools all serve different purposes and have different advantages. Which one are you going to use first to boost your company’s online presence? Here are the top digital marketing tools that will assist you in your digital marketing efforts and make the process much easier. You can use their power to boost your online presence like never before if you use them wisely!


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