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20 Best Food Restaurants In Salford

No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on bad food, but picking the best restaurants in Salford can be difficult if you don’t know where to go and what to look for. To make this decision easier, we’ve rounded up our 20 Best Food Restaurants In Salford to grab delicious eats in Salford. After checking them out, you’ll never have to worry about finding a place that serves great food again! Manchester’s Salford neighborhood is home to some of the city’s best restaurants. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, whether you’re looking for something cheap or something special. The team of chefs at Shahi Masala in Salford Quays prepares affordable dishes inspired by the flavors of India, Pakistan, and Kashmir.

For health-conscious diners, the Californian-inspired FoodWell restaurant on Stanley Street offers a mindful menu that features healthy, feel-good Food Restaurants In Salford. You can spend an evening at The River Restaurant located within the five-star Lowry Hotel if you are celebrating a special occasion. Diners can enjoy a fine-dining experience while choosing from a menu that showcases the best of British produce. There’s plenty to see and do in Salford for locals and visitors alike, whatever the occasion. Below we have gathered a list of 20 Best Food Restaurants In Salford. We’ve also included where you can find them and what you can expect from their menus.

1. Karahi Wok

If you fancy something a little bit spicy, check out Karahi Wok on Eccles Old Road in Salford. Be warned that their food is hot! The prices are cheap and there are lunch deals so you can get your fix for less. They also do a buffet for about £10 and if you want a curry with rice or chips to go, they’ll pack it all up for you. Just ask them at reception. If it’s got spice and flavor then they’ve probably got it; they cater to those with any kind of taste buds and all have said that the Food Restaurants In Salford there is delicious! You will not be disappointed. I’m always coming back here because I love how fresh everything tastes and you feel healthy after eating here too.

Their naan slices of bread are amazing, even just to dip into some sauces! Definitely worth checking out. There’s parking outside but it does get busy sometimes as it gets really popular with people from work as well as students from nearby universities so make sure you book ahead if you’re going at peak times like during lunch or dinner time otherwise, you might have to wait for a table or take away instead. On Fridays and Saturdays, they tend to be quieter but if it is quiet then definitely give them a try because no matter what food I order there (I’m addicted), I never leave disappointed!

2. Vero Moderno

Vero is a great little spot for food in Salford. It offers both Asian and Italian cuisines and is a favorite for customers that crave comfort food in an elegant setting. The Asian menu includes favorites like dim sum, duck rolls, noodles, and more. On the Italian side of things, Vero has everything from classic pizzas to calzones and from pasta to risottos. One of their most popular dishes is pan-seared salmon with butternut squash puree and sauteed baby spinach—and it’s not hard to see why! With many dishes under £20 and wine prices well below £10 per glass, you can have a great meal at Vero without spending too much money.

If you want high-quality Food Restaurants In Salford in a beautiful setting, look no further than Vero Moderno. The Top 20 Food Restaurants In Salford: The city of Salford may be small compared to Manchester or other major cities, but it’s home to some amazing restaurants and cafes. When it comes to good food, there are several options throughout town including Bakersfield Kitchen & Bar on Huddersfield Road and The Cuckoo Cafe on St. Mary’s Gate. But which ones should you visit? We narrowed down our list based on reviews, price point, cuisine type, location, and more—to come up with our list of 20 best food restaurants in Salford!

3. Oh You Pretty Things Champagne & Cocktail Bar

If you’re one of those people who loves to watch Masterchef, try out Oh You Pretty Things Champagne & Cocktail Bar. Here you can try all sorts of food that is fried and covered in sauces; it also has a great drink selection and an amazing ambiance. This is a must-visit if you’re looking for a casual place with loads of laughter. If you’re not up for fast food, then go to Fat Sam’s. It has a variety of pasta dishes to choose from so if you’re vegetarian or looking for something different on your plate, then head here.

It’s more expensive than most places but it has friendly staff and is close to bars so what more could anyone want? For some really exciting dishes, visit Table Table Chester. The food here is absolutely delicious and there are tons of options for vegetarians as well as meat-eaters. It’s also reasonably priced so you won’t have to break your bank account! No matter what kind of Food Restaurants In Salford you like, there’s something for everyone in Salford. Try these restaurants out today!

4. Revolution Parsonage Gardens

In our ever-changing world, one thing remains a constant. We need to feel that we are being served by people who really care about what they do and who are in it for all of us, not just themselves. Revolution provides exactly that with its welcoming combination of great food and drinks served by real people who treat you as if you’re an old friend or regular customer rather than a random stranger. You can expect nothing less than excellent Food Restaurants In Salford and friendly service when visiting Revolution Parsonage Gardens on Oxford Road. Whether you want something quick and easy to eat at lunchtime or a more formal meal out during your evening off.

There is something here for everyone. It’s no wonder then that so many people choose to visit Food Restaurants In Salford every day! Why? Because whether you live nearby or are just passing through, Revs serves up some seriously good grub. One minute it could be breakfast with bacon, eggs, and sausages; hot from 6 am (for those early risers). Or how about lunchtime comfort food like macaroni cheese, burgers, and steak pies? For dinner maybe start things off with their famous prawn cocktail before moving on to a hearty steak or rack of ribs.

5. Las Iguanas

This South American chain serves up great cocktails and tasty Food Restaurants In Salford in a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Their wide-ranging menu offers something for every taste, whether you want burgers, burritos, or chicken fried rice. The classic cocktails are among some of Manchester’s best, so if you’re looking for a place to grab a drink with friends or clients after work, then Las Iguanas is definitely worth a visit.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In SalfordSituated on Deansgate at Waters Edge in Castlefield, it’s also perfectly located for getting out and about afterward. What’s more? It’s one of our Best Restaurants For People Watching. If you’re going there with a group of friends, be sure to book ahead as it can get busy! They have three other branches across Greater Manchester – Salford Quays, MediaCityUK, and Exchange Square.

6. Porta, Chapel Street

Whether you want a sandwich or a full three-course meal, Porta is a great place to eat. It has a restaurant upstairs and an affordable coffee shop downstairs. The menu offers something for everyone. What’s more, it offers gluten-free options as well as is reasonably priced too! This is an ideal restaurant in Salford that has been around for quite some time, so you can be sure of good quality Food Restaurants In Salford at competitive prices. Moreover, there are several other branches in Manchester city center which makes it even easier to visit. Porta also delivers to your home if you order online.

They also have late night opening hours on Fridays and Saturdays until 1 am so they are perfect if you feel like having a snack after going out with friends in Salford! Portabernia, Clarendon Street: This restaurant serves up delicious tapas dishes as well as authentic paella. There is no doubt about its popularity; it’s always busy with locals wanting to sample their famous dishes such as lamb chops, scallops, and squid rings. Most dishes come served with unlimited free bread making them very filling meals indeed!

7. Mrs A’s Kitchen, Eccles

This hidden restaurant is set up in a building that looks like a house. However, once you step inside, it is actually more of a café and takeaway joint where people can buy ready-made food to go. They serve breakfast all day every day, serving everything from eggs benedict and pancakes to sandwiches, pasta, and baked potatoes. Prices are very reasonable here so come here if you want something filling on a budget. You can also come here for lunch or dinner if you don’t feel like going anywhere too fancy or expensive.

The Food Restaurants In Salford is absolutely delicious and some have said it’s even better than some other higher-priced restaurants in town! If there was an award for the best value for money restaurant in Eccles, Mrs. A’s Kitchen would win hands down! It’s definitely worth checking out. Mrs. W’s Coffee Shop, Swinton: We had no idea how good Mrs. W’s Coffee Shop was until we tried it one day when we were running errands in Swinton. Now we wouldn’t dream of passing through without stopping by to try their mouthwatering roast dinners.

Our favorite is chicken tikka masala with fluffy rice, but they also do lovely burgers, lamb cutlets, and pasta dishes. Portions are generous but not overbearing and prices are cheap considering how much effort has gone into preparing your meal! We recommend asking for a takeout box as soon as you finish eating because leftovers never last long at our place – my husband can eat anything put in front of him when he gets hungry enough!

8. FoodWell, New Bailey

This restaurant is just down from MediaCityUK and looks like a cross between a canteen and school hall, but don’t let that put you off. The menu boasts mouth-watering dishes such as lasagne, quiche, steak, and kidney pie, alongside lighter choices such as smoked salmon with pasta. It’s worth checking out their lunch deals, too. Location: Trafford Road, Salford, M50 2SF More Info » Kebabish House, Chapel Street: If it’s fast Food Restaurants In Salford you want then Kebabish House will not disappoint.

The authentic Mediterranean menu offers shawarma, kebabs, and wraps to take away or eat in at its fast food joint in Swinton town center. The halal meat here comes from London so if it’s good enough for Londoners then it’s good enough for us! Prices start at around £5 ($7). Location: 16 Chapel Street, Swinton M27 8AR More Info » South Manchester Diner, Prestwich Village: What could be better than an American diner in Prestwich?

9. Vero Moderno, Chapel Street

Located on prestigious Chapel Street, Vero Moderno is one of a kind. This multi-award-winning restaurant offers contemporary Italian food in an atmosphere of contemporary design. Their warm and inviting staff ensures that you will feel relaxed, comfortable, and full of smiles while dining at Vero Moderno. Using only fresh ingredients imported directly from Italy, their chefs will prepare each dish with heartwarming passion. There’s something for everyone at Vero Moderno;

whether you’re looking for a light bite or a three-course meal with friends, family, or colleagues; make sure to check out some of their popular dishes on their menus such as veal scallopini, risotto fritter, rump steak, and tiramisu. You won’t be disappointed! Reservations are recommended for large groups or if you want to avoid waiting. Parking isn’t too difficult but I would suggest getting there early if possible as it gets busy very quickly during peak hours.

A small fee applies if your car is parked on any other street outside of Vero Moderno’s car park after 8 pm and before 8 am but it’s free parking within those hours so don’t worry about paying extra money just remember to move your car after these times. The service here was great, we were greeted by friendly staff who had genuine smiles plastered across their face which really set my mood up right away.

10. Lime Bar & Restaurant

The Lime Bar & Restaurant located in Salford is a ‘Go To’ bar for a great night out. It has one of the best selections of alcoholic drinks and cocktails in England. The atmosphere is second to none, there are also board games for entertainment. Come and enjoy an evening of fine music at one of England’s top bars! They also have many pool tables available to play on if you prefer. The staff are friendly and helpful as well as knowledgeable about their products; they make sure that your experience with them is unforgettable.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In SalfordThey even offer customers free samples so that you can get a taste of what they have before you order it! They have an amazing menu that offers some really great Food Restaurants In Salford options that taste amazing as well as having good prices. If you want something quick then why not try their Chicken Wings or Buffalo Wings? If you want something healthier then why not try their delicious Broccoli Cheese Soup? Their popular sandwiches include Chicken Breast Sandwich, Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich, Turkey Club Sandwich, Roast Beef Sandwich, etc. A wide variety of wraps are available including Veggie Wrap, Shrimp Wrap, etc.

11. Lugana Restaurant

Lugana is a fantastic Italian restaurant situated in Deansgate, Manchester. It has been named as one of Manchester’s best restaurants for 4 years running by Telegraph and was also named as The Best Restaurant To Eat At In The UK. If you are looking for something exciting, new and different to eat then it’s a good idea to pay Lugana Restaurant a visit. Just make sure that you book before going there!

Most people end up being disappointed when they come on their first visit because there isn’t much space inside and all of it is already booked! But don’t worry; if you want to get yourself a table at Lugana, just give them a call or send them an email. They will do everything possible to ensure that you get yourself seated at your favorite table. Don’t forget to try out their amazing pizzas! You won’t be able to stop eating once you start tasting them.

They have some of the best pizzas in Manchester! And with great pizza comes great desserts. You can order from a wide range of desserts including Gelato (Italian ice cream), Tiramisu, and many more. You can even order some freshly made hot chocolate fudge cake if you wish! There is no better way to enjoy your time than ordering some delicious Food Restaurants In Salford from Lugana Restaurant after a long day at work or school. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and treat yourself today!

12. Siena Restaurant

Located at 435 Barton Road, Siena Restaurant is not just a restaurant but also an event hall. It serves Italian cuisines and other dishes from all over Italy. The ambiance is pleasant and it has a private dining area where you can celebrate any occasion with your loved ones. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, there are lots of options on their menu. They also have tasty desserts, so make sure to save room for dessert! If you want to try something different in Manchester, definitely go to Siena Restaurant for their good Food Restaurants In Salford, service, and prices!

For directions, call them at 07871886118. If you love pizzas then Artesanos Pizzeria is one of those restaurants that must be on your list. Their pizza dough is made fresh every day and cooked to perfection. You’ll love how light and crispy their pizzas are! Here, cheese and ingredients come first, unlike other places where they load up their pizzas with sauce before adding anything else on top.

Also, try their wonderful pasta creations and pastries like cannoli or strawberry strudel which are always freshly baked when ordered. A popular spot among locals, Artesanos Pizzeria also offers takeaway as well as delivery services if you need assistance in carrying out your takeaways home after a long day at work or shopping around town.

13. Comptoir Libanais Manchester

A Mediterranean restaurant with a focus on Lebanese cuisine and home to Manchester’s best falafel. Comptoir Libanais is a charming restaurant, with exposed brick walls, wooden tables, and a patterned canopy above your head. It’s split into two parts: there’s a more formal dining area in front of you and then there’s an area where you can sit at shared tables or order food to take away. This means that if you don’t want to eat alone, it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone else who wants to share your table!

The menu is written on a chalkboard behind glass so that diners are able to see what they are ordering before they place their order. There are lots of vegetarian options available but if meat is your thing then we recommend trying one of their kebabs! We tried The Grand Kebab which was huge and came with hummus and salad as well as some delicious pitta bread. All of their dishes are made fresh so expect your meal to take around 15 minutes from start to finish but trust us when we say it will be worth it!

14. Platzki

A very popular choice for both locals and people visiting Salford, Platzki is a restaurant that has built a reputation for excellent European cuisine. Their menu changes often, but what you can count on is our great Food Restaurants In Salford and an elegant atmosphere. The service is attentive without being overbearing and they always seem to know exactly how many minutes to wait before asking if everything was satisfactory. With a full bar to boot, there’s really no need to go anywhere else in town when you’re looking for good food, drinks, and friendly service.

And if you don’t believe me, check out their reviews online; nearly everyone loves it! I haven’t had anything bad here yet, so I highly recommend trying it at least once. Even if you end up hating it (which I doubt), your opinion of their food will be significantly more informed than most because of all the research that went into your meal beforehand. Enjoy! Simply walk in, grab a table and relax while you peruse their standard options or any of their daily specials.

If you order something with meat – any meat – they cook it perfectly rare and carve it right onto your plate! No-fuss, no muss – perfect every time. Sometimes my wife tries new things on our date nights here… she isn’t as adventurous as I am, though, so if you love seafood (and even if you don’t) then be sure to try some grilled prawns on toast for dinner sometime soon! It sounds crazy, but these are quite possibly one of my favorite dishes to have ever been prepared by a man or woman.

15. Dishoom Manchester

If you want to learn about small-plate sharing done right, head to Dishoom Manchester for a meal. The restaurant takes inspiration from India’s dabbawallas or lunchbox deliverymen. The idea is that your family or group of friends order a bunch of small plates (appetizers) and share them with one another throughout your meal. Each dish comes out as it is ready so you can enjoy everything at once with your group. At Dishoom, you don’t have to be Indian to enjoy Indian-style Food Restaurants In Salford! No matter what type of cuisine you prefer, Dishoom in Manchester has something for everyone on their menu!

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20 Best Food Restaurants In SalfordWith options like curry, kebabs, curries, and more – you will surely find something delicious. Start off with an appetizer like onion bhaji before moving on to an entree like chicken masala with chapati bread or karahi lamb chops served over white rice. Finish up your meal by indulging in a sweet treat such as pistachio kulfi ice cream or almond burfi cake. Whether you are going solo or bringing along some friends for dinner, Dishoom Manchester offers authentic Indian food in a fun atmosphere! Come try out Dishoom today – I promise that you won’t regret it!

16. Three Little Words

Delicious and Easy! Four little words: Always Take A Look! Five Little Words: Don’t Be Shy… Six Little Words: Lunch Today? Seven Little Words: What About Chinese? Eight Little Words: Let’s Do Pizza. Nine Little Words: Coffee Please. Ten Little Words: What Time Is Dinner? Eleven Little Words: Don’t Be Afraid… Twelve little words, let’s eat out tonight. For those who want to find great Food Restaurants In Salford at a great price here are some places to go for a good meal without breaking your budget or compromising on quality or taste.

Eight Little Words – Third Paragraph: So where do you start if you just don’t know what to try? You can start at these three restaurants that always have something different and delicious on their menu. They may not be gourmet meals but they still taste great so why not give them a try sometime soon!  Ten Little Words – Fourth Paragraph: Yum N Thai in Swinton is one of these popular choices when it comes to tasty and affordable Thai cuisine in Salford.

17. Mambos Italian Restaurant

Mambos is one of my favorite restaurants, and for very good reason. The food tastes amazing and is always cooked perfectly, in addition to being incredibly affordable. Whether you want pasta or pizza, a burger or steak, they have something for everyone. Another great thing about Mambos is that it’s open late, making it perfect for students like me who don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on horrible fast Food Restaurants In Salford at 2 am.

While Mambos isn’t a fine dining restaurant by any means (and I don’t think it intends to be), it certainly provides a higher quality of food than most similarly priced options in nearby areas. They also have a wide selection of drinks and desserts, including delicious tiramisu! For those looking for an inexpensive meal without sacrificing taste, I highly recommend Mambos. It’s located right near campus which makes it even more convenient! If you haven’t been there yet, give them a try—you won’t regret it!

18. Teppanyaki Chinatown

Located on Albert Street in Manchester’s Chinatown, Teppanyaki Chinatown is a great Chinese restaurant with an awesome, laid-back atmosphere. Unlike other establishments of its kind, it also serves up sushi and oysters alongside regular Chinese dishes. There are so many delicious dishes to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice. If you’re going out for lunch or dinner in Manchester city center with some friends or family members, don’t forget to pay a visit to Teppanyaki Chinatown! Even if you are not hungry, there is something here for everyone – and all at affordable prices. Recommended dishes include special fried rice, Kung Po chicken, and Singapore noodles; prices start from £4 per dish.

19. Peaky Blinders Manchester

Peaky Blinder is a street in Manchester that has numerous bars and eateries. It’s located in Manchester city center near Spinningfields and Deansgate-Castlefield tram stops. The best way to get to Peaky Blinders is by taking a tram from Deansgate-Castlefield or Exchange Square (tram line 10). Trams run every 10 minutes. There are also several buses that pass by Peaky Blinders, like numbers 47, 92, 141, 146, and 178. If you don’t want to take public transport, it’s possible to drive there. Parking is available at nearby car parks such as King Street Car Park and Lloyd Street Car Park.

Once you arrive at Peaky Blinders, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. You can find everything from traditional English pub Food Restaurants In Salford to modern Italian cuisine. For example, try Bar Fringe for amazing burgers and fries or Koffee Pot for an indulgent dessert. Or visit The Botanist if you’re looking for something a little more upscale. To make sure your meal is perfect, check out our tips on how to eat well when dining out. And if you’re interested in eating somewhere else nearby, check out our guide on where to eat in Manchester.

20. Wah Ji Wah

This busy Cantonese spot serves up a range of traditional dishes, all cooked to order. Start with prawn toast or spring rolls and choose from mains such as chicken in oyster sauce, beef with black bean, or sweet and sour pork. Wash your meal down with a classic lychee iced tea, served in a large glass-topped with lychees and crushed ice. Don’t leave without trying one of their signature cocktails! It’s only open for dinner but it’s worth booking ahead – Wah Ji Wah is popular for good reason.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In Salford18 Alder Street, Salford M3 6DU (0161 831 7238) – Chinese. Open for dinner. 19 Manchester Road, Swinton, M27 5QT (0161 927 5136) – Chinese. Open for lunch and dinner. Wah Ji Wah is open from 12 noon to 10:30 pm every day except Sunday when it opens at 12 noon and closes at 9:30 pm. 20 Manchester Road, Swinton, M27 5QT (0161 928 0788) – Cantonese restaurant in Swinton with a bar and takeaway service serving a range of traditional dishes including prawn toast, and spring rolls, and chicken in oyster sauce served with rice or noodles.


These are some of the best food restaurants in Salford. The art of cooking is both a beautiful thing and one that can also end up being intimidating for many people. As a result, people tend to enjoy getting takeaways from time to time. However, today we have come up with a list of places where you can get some nice food and enjoy it in an atmosphere that makes you feel good about yourself and your surroundings. There is a lot more to life than just taking care of yourself and watching what you eat but at least when it comes to eating it is important to find places where you know your money will be well spent on good quality Food Restaurants In Salford.

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