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7 Best Hospitals in London

London has some of the best Hospitals in London, with many being ranked among the top institutions for healthcare. Hospitals in London  are one of the most important institutions in our society. They have had a major impact on reducing mortality rates and saving lives. But it can be hard to know which hospitals are truly the best. This is why we decided to compile a list of the five best hospitals in London. We hope that you find this hospital ranking useful!


This is the official London Hospital hospital ranking. We’ll provide you with the UK top 7 rated Hospitals in London for both Hospital information and Pathology Information. The ranking was compiled from the data included on U.S. News & World Report. We’ll provide you with a complete analysis and rank on overall hospital quality, clinical care and patient satisfaction.

The remaining UK hospitals in this ranking are ranked according to Patient Experience and hospital quality. For this section of the London Hospital Hospital Hospital ranking, we collected data on patient experience and clinical care for all the UK hospitals. To be included in this section, all the Hospitals in London had to have an average rating for hospital care of at least 6/10.

St. Thomas’ Hospital

St. Thomas’ Hospital is the major teaching hospital of King’s College London. It is considered the best hospital in the world for burn patients. Patients treated there have shown dramatic improvements in their condition. A rare procedure called RASplasty has been invented by the hospital and is one of its main procedures. This operation allows the patient to reduce their ulceration and improve the chance of survival.

The Hospitals in London most special department is the Vision & Ophthalmology. It is one of the best facilities for eye health in the UK. It is also the largest eye hospital in Europe. The department has 700 staff and performs around 10,000 operations each year. The hospital has the largest network of specialists and the busiest urgent care centre in the UK.

Royal National Hospital

Royal National Hospital, commonly abbreviated as the London National Hospital, was a hospital located in East Acton, West London. It closed in 1988 and was demolished in 1989.
It was constructed following a bequest from Dr. Thomas Dimmesdale of £10,000 for a general hospital to serve East Acton and neighboring villages that were without medical facilities.

The site chosen was a field on the east side of the Uxbridge Road near the village of Acton Green. The architect selected to design it was Thomas Allam who designed many other Hospitals in London including those at Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Liverpool. Construction began in 1866 and the hospital opened with 12 beds on 26 July 1869 as an out-patients’ department with

Maudsley Hospital

The Maudsley Hospital is a psychiatric hospital in London, England, and a leading institution in the field of psychiatry. For many years the Maudsley was famous for its radical therapeutic approach to mental health care. It is now a large teaching hospital with a celebrity clientele. The hospital has been home to some of the most well-known names in psychiatry including David Cooper, Michael Shepherd, and John Claydon. As you can imagine, it’s not an easy place to work as a doctor.

Mental health care is changing, as are psychiatric Hospitals in London themselves. In this blog post, we’ll explore what these changes look like at the Maudsley Hospital.

Moorfields Hospital

Moorfields Hospital is a world-leading center of excellence in eye care and is the largest and busiest eye hospital in Europe, treating over 500 patients a day. From routine eye tests to complex eye operations, our expert teams provide a full range of treatments with the latest technology. We also have a world-renowned department for children with sight loss, pioneering research into rare eye conditions and a dedicated rehabilitation service.
We offer the widest range of services anywhere for people with glaucoma, retinal diseases (such as age-related macular degeneration), corneal disease, cataract surgery and other ocular problems.

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust

Royal Brampton & Harefield NHS Trust, the largest specialist heart and lung Centre in Europe, is home to over 1,000 dedicated staff. We provide world-leading care for people with heart and lung conditions. Our teams of medical and surgical professionals work together to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, from asthma and sleep apnoea to life-threatening heart and lung problems.

As one of the most advanced Heart Centers in the world we offer treatments such as cardiac surgery with minimally-invasive techniques that can minimize scarring or recovery time after surgery, or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) that reduces the need for major open heart surgery.

Great Ormond Street Hospital

The hospital is a real treat for children, with many illnesses and conditions being treated on the unit. The Hospitals in London aims to give children the best treatment that is possible. Despite being a major medical institution, the hospital also works closely with medical students and academics to develop the future of healthcare in the UK. The Hospitals in London is not exclusive to children, and takes care of all kinds of patients. The staff treat people of all ages, with both inpatients and outpatients making up nearly half of the clinic’s patients. The hospital, which started as the Dufferin Sanatorium in 1865, is the first children’s hospital in the UK and only the second in the world.

King’s College Hospital

King’s College Hospital is located in central London and serves over 500,000 outpatients and 25,000 inpatients each year. Located next to King’s Cross station, King’s has one of the largest emergency departments in the world. The Emergency Department is used by a staggering 10,000 people per week.

The hospital offers over 150 acute and specialist medical specialties across four sites: Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in central LondonHospitals in London, the North Middlesex University Hospital in Enfield and the Royal Free Hospital in HampsteadHospitals in London. In addition, it has outpatient clinics and long-stay units across the capital.

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