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20 Best Food Restaurants In Peterborough

The following restaurants are the 20 best food restaurants in Peterborough. They range from fine dining restaurants to hole-in-the-wall eateries, but all of them are worth visiting if you’re looking for a good meal in the area. They range from burger joints to Thai food and everything in between, so there’s bound to be something on this list that appeals to your culinary preferences. Have fun checking them out!

If you’re looking to eat out in Peterborough, there are tons of Food Restaurants In Peterborough to choose from. With the growing number of local restaurants and the city’s top spots, it can be hard to know where to start. But, worry not – we’ve compiled a list of 20 of the best Food Restaurants In Peterborough that we think you should try right now! For each one, we’ve included their address and a little blurb about them, so you can figure out which ones you want to try first!

1. The Chalkboard

Nestled amongst Queen Street’s busy businesses, The Chalkboard offers a quiet, trendy, and intimate atmosphere to enjoy a delicious and creative menu. With everything from seafood pasta to lamb burgers and onion rings, you’ll be sure to find something you love on their ever-changing menu. Be sure to start with one of their delicious homemade soups or appetizers while you plan your next meal! The chalkboard keeps it fresh with specials of seasonal Food Restaurants In Peterborough prepared by talented chefs.

With regular live music and an extensive wine list that caters to any taste, there is no wonder why The Chalkboard has been a local favourite for over 15 years! Enjoy some good Food Restaurants In Peterborough in a friendly environment with exceptional service – what more could you ask for? This gem is located at 89 George St. in downtown Peterborough so be sure to stop by soon!

2. The Golden Pheasant

If you’re in search of delectable British fare, look no further than The Golden Pheasant in Peterborough. This establishment serves traditional, high-quality Food Restaurants In Peterborough in a relaxed atmosphere, making it a firm favorite among local diners. Expect to find delicious roast dinners and Food Restaurants In Peterborough dishes on offer here; there are also plenty of meat-free options available. An extensive drinks menu ensures everyone gets exactly what they want; try one of their homemade desserts if you’re feeling peckish.

The Golden Pheasant has two AA rosettes and is truly one of the best restaurants near me. For more information or to book a table at The Golden Pheasant in Peterborough, call 01733 363064 today! A*** Restaurant & Bistro: With its cozy décor and intimate ambiance, A*** Restaurant & Bistro is a popular choice for romantic dates. Located in Peterborough city center, this restaurant boasts an excellent location and is within easy reach of all nearby hotels.

Their staff will do everything possible to make your meal enjoyable; their service has been described as excellent by many happy customers. Start with an appetizer like foie gras or grilled prawns before moving on to the main course such as salmon steak or filet mignon with sautéed potatoes and roasted vegetables. You can enjoy either lunch or dinner at A*** Restaurant & Bistro for up to £32 per person (excluding wine). Booking ahead is advised so that you can avoid disappointment!

3. Gurkha Lounge – Hampton

Established in 1992 and one of a small handful of Food Restaurants In Peterborough in downtown Hampton that offer evening dining. Open for lunch and dinner, Gurkha Lounge also serves up a full breakfast menu with waffles and eggs cooked to order. The menu also includes soups, sandwiches, burgers, and salads along with plenty of options for vegetarian diners. One fan favorite is a tangy chicken tikka masala paired with their own handmade naan bread.

The restaurant has hosted birthday parties and private events as well as catered to those looking for lunch on the go. Don’t let go until you try Chef Shailendra’s beef kheema which many customers say rivals popular Indian restaurants throughout Boston. The friendly staff goes out of their way to make sure everyone feels at home from start to finish. And when you walk through these doors, chances are good that at least half of your table will order the buffet—which changes daily but always offers something tasty.

This cozy eatery doesn’t take reservations but will seat patrons if they come early enough or call ahead to put their name down. Those who visit on Sundays can join other local residents who stop by for Sunday brunch featuring some pretty great omelets alongside a few standard American fare favorites like French toast and pancakes. You can even add an egg any style or cheese to any item if you want!

4. Gurkha Durbaar

This Indian restaurant has won a number of awards, including the best Food Restaurants In Peterborough, Canada, and a best new restaurant in Canada. If you’re looking for Food Restaurants In Peterborough that isn’t Americanized, they have it here. It features a variety of vegetarian options but is known for its seafood entrees and specials. Everything is very fresh and made with home-grown ingredients straight from India.

If you’re craving spicy flavors or want to try Indian cuisine for the first time, then Gurkha Durbaar is your place! You can also see just how well Food Restaurants In Peterborough travels because many customers order items that aren’t on their menu – they simply give them a call before arriving at their front door! That shows how dedicated they are to offering good quality Food Restaurants In Peterborough!

5. Fontanella’s

The North American Institute of Food Tasters has named Fontanella’s Restaurant and Wine Bar as one of the 20 best Food Restaurants In Peterborough. The Institute has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of North America’s leading authorities on Food Restaurants In Peterborough tasting and selection. They use their unique tasting methodology to provide ratings on hundreds of thousands of foods, beverages, and other items sold each year in supermarkets, specialty stores, convenience stores, fine dining establishments across North America.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In PeterboroughSimply put – Fontanella’s is a great place to enjoy delectable meals created from fresh ingredients that are pleasing to even a Food Restaurants In Peterborough taster with discerning taste buds! Be sure to try one (or all) of our chef-inspired appetizers or entrees which make mealtime memorable! You’ll find that our dishes go well beyond basic bar fare and are always made from scratch using only top-quality ingredients. We invite you to visit us at any time for lunch or dinner and enjoy one of Canada’s best-kept secrets for amazing cuisine served up with a side of lively conversation and excellent service!

Our friendly staff will help you navigate through our menu so you can discover your next favorite dish! Just ask about our weekly specials like Monday night Seafood Buffet & Live Entertainment, Tuesday all-day Happy Hour & Prime Rib Dinner, Wednesdays wing night & BINGO Night (with prizes!), Thursday prime rib dinner special, and Friday Fish Fry complete with live entertainment featuring music every weekend including Open Mic Nights hosted by DJ Philth every Saturday night starting at 9 pm!

6. Resist! Vegan Kitchen

Resist Vegan Kitchen serves up a delicious, cruelty-free menu at 929 George Street. Their all-vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free options are a hot ticket in town. Try their vegan burger topped with sweet kimchi and special sauce and you won’t be disappointed! They also offer ample seating for groups of any size or dietary need. Located in downtown Peterborough and just minutes from Fisherville by foot or bike path, if it’s close enough to walk to get there from your office – it’s on our list of 20 best Food Restaurants In Peterborough! Be sure to check out their mouth watering Instagram account before you go! Resist! is one of my favorite Food Restaurants In Peterborough.

It is a fully vegan kitchen, which means no animal products are used in any Food Restaurants In Peterborough preparation at all, including meat, eggs, and dairy. The restaurant offers a variety of options such as burgers, desserts, and main meals that taste like they’re filled with animal products! My favourite meal on their menu was their Jerk BBQ Burger – it had an amazing flavour profile that made me feel like I was eating at an authentic Jamaican restaurant. The fries were crispy and salty; perfectly salted with pepper and seasonings. If you’re looking for an amazing vegan experience or if you’re just feeling up for trying something new, resist! is sure to satisfy your hunger pangs.

7. The Gordon Arms

This traditional pub can be found in Castor, and there’s been a hostelry on that spot since at least 1775. It still retains much of its original character, with a spacious yet cozy interior dominated by wooden floors and ceilings and plenty of space for families or large groups to get together. The menu is excellent value with mains like steak pie priced at £6.95 or fish and chips costing just £7.50 – but what really stands out are the bar snacks. It’s hard to believe that a plate of deliciously salty barmaid-made pork scratchings could cost less than a fiver, but you can get them for as little as £4 if you go for it before 5 pm!

You’ll also find a good selection of real ales here, so don’t miss out on trying one when you visit. A recent refurbishment has left everything looking very smart indeed, while outside you’ll find an attractive patio area that offers al fresco dining during warmer months. Toilets are located downstairs; they’re clean and accessible via a wide flight of stairs which might not be suitable for wheelchair users. Children aren’t welcome after 9pm (this is strictly enforced) and although dogs are allowed outside only during daylight hours, they’re more than welcome inside too – provided they’re kept on leads.

8. Vesuvio

During a visit to Vesuvio, we fell in love with their Neapolitan pizzas. These handmade pizzas are bursting with fresh ingredients and toppings—and they’re incredibly hard to resist. Our favorite: Bianca Margherita, a classic Margherita pizza with fresh basil, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and a drizzle of olive oil. Topped off with freshly ground pepper—it’s heaven on a plate! If you want something more exciting (but just as delicious), try Pizza Vesuvio or Siciliana — loaded with Italian sausage, ham and pepperoni.

The fast-casual ambiance is casual yet stylish—think artisanal wood decor on an interior patio lined by old blue doors. It’s a great place for friends and family to gather over some amazing Food Restaurants In Peterborough. And don’t forget about dessert; there are plenty of options that will leave your taste buds begging for more. We highly recommend trying out one of their chocolate fondue desserts, which come served with strawberries, pineapple, and pound cake. Trust us when we say that it will be impossible to have just one bite!

9. XOXO Grill House

One of my favorite places to grab a bite is XOXO Grill House on George Street. The restaurant has a huge indoor patio area and friendly staff. I ordered a steak, which was cooked to perfection and served with white rice, grilled asparagus, and roasted potatoes. I would highly recommend trying out XOXO if you are looking for an upscale experience but don’t want to break your bank account.

Their menu features something for everyone and their prices are reasonable – only £13-16 per meal! The most expensive item on their menu is £18.95, so there’s no need to spend more than 30/per person here! This is a great place for friends or family who want to enjoy some good Food Restaurants In Peterborough in a classy atmosphere. Be sure to make reservations before going though because it can get pretty busy at times. Don’t miss out on any new posts Sign up for email alerts or RSS feeds

10. Bella Italia Peterborough

With plenty of family-friendly choices, it’s no wonder that Bella Italia is one of The Best Food Restaurants In Peterborough. From delicious pasta to pizzas, you’ll be spoiled for choice on a menu that runs more than 10 pages. While they do have excellent Italian Food Restaurants In Peterborough, it’s also worth noting that their delicious dishes make great catering options for your office lunch or party event. If you’re looking for modern and fresh options but still want a taste of Italy—try Bella Italia today! (5 Queen Street South) Tucked away in an unassuming side street, you’ll find one of our favourite Italian eateries.

20 Best Food Restaurants In PeterboroughBella Italia specialises in authentic Italian pizza and pasta – and boy does it deliver! Not only is everything great value for money, but each dish is cooked to perfection. From their popular classic margherita to the rich carbonara pasta, there’s something on here for everyone. With a variety of appetising salads, plus a kids menu too, they cater to all needs. If you’re unsure of what to order just ask your friendly server who will be happy to guide you through their mouth-watering menu. Be sure not to leave without trying some of their deliciously fresh breadsticks or their signature tiramisu (to die for!).

11. Fresh Dreams

Whether you’re craving waffles or ice cream, or just want to try some local fare, in Peterborough, Ontario there are plenty of opportunities to indulge. The following 20 restaurants are renowned for their range of menu options, creating a variety of experiences for your tastebuds and senses. Some serve a traditional menu that pleases all palates, while others offer unique culinary styles such as Thai food and Spanish tapas. For many people in Peterborough who enjoy trying new food items, these restaurants are worth a visit!

The 20 best food restaurants in Peterborough: The Trattoria – Located at 50 Bond St W, it offers authentic Italian cuisine with delicious dishes such as spaghetti bolognese, penne carbonara, and baked lasagna. It has been recommended by food critics because of its taste and presentation. They also have a catering service if you’re planning an event at home or work. Los Toritos – At 40 Broadway St N #6 they have Mexican dishes like fish tacos, chicken quesadillas, and taco salad bowls which is why they’re on our list of top food restaurants in Peterborough.

12. Sam’s Place

If you’re looking for breakfast on a Saturday morning, Sam’s Place is a must-try. Their patio seating with flowers, fountains and bushes makes for a serene atmosphere as you sit down to dine with friends or family. The rich menu includes everything from pancakes to waffles to eggs Benedict and so much more! With some of their dishes even being served in mason jars, it feels like you’re eating at home—even if you aren’t! Sam’s place also has delicious coffee and their ambiance makes it perfect for brunch dates or meetings with friends over coffee. With £3 mimosas on Saturdays, it’s one of our favorite places in town! Make sure to stop by when you’re in Peterborough! (17 Hunter St E) Papa John’s Pizza:

We all know that there are times when you just want to grab a pizza, and we have no shame in saying that we do too! Papa John’s has got your back covered if you don’t feel like cooking up a storm tonight. With 24 hours’ notice, they can have your favourite pie ready for pick up in under an hour. While their pizza may not be 100% authentic Italian pizza (although it does come close), it definitely hits the spot when you need something quick but satisfying. A classic pepperoni pizza will run about £15 after tax, which isn’t bad considering what other options are available around town (and how quick they deliver!). (1160 Chemong Rd S)

13. Nateure’s Plate

With a menu inspired by Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines, Nature’s Plate is a bit of an eclectic mix. But that doesn’t mean it can’t wow taste buds. With friendly service and easy-to-follow recommendations from server to booth, both novice and veteran diners alike will appreciate its flavourful Food Restaurants In Peterborough. Between sushi rolls and bulgogi beef or kimchi pork patties served with potato salad or rice cakes for just £5 each, Nature’s Plate boasts a variety of good eats at affordable prices.

So whether you’re looking for a quick bite on your lunch break or want to sit down for dinner with friends, there are plenty of options here. And don’t forget about dessert: The bingsu (shaved ice) comes in more than 10 flavours—including red bean and peanut butter—and is available in small (£4), medium (£6), or large (£8). Just be sure to save room if you plan on trying any of their other offerings.

14. Hanoi House

This popular Vietnamese restaurant in Peterborough doesn’t have many tables, so be prepared to take your Food Restaurants In Peterborough to go. The atmosphere inside is fun and casual. Hanoi House serves a range of delicious, fresh noodles and rice dishes along with chicken, shrimp, and beef entrees. All their food is made fresh, so get there early on a weekend or you may have to wait for a seat. As far as pricing goes, expect to pay between £8-£14 for most dishes. If you want something a little more filling, order one of their noodle bowls like Pho Xe Lua Bo Kho–an incredibly flavorful combination of sirloin steak strips cooked in garlic sauce over egg noodles.

No matter what you order, all meals come with spring rolls and crispy wontons that are fried right before your eyes. You can also choose from four different sauces including soy sauce, fish sauce, hoisin, and chili garlic paste to complement any dish. If you love spicy Food Restaurants In Peterborough, add some Sriracha! What’s great about Hanoi House is that they are very accommodating when it comes to special diets. They even offer gluten-free options! Although they aren’t open late at night (they close at 9 p.m.), their prices are unbeatable for such high-quality cuisine. Visit them today!

15. Tacheena Middle Eastern Cuisine

A family-run restaurant that dishes up something different than what you’re used to. Pick from a selection of curries, salads, and desserts that are specifically tailored to cater to people with dietary restrictions. Tacheena is proud to use locally sourced ingredients when possible, and most meals can be prepared vegan or gluten-free if you ask for them!

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20 Best Food Restaurants In PeterboroughIf you’re looking for something really unique, try their walnut baklava—you won’t be disappointed. While you might not have heard of it before, we guarantee that once you taste it, you’ll become a fan for life. It also has one of our favourite atmospheres in town; we love coming here because it feels like home. Whether you want to sit down for a meal or pick up some takeout on your way home, Tacheena will never disappoint.

16. The Imperial Tandoor

This upscale Indian restaurant is located on Sherbrooke St. E, close to both Ainslie St. and Water St. The building is unassuming and nothing special but once you enter it’s a different story; with delicious Food Restaurants In Peterborough and friendly staff, it will soon become your favourite place to go for lunch or dinner in Peterborough! They also have an extensive vegetarian menu which can be hard to find in many Indian restaurants.

I would recommend trying their chicken tikka masala, lamb curry, samosas (an appetizer), garlic naan bread, and gulab jamun (sweet dessert). To start off I would recommend getting a mango lassi (cold drink) as well as mango chutney (side condiment). Their prices are reasonable with entrees ranging from £8-£12. If you like spicy Food Restaurants In Peterborough try adding some hot sauce! It will change your life!

17. The Pizza Parlour & Music Cafe

Pizza Parlour & Music Cafe has some of Pete’s best offerings. If you have a hankering for something fresh, healthy, and tasty – all at once – try out their Roasted Vegetable Wrap. But be warned, it might just be too hard to resist after one bite. When it comes to the sweet stuff, though, don’t forget about their decadent offerings!

They serve up all sorts of scrumptious desserts that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Their cakes are always freshly baked, so you can count on them being delicious. Their Tiramisu is creamy and smooth while their Chocolate Cake is rich and moist – perfect for anyone who loves chocolate! You won’t regret stopping by here anytime soon. It’s definitely worth your time!

18. Tavan

If you live in or around Peterborough, chances are you’ve eaten here. But if you haven’t (and even if you have), Tavan is a restaurant worth checking out. Authentic and delicious Middle Eastern Food Restaurants In Peterborough with plenty of vegetarian options that aren’t like any other place in town. The dining room is small but comfortable, while they also offer takeout if that’s more your style. Come hungry and order one of their tasty shawarma plates—the chicken or lamb meat paired with fresh vegetables can be hard to beat.

And save room for dessert because nothing beats their baklava! With reasonable prices and great service, it’s no wonder why Tavan has such a loyal following. Plus, they’re open late on weekends so you can grab dinner after catching a flick at Paramount Cinemas. If you want authentic Mediterranean cuisine served by friendly staff then look no further than Tavan Restaurant in downtown Peterborough.

19. Turtle Bay – Peterborough

Turtle Bay is by far one of my favorite restaurants in town. The menu offers a wide selection of Caribbean, Mexican and Asian dishes; some dishes include jerk chicken, fish tacos, Jamaican patties, curried lamb and stir-fried rice. Turtle Bay also serves a large variety of appetizers that include calamari, nachos and cheese sticks.

A full bar offers numerous drinks such as martinis and margaritas. To complement your meal they offer an assortment of desserts such as cheesecake and chocolate cake. Located in downtown Peterborough at 435 George Street North; no reservations are accepted but with all these tasty Food Restaurants In Peterborough you’ll want to come back often!

20. Mulberry Cafe

The Mulberry Cafe is a cafe with absolutely fantastic Food Restaurants In Peterborough. There are daily specials which are always very reasonable in price and taste wonderful. The seating area is nice and cozy, as it’s an old converted house that has been remodeled into a restaurant/cafe. There’s even an outside patio for enjoying meals on sunny days.

20 Best Food Restaurants In PeterboroughTheir cheese fries are to die for! The milkshakes aren’t bad either! Being close to Trent University, I recommend stopping here before heading off to classes or after hitting up one of Trent’s many sports events. It’s also open late at night during exam weeks if you want some comfort food without breaking your bank account.

21. Harvester Pavilions

We’ve not yet reviewed Harvester Pavilions, but they’re so new that we didn’t want to miss out on them just yet. It’s located in Peterborough (of course), and it claims to have a reputation for serving dishes cooked with fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers. With an indoor and outdoor area, there are plenty of chances to enjoy natural light while dining.

And Harvester Pavilions also offers free Wi-Fi, which is always appreciated! Each month they have different events; whether you’re looking for something to celebrate a birthday or something more relaxing like live music, check their website before you go and get an idea of what kind of event is coming up next.

22. Cote Brasserie – Peterborough

Cote Brasserie has stood out as one of Peterborough’s best restaurants since it first opened in 2008. It provides excellent Food Restaurants In Peterborough and drink at reasonable prices, while a warm and inviting atmosphere makes you feel right at home. The restaurant specializes in Modern French cuisine and is known for its extensive wine selection; it also offers a nice selection of desserts, which are almost too pretty to eat! With an array of delectable options for every course, Cote is a terrific place to dine with family or friends.


545 Lansdowne St., Peterborough, 705-876-6479, No website. A great place to try soul Food Restaurants In Peterborough. Open Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., closed Sundays and holidays. One vegan and one vegetarian dish are on the menu each day along with homemade desserts and coffees, teas and specialty drinks. EMBE is famous for its mac ‘n’ cheese (baked or pan) and its fish/chicken balls every Friday served with curry goat or curry chicken, rice & peas and plantains.

24. Fox and Hounds

With a menu that changes with the seasons, Fox and Hounds specialize in fresh ingredients and local sourcing. The menu’s main focus is on hearty meals that stick to your ribs, but there are also lighter options available for those who prefer something less substantial. Start off with some Scottish mussels or pulled pork tacos before moving on to a heartier dish like fish and chips or steamed haddock chowder. There’s even a kids’ menu available! With open-concept seating available at both lunch and dinner times, Fox and Hounds are great for families of all sizes as well as large groups looking to dine together.

25. The Black Horse

A popular spot among locals, it has an extensive menu. The Black Horse is well-known for their gourmet pizzas and gluten-free options. There’s something for everyone here, so bring your family and friends. It’s an excellent place to kick back with a beer on tap or cocktail while you enjoy a meal with good company.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In PeterboroughThis pub/restaurant will definitely be at the top of your list when it comes to places to eat in Peterborough. The food is fresh and great tasting! Enjoy delicious Food Restaurants In Peterborough, friendly service, and a warm atmosphere every time you visit The Black Horse restaurant in downtown Peterborough! The ingredients are locally sourced from Ontario farmers!

26. Mattoni Italian Restaurant

This old-fashioned Italian restaurant offers that good old homemade taste of Italy. The atmosphere is very much Italian with a lot of local flares, and they’re open every day of the week, so you can eat there any time! It’s a little on the pricy side, but nothing too extravagant. There are vegetarian options available and an extensive wine list to pair your meal with! Not to mention their staff is fantastic as well. Mattoni is definitely worth trying out if you’re in search of a high-quality meal at a pretty standard price.

27. The Banyan Tree

Like Thai food? If you’re in Peterborough, you absolutely must try The Banyan Tree. It’s a little more expensive than other places on our list but that’s only because it’s located downtown. That said, you get what you pay for: top-notch service and authentic Thai cuisine. Just make sure to save room for dessert! One of our favorite desserts on their menu is called the pineapple. It features rice cakes with sweet coconut sauce, fresh pineapples and mangoes…yum! That might seem like an odd combination, but trust us—it works! We highly recommend checking out The Banyan Tree if you’re a fan of Thai Food Restaurants In Peterborough and are looking for a great place to eat downtown in PEI.

28. The Blue Bell Glinton

One of my personal favorite restaurants in town! The Food Restaurants In Peterborough is very fresh and full of flavor, as are all their deserts. They have an amazing variety of foods on their menu and a selection that most restaurants could only dream of matching. Definitely one to try out if you haven’t already!

29. Homme Nouveau Restaurant

Homme Nouveau is one of my favorite food restaurants in Peterborough. I absolutely love their roasted chicken with macaroni and cheese, served with a side of their signature steak fries. It’s also one of my wife’s favorites—which means we go there every time we want to get something special for dinner. Their servings are always generous and it’s definitely one of those best bangs for your buck kind of places to eat in town. They also have a great wine list that makes it easy to find something you like or someone else will like. Either way, you can’t go wrong choosing Homme Nouveau for your next meal out!

30. The Millstone At Barnack

Set in a historic mill, The Millstone At Barnack is housed in an 18th-century structure that showcases the beautiful features of yesteryear. The restaurant blends together a sophisticated ambiance with an informal and relaxed atmosphere. It offers a range of dishes on its menu including steak, fish, and scampi & prawns, while its children’s menu contains options such as grilled fish and chicken escalope.

20 Best Food Restaurants In PeterboroughFor something unique, why not try one of their tasty stonebaked pizzas? They also have a tempting selection of vegetarian and gluten-free choices available for those wishing to opt for healthier options. The staff are very friendly and always happy to assist customers who may need help with ordering or menu information.


Peterborough is one of Canada’s largest cities and definitely one of Ontario’s gems. The Food Restaurants In Peterborough scene here is unmatched, with a plethora of different restaurants representing a wide range of international cuisines. Whether you are looking for a classic diner or want to try some authentic Thai cuisine, we guarantee that there is something for everyone on our list.

And did we mention that every restaurant on our list will not only give you great service but will provide top-notch Food Restaurants In Peterborough at reasonable prices? That’s another reason why Peterborough stands out from other Canadian cities! While other places may have excellent restaurants in terms of food quality, their prices and attitude toward customers may leave much to be desired.

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