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10 Best Universities for Computer Science UK

The best universities for computer science in the UK are ranked by quality of courses, graduate prospects, and employer reputation. The list is dominated by Oxbridge colleges, so it’s no surprise that two of the top three are Oxford and Cambridge.

The universities are also rated according to their world rankings. At number one is University College London, followed by Edinburgh at number two. Ranking third place is Imperial College London- widely accepted as being one of the best universities for computer science in the UK.

University College London

Imperial College London excels at both research and graduate employability. They lead the way in UK research by securing 1,202 of the new 3,918 research centres, including eight in the top ten. In addition, Imperial is among the best universities in the world, with a total of 52 research departments listed in the most influential ranked journals worldwide.

This is closely followed by a very strong graduate employability record- 94% of Imperial graduates who started a PhD programme Universities for Computer Science at Imperial secured a role within six months. Notable research facilities at Imperial include Imperial’s Building Research Establishment, which generates the majority of energy for the UK’s electronics and communications industry.

University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh University is an award-winning science and technology institution with a globally acclaimed research profile, being listed as number 13 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2014, as well as topping the Scottish University league table in 2013 and 2014.

Edinburgh has a strong history of research-based degrees that put students on the path to careers that are both rewarding and lucrative. Its Computer Science course is one of the best in the country, with three of the top ten schools being located at the University.

The course has an emphasis on the practical side of computer science, developing skills to solve real-world problems with a hands-on approach to the design of algorithms and programming.

Imperial College London

While some of the British universities have traditionally dominated the number of courses available in computer science, several new institutions have opened to provide more opportunities for students in the Universities for Computer Science.

Some of the newer institutions are ranked in the top 50, but as a whole, they have a long way to go to beat the dominance of universities such as the University of Cambridge.

University of Leeds

Leeds is often ranked as one of the UK’s best universities, so it’s no surprise that it comes top in the ranking for computer science. Located in the West Yorkshire city, the university has an undergraduate computer science course ranked 5th overall by The Guardian in 2016.

Additionally, it has courses on most modern programming languages including Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and Java. Leeds has an excellent reputation for teaching the skills needed by companies to be able to handle the increasing quantity of data they are collecting.

The University of Birmingham

Birmingham has the UK’s best computer science department according to many industry and academic sources. It was founded in 1957 as the University of West England and became the University of Birmingham in 1974.

University of Warwick

In third place is Warwick, with most of the Universities for Computer Science in the top five having historically achieved good top rankings. Warwick offers a wide range of computer science courses including electrical engineering and computer science (ECS). The university also offers graduate programmes in computer science, software engineering and network engineering.

Perhaps surprisingly, none of the top ten universities offer undergraduate computer science degrees. All offer masters degrees in computer science, however. Warwick has a special Masters in Computing and has been accredited as a BCS-approved University Centre.

University of Newcastle

It’s no surprise that the University of Newcastle, which has been voted as the best University for Computer Science in the UK, is also ranked as the best university in the North East. It’s well known for its degree programs in software engineering.

Queen’s University Belfast

Computer science jobs in the UK are forecasted to rise by 20% over the next 10 years, despite a decrease in available graduates. The main reason for this is that more schools are encouraging pupils to study computer science subjects, whilst companies continue to seek computer science graduates to fill in-demand roles.

Data suggests that for every graduate with a computer science degree, four jobs are available. The number of computer science graduates in the UK has increased by 16% over the past year. The average salary for graduates is £42,500, making computer science one of the best jobs for graduates Universities for Computer Science.

University of Oxford Computer Science Courses

At Oxford University, the Computer Science courses vary between the Business School, the Department of Mathematics, the Computer Science School, and the Computer Science Department.

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Oxford offers a BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science. The course spans four years and takes place in the years 1995 to 1998, and is taught entirely in Oxford. The Computer Science Department at Oxford is one of the oldest in the UK, founded in 1879 Universities for Computer Science. This department offers a multitude of studies, including Business, Computing, Music, and Psychology.

There are also a number of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, such as Software Engineering, Software Engineering & Systems, Computer Architecture, and Digital and Media Universities for Computer Science.

University of Cambridge


Students love Cambridge

Oxbridge is still the best choice

Great for international students

Good salary potential

The world-famous University of Cambridge Computer Science course offers two programmes, each with 4 year full-time study: Master of Science in Universities for Computer Science (MSc CS) and Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSc SOSE).

This programme enables students to specialize in Software Design, Cyber Security, Network Security, and Distributed Computing Universities for Computer Science. They can also obtain teaching certificates in Business and Management and Sustainability in Practice, covering everything from improving the efficiency of industrial process to conservation projects for cities.

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