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20 Best Food Restaurants In Perth

Perth has countless amazing Food Restaurants In Perth, which makes it hard to decide where to go every time you want to eat out with friends or family. To help make your decision easier, we’ve created this list of the 20 best food restaurants in Perth, based on our own experiences and recommendations from friends and family. No matter what kind of Food Restaurants In Perth you like, there’s something on this list that will make your mouth water! Do you feel like you’re starving in the world’s most isolated city?

Don’t worry, the best restaurants in Perth are worth going out of your way to discover. It boasts a wealth of award-winning restaurants, bustling bars, and charming cafes that give life to the city and its two million residents. Despite the fact that it seems lazy to say that eating yourself silly is one of the best things to do in Perth, it would be disingenuous to say the opposite. Bring that appetite to the end of the world and get ready to eat some tasty Food Restaurants In Perth. The best restaurants here are each special in their own way, so get ready for a feast.

1. Will St

Fresh and tasty Food Restaurants In Perth, creative craft beer, and a relaxed atmosphere are all part of Will St’s approach to a good night out. The concept is built around interesting tapas-style meals to share. You can order small portions or go big on everything from beef empanadas with chimichurri sauce to crispy duck spring rolls with red chili glaze, Vietnamese salad rolls stuffed with papaya salad, steamed bao dumplings filled with braised pork belly in a spicy soy and lemongrass sauce or cumin lamb skewers served with lime wedges. There are also lots of vegan options, from four kinds of tofu bao dumplings to crispy tofu nuggets tossed in sweet chili sauce.

Our Food Restaurants In Perth dreams have been a reality in Bali for long enough that it feels like forever since we were able to jump on a cheap flight. I don’t know what we would do without it! Fortunately, though, Will Meyrick, chef-owner of super popular Balinese establishments Sarong and Mama San to name a few, is here to fill those cravings-opening his very own place in Leederville, and it’s nothing short of sensational. From little nibbles to hearty curries, Meyrick’s menu is packed with authentic flavors inspired by his travels. It’s up there with the best meal we’ve eaten all year.

2. Nieuw Ruin

If you’re looking for somewhere to indulge in a relaxing breakfast, Nieuw Ruin is one of Perth’s most popular new brunch spots. The menu at Nieuw Ruin specializes in crepes and pancakes, which you can customize with a range of sweet or savory toppings. The restaurant is located in Leederville and is open every day from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm. Of course, if you’re dining at Nieuw Ruin for breakfast on Sunday, make sure to arrive early the wait can be quite long on Sunday mornings!

The Nieuw Ruin wine bar is run by the same talented group behind Foxtrot Unicorn and has quickly become Freo’s favourite wine bar thanks to their extensive wine list and gorgeous heritage cottage vibe. It is the ground-breaking menu prepared by Head Chef Blaze Young and her all-female kitchen team that has us hooked. The salted Scott Reef monkfish “under a fur coat” and garfish rollmops, as well as deviled Wagin duck livers and Freo octopus with almond, blood orange, and basil, won’t bore you.

3. Casa

The Casa restaurant is a Brazilian-style venue that focuses on traditional fresh and local produce. Located on Swan Street, in the city, it’s a great place to go if you love meat dishes served with a side of rice and beans. It also specializes in some of South America’s most popular street Food Restaurants In Perth dishes such as empanadas, pastries, cassava bread, and cheese bread. To top it all off it has an impressive cocktail list that features more than 120 types of cachaça; Brazil’s famous sugar cane spirit. To round off your meal make sure you try one of their dessert caipirinhas.

As this new Italian-style bar, restaurant, and bottle shop is infused with Si Paradiso DNA, it’s no surprise that Mount Hawthorn’s eager Food Restaurants In Perth are already enjoying it. Whether you’re looking for a punchy snack such as octopus al pastor toast served with pineapple chutney and lardo or a creamy scallop potato topped with caviar or a decent bowl of homemade pasta, there’s plenty to choose from. No matter what you choose to drink, we recommend you wash it all down with a glass of wine from the European wine list.

4. Servo

With a menu showcasing fresh, local, and seasonal fare, plus an extensive wine list that matches perfectly with every meal, Servo is a must for any Food Restaurants In Perth. The restaurant sits atop Smith Tower in South Perth and offers three different seating areas: on Smith’s rooftop, inside next to an open kitchen, or outside where you can enjoy your meal while taking in some of Australia’s best views. Famous for its open-fire cooking, Servo has become one of WA’s favourite restaurants since opening more than 20 years ago. Start off with favorites like watermelon gazpacho served with bacon lardons or barramundi carpaccio served with avocado and salmon roe.

Servo is an all-day restaurant and courtyard bar located in the newly redeveloped Electric Lane, part of the Leederville redevelopment by FJM the same company behind State Buildings. Each dish on the menu is delicious but not based on any particular theme. Instead, the menu focuses on sharing plates that are vibrant and bold. Trust us, you will definitely be wiping the plates clean here. The eggplant with garlic yogurt with warm flatbread for dipping is our current obsession, along with several spicy margaritas.

5. Heritage Wine Bar

A large share of people enjoy wine but many have never been to a Food Restaurants In Perth which specializes in high-quality wines. Heritage Wine Bar is one of those types of places. On top of offering some very unique and excellent tasting wines, Heritage Wine Bar has an extensive menu that includes everything from great salads to entrees to desserts and more. Whether you’re looking for a place with good music, a relaxing atmosphere, or a romantic date spot.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In PerthHeritage Wine Bar offers all three as well as an incredible selection of wines that won’t disappoint even the most discriminating wine drinker. The tapas at Heritage also make for perfect appetizers or even main dishes if you aren’t in an especially hungry mood or don’t have much time. Featuring a dazzling refurb of the iconic Royal Insurance building, Heritage Wine Bar celebrates its roots with its Italian marble floors, dramatic high ceilings, and large windows overlooking Brookfield Place. Several dishes, including mortadella foie gras.

And are complemented by the finest local ingredients. It’s elegant, beautiful, and downright delicious, and it pairs beautifully with a bottle of their wide range of international and local wines hot tip: you can also order to go now. Do not be afraid to ask the waiters for recommendations if you are unsure where to begin the service here is exceptional. Furthermore, if you don’t mind relinquishing all control, the set menu with paired wines is by far one of the best we’ve had in Perth.

6. Hearth

At Hearth, it’s all about wood-fired pizzas. From choosing quality ingredients to creating tantalizing, flavourful dishes in their imported Italian ovens, they have thought of everything. Want proof? Just taste any one of their mouth-watering pizzas; you will know what we mean. The pizzas here are made with love and you can tell. If it’s your first time here, try out ‘The Pizza Brunch Pie’ or if you’re in a group, try out one of their specialty pies such as ‘The Pizzaman’.

But whatever you do, don’t leave without trying out ‘The Cheesecake Pizza’. There is a jaw-dropping restaurant attached to the Ritz-Carlton Perth at Elizabeth Quay named Hearth. Our new fit-out features light, bright, and utterly relaxing elements with a beautiful view of the Swan River. As for the Food Restaurants In Perth, be sure to expect only the best WA produce with a few native ingredients thanks to Executive Sous Chef Danny Feng who has recently taken over the restaurant. You can take out-of-town guests here, but we suggest you treat yourself to the new seasonal menu before they arrive.

7. Wildflower

The idea for Wildflower is largely credited to celebrity chef Neil Perry. He first conceived of a French-style brasserie serving organic, local Food Restaurants In Perth back in 2004. After securing a prime location on Hay Street, he set about building his dream restaurant. Since its opening in 2006, it has received many accolades and awards including two consecutive ‘Best Fine Dining Restaurant’ awards at The Age Good Food Restaurants In Perth Guide Awards. This makes it clear that Wildflower is indeed one of the best restaurants in Perth! Dining at this restaurant is like dining at the pinnacle of Perth dining, with breathtaking views of the CBD and river.

The menu at Wildflower embraces the six Noongar seasons in a contemporary way. Trust in chef Matthew Sartori: try the full degustation and you’ll agree with us in no time that this is one of Perth’s best restaurants. A Noongar six-season menu is based on ingredients harvested and foraged according to the Indigenous culinary calendar. It’s a great place to visit at any time of year as you’ll be treated to a variety of delicious treats while also seeing some of the most stunning views of Perth’s skyline. And let’s not forget the outstanding wine list with a wide selection, you can create your own perfect match.

8. Lulu La Delizia

Looking for a wide variety of Italian food that won’t break your bank? Lulu La Delizia is exactly what you need to find. The service isn’t anything special but their food more than makes up for it. Try their seafood pasta and create your own pizza; they also have an extensive wine list. Due to being in one of Australia’s most expensive cities, Lulu La Delizia is perfect for when you want great Food Restaurants In Perth at a reasonable price. You can usually find them easily due to their location on Parry Street and at three other popular locations.

If you want great Food Restaurants In Perth, there are few places better than Lulu La Delizia in Perth, WA 6163 so be sure to check it out today! Perth’s most charming and intimate Italian osteria serves up the city’s best homemade pasta. Lulu La Delizia, headed by chef Joel Valvasori, has earned accolades for being among the best in the industry, not just in Perth but nationally as well. You’ll never be disappointed with the chef’s menu if you don’t like making decisions. When it comes to finding the best Italian restaurants in Perth, this is a very good place to start.

9. Le Rebelle

If you haven’t been to Le Rebelle, your tastebuds have been missing out. This restaurant takes a fresh spin on French cuisine and makes it completely worth it. Located in Northbridge, Le Rebelle serves up both Food Restaurants In Perth and drinks that are perfect for an intimate date night or even just a fun girls’ night out. For those of you who like bold flavors, their Chicken Tarragon burger is to die for; made with homemade chicken patties and topped with creamy tarragon sauce, crumbed jalapenos, goat cheese, and romesco-spiced chips.

We are inspired by the old romanticism of classic New York and Parisian bistros when we designed Le Rebelle, an intimate restaurant, and wine bistro bar. A breath of fresh air with charming interiors, atmospheric lighting, and ace staff to get you through your night, Le Rebelle is a breath of fresh air. Various classics are served, such as the much-loved crab toast, the duck liver parfait, or the Wagin duck with fries, and the drinks program is equally excellent.

10. Long Chim

If you live in Perth and are looking for a great place to eat, check out our list of 20 best food restaurants in Perth. All these restaurants have something to offer for every taste bud! No more wondering where to go out; let’s go explore what is on offer around us. These places are totally worth it, not just because they are amazing, but also because they cost a pretty penny. You can make your wallet happy while stuffing your face with some of these mouth-watering dishes! Just bring along an empty stomach and have fun! Enjoy.

20 Best Food Restaurants In PerthWhen David Thompson brought us, Long Chim, we collectively died and went to heaven. As you enjoy your chicken larb in the converted basement of the State Buildings home to a few favourite eateries, you’ll also be in awe of the exposed brickwork and plumbing. You won’t want to miss the crispy prawns, charred noodles, or banana roti for dessert, and don’t forget to wash it down with some of their exceptional new cocktails. When you see ma hor a tasty Thai morsel on the menu, order around right away.

11. Gusto

Where To Eat When You’re Visiting Melbourne, Australia. The city of Melbourne is pretty much a foodie paradise with an incredible selection of cafes, restaurants, and bars that offer something for everyone. Here are 20 of our favorite places to eat in Melbourne, divided into three sections by Food Restaurants In Perth type. If you need some help planning your itinerary while visiting, check out our post on what to do in Melbourne when you’re not eating or drinking!

Just keep in mind that a lot of these spots are only open during breakfast/lunch/dinner hours which means early to late afternoon, so be sure to plan accordingly if you have other plans for daytime activities! There are three things this place does exceptionally well: great Food Restaurants In Perth, great coffee, and attentive service. We recommend trying their signature homemade crumpets, which have become legendary. There is often a line out the door on weekends, so those with rumbling tummies should arrive early. Be prepared to spend a decent amount of time here.

12. The Apple Daily

The restaurant has a menu of share dishes based on Southeast Asian street Food Restaurants In Perth. It is located in an inner-city area. There are plenty of tasty, fun, and lively dishes along with an extensive drinks menu. Come taste one of the fun cocktails or enjoy Asian whiskies, sakes, and housemade liquors. Food is at its best when it’s seasonal. As summer rolls around, it’s important to make sure you’re taking advantage of fresh ingredients. In Western Australia, there are several great restaurants that offer dishes made with fresh local produce.

Here are 20 Food Restaurants In Perth that are worth checking out In general, every restaurant has its own specialties and menu items they specialize in. There are a few different types of cuisines you can find: Asian Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, American pizza and burgers, Italian pasta and pizzas European French, Spanish, Middle Eastern (Lebanese and Turkish or British/European fusion. Many restaurants have happy hours from 4-7 pm where drinks and appetizers are half off! It’s a good idea to check online before going so you know what’s on special for that day!

13. Propeller

Located in Hillarys Boat Harbour, Propeller restaurant is a seafood delight that has beautiful views of the West Coast Ocean. They offer an array of seafood dishes and a variety of vegetarian options. This place is perfect for groups as well! The atmosphere is lively and energetic so it’s not one to be missed when you’re out with friends or family! Food Restaurants In Perth Paella hake, king prawns, calamari, mussels, and clams were absolutely delicious as were their Lobster Ravioli With Cream Sauce and Beef Tenderloin With Roquefort And Shallots.

The staff here are lovely and make sure everything runs smoothly for your experience at Propeller. The restaurant is tucked away in an old bus garage and is one of WA’s most popular and spacious eateries. It serves Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine. You can never go wrong with Propeller’s inventive and flavorful menu items, whether you’re dining for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Get in touch with some of your fellow Food Restaurants In Perth and try some of their spice-laden offerings. Vegetarians should check this out.

14. Clarke’s of North Beach

If you’re in North Beach and you’re looking for somewhere new to eat, give Clarke’s a try. Their menu is deceptively simple: burgers, fries, pizzas, and that’s about it. What Clarke does, though, is they do exceptionally well. The staff is welcoming and friendly and their house wine is of exceptional quality. They also have live music on Friday nights something different from most other bars in town so be sure to stop by if you’re looking for something with a more relaxed vibe.

And, since we know you’ll be hungry after reading all of that…head down to Clarke’s at 487 Beaufort Street in North Beach. Since 2003, it has been a reliable and high-end favourite for Food Restaurants In Perth lovers. Stephen Clarke uses only the best local ingredients and transforms them into classic and elegant dishes using expert techniques. You can expect a refined and assured menu, coupled with sophisticated service, at Clarke’s.

15. Bivouac

Ask a local, and chances are you’ll be told to head to Bivouac for some hearty meals. A typical menu item is their burger that’s been ranked among the best in Perth; it’s made with juicy bison meat, tomato jam, and a special sauce on a sesame-topped bun. Delicious! The laid-back restaurant is also known for its seared scallops over spiced quinoa risotto and its pork shank served with apple confit on garlic polenta;

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20 Best Food Restaurants In PerthThese dishes are so filling that they make up more than half of most people’s orders. We can’t get enough of Biv’s Middle Eastern-inspired Food Restaurants In Perth – in fact, since it opened in 2011, it’s been one of our steady go-to’s. William Street cannot imagine William Street without the restaurant; it is an integral part of Northbridge. A well-balanced, sharing menu that showcases WA produce is matched with a warm ambiance and above-and-beyond service.

16. Il Lido Italian Canteen

It has been said that Il Lido Italian Canteen’s orecchiette is one of Sydney’s best pasta dishes, but we disagree. That honor goes to their chicken ragu pappardelle with fresh slow-cooked strips of tender chicken in a thick tomato sauce and buttery fettuccine, garnished with parmesan shavings. The Food Restaurants In Perth here is just on another level. However, it’s also a great spot for desserts. Their creme brulee, made with kalamansi juice and creamy nata de coco Filipino coconut jelly, is not only aesthetically pleasing; it tastes as good as it looks too!

Located in Northbridge, just a few minutes away from Perth’s CBD, Il Lido Italian Canteen is an upmarket yet informal Italian-style eatery. It has outdoor seating so it’s ideal for al fresco lunches and dinners during summer. A typical menu at Il Lido will feature dishes such as squid ink tagliatelle, pan-fried tiger prawn linguine with rocket pesto and balsamic, beef carpaccio with truffle parmesan cream and Parmesan cheese, chicken marsala pizza, and veal involtini with porcini mushroom stuffing and Marsala wine sauce. Customers also rave about the fluffy garlic bread served here. Delivery services are available for takeaways.

17. Lady of Ro

One of my favorite places to go out for dinner is a restaurant called Lady of Ro. They have delicious Food Restaurants In Perth and you can relax inside their lovely cafe area as you eat. The waitstaff is nice and polite and it’s always enjoyable to be there. I like their wood-fired pizzas which taste better than some places that cook in actual brick ovens. The wine list is varied, but not huge, so you can easily find something that pairs well with your meal.

It’s a popular place, so it may take a while to get in, but if you plan ahead or schedule ahead online, you can make reservations and avoid any long lines! A Mediterranean local with a colorful heritage. Don’t you think sharing is caring? The warm welcome and a relaxed though rather compact environment at Lady of Ro invites guests to share a selection of Greek-influenced dishes. Take a bottle of your favorite wine it brings your own, a batch of friends, and settles in for a delicious dinner. But don’t forget the dessert.

18. Bread in Common

If you’re looking for a place to find wholesome, nutritious Food Restaurants In Perth in central Perth, Bread in Common will certainly make your list. Not only is their cuisine healthy and delicious, but they have some of the friendliest staff around. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week, Bread in Common has something for everyone. It’s also a great place to stop by after a workout; it’s right near some of Perth’s biggest gyms.

Whether you want to fish and chips for lunch or eggs, Benedict, for breakfast Bread in Common does it best! One of Fremantle’s most popular establishments, this wood-fired bread bakery is beloved by locals. Bread in Common specializes in bread baked in wood-fired ovens. Bread is the perfect accompaniment to every dish served here. The communal dining experience in a converted warehouse is relaxed, hearty, and altogether comforting.

19. Sayers Sister

The best part about eating out in Perth is that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to good Food Restaurants In Perth. Whether you fancy a high-end dining experience or something more relaxed and casual, there’s a place in our lovely city to tickle your taste buds. From delicious burgers and schnitzels to Mexican favourites and Asian fusion dishes, we’ve put together a list of 20 must-try restaurants in Perth.

If you’re planning on dining out anytime soon, make sure you don’t miss these gems! In Northbridge, you’ll find a relaxed place to eat during the day. Since chef Mark Sayers and his wife opened their first restaurant in 2006, food lovers in Perth have been enjoying his creations. Delicious house-baked cakes line the communal dining table, and a Food Restaurants In Perth menu filled with interesting dishes is accompanied by a solid drinks menu and excellent coffee.

20. Swallow Bar

This bar is located in Fremantle but can be a little hard to find. The exterior may not impress you and it doesn’t look like much from the outside. However, on walking through to enter you are greeted by a large inviting space with plenty of seating including couches and tables; there is an eclectic collection of interesting art pieces on display around the walls. The staff is great at serving their drinks which have affordable prices, so it’s definitely worth popping in for a refreshing cold beer.

20 Best Food Restaurants In PerthIt gets busy, especially during happy hour where drinks are half price between 4 pm and 6 pm Monday to Friday; just be aware that they often have live music or DJs performing. This is a hip neighborhood bar that is popular with locals. Diners are transported to another era by the retro fit-out and regular live jazz performances, including vintage train seats. Visitors feel at home among regulars with a warm welcome from knowledgeable and friendly staff. There is a French menu paired with an excellent wine list.

21. No Mafia

One of my favorite things about Western Australia is its multicultural mix of foods, and restaurants. That’s why when I needed to find some great places to eat I didn’t have to look too far. These 20 restaurants showcase just how unique Perth is as a city. From Thai to Italian you won’t be left wanting culinary diversity in these places they have it all! Check out these 20 best food restaurants in Perth, so you can give your taste buds a treat while you explore one of Australia’s most vibrant cities!

A menu at No Mafia is simple but delicious, inspired by the recipes of southern Italy, and complemented by an impressive wine list featuring Italian labels, as well as selected cocktails, hello, spritzes, and local and international beers. Choose from dishes like roman arancini, duck pappardelle, and triple-cooked potatoes with garlic, chili, and aioli while sitting in a booth or on the outdoor balcony.

22. Fleur

Located in Cottesloe, Fleur is easily one of Perth’s best restaurants. With a beautifully decorated dining room, fantastic wine list, and an unrivaled view of Fremantle it’s hard to think of another restaurant in Perth that offers such an experience. As for their Food Restaurants In Perth? Well just take a look at their menu! Whether you choose to try one of their delicious seafood platters or opt for something more substantial like a whole salt-crusted King George whiting yes, you read that right, you won’t be disappointed with your meal. Located inside The Royal Hotel, fleur is just as beautiful and fancy as she seems. There’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to the thoughtfully curated.

Among the elevated delights is Skull Island king prawn tartlets, kangaroo tsukune, drunken Akoya oysters, and the most succulent aged duck breast you’ve ever eaten. With a curated wine list, some gorgeous cocktails, and equally beautiful interiors, it makes for one of the best fine dining experiences in Perth. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, there’s even a caviar menu. As long as we’re here, we’d like to draw your attention to Willi’s, the elegant new corner bar in the hotel’s basement. It has a chic Paris bistro meets New York wine bar vibe and offers a great array of wine-friendly share plates perfect for a boozy lunch or late-night snack.

23. The Corner Dairy

This old-fashioned milk bar offers a range of delicious treats at an affordable price. You can have something as simple as a scoop of ice cream, or go all out and order one of their incredible milkshakes. The best part is that they’re open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm daily, so you can stop by for breakfast and then get more during a midnight craving! Just be sure to save room for dessert! They also serve sandwiches, hamburgers, hotdogs, and other snacks. Their meals are affordable and offer great portions. This place is definitely worth checking out especially if you want some tasty Food Restaurants In Perth but don’t want to break your budget!

With The Corner Dairy adding yet another notch in this bustling neighborhood’s belt, Doubleview has sure done well this year. The Corner Dairy, located directly across from the ever-so-popular St Brigid bar, serves up a stellar list of Aussie natural wines and craft beers in a relaxed, “come as you are” atmosphere. Chef James Cole Bowen formerly at La Rebelle serves brilliant share plates like kingfish ceviche with smoked tigers milk and Geraldton wax, and local stracciatella with witlof and kumquat marmalade.

24. Petition Kitchen

The shared tables and popular menu items include sweetcorn fritters with sour cream and smoked salmon mousse, scallops on pumpernickel crisps, kangaroo fillet burgers with bacon jam, and duck fat fries. Try to get a seat in front of their open wood fire oven perfect for those who enjoy people watching while they dine. Bookings: Essential at peak times. Rottnest Island Ferry departs from Barrack Street Jetty in Fremantle daily.

Ferries depart at 8 am and 11 am weather permitting. On weekends there is also an additional ferry departing at 2 pm that returns at 5 pm. If you are visiting Rottnest Island by private boat, there is a £12 per person landing fee payable on arrival which covers your stay for up to three days. Petition Kitchen has emerged as the epitome of relaxed dining. Its seasonal menu showcases the best of Western Australia’s local produce, resulting in rustic, quirky dishes for sharing.

25. Bib & Tucker

The quintessential Perth Food Restaurants In Perth destination, Bib & Tucker has been ranked among the best restaurants. You’ll find well-executed Western cuisine and an inventive list of drinks. The casual atmosphere makes it a great choice for lunch or dinner with friends and family. There are four different locations spread throughout downtown so you can get your fill in no time! Whether you want to enjoy a cocktail on their rooftop bar or simply grab a quick bite to eat, Bib & Tucker is one of Perth’s most beloved dining destinations. If you want to try some of Perth’s best meat pies while also enjoying stunning views.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In PerthMake sure to check out Murdoch House. Their pastries are made fresh daily and they have a rotating menu of specialty dishes that change regularly based on what ingredients they have available. They use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and many of their dishes incorporate ingredients grown right in their own garden! Check out Barone Ristorante if you love Italian Food Restaurants In Perth they serve up everything from seafood pasta dishes to traditional steak cuts alongside all your favorite classic Italian favorites like pizzas, antipasti platters, homemade desserts, and more.

26. Drasko’s Hot Chicken

Drasko’s is a hot chicken establishment that makes some of the most delicious fried chicken in all of Australia. Located just outside of downtown, Drasko’s has managed to cater to an international audience by adapting their menus for tourists and exporting their famous, proprietary spice blend you can purchase online. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about Drasko’s history; they even post photos on Instagram of all new customers with a sign that reads You found us! Congrats! Now please order some Food Restaurants In Perth so we can make rent.

Thanks, Drasko. There’s also more than enough seating if you want to bring your family or friends; Drasko’s serves traditional Southern-style Food Restaurants In Perth as well. A Perth-born, Nashville-raised chef named Drasko Jankovic has long wished to bring the Nashville chicken experience to Perth with Drasko’s Hot Chicken. There is an array of fried chicken on the menu, ranging from classic quarters served with white bread and pickles to the signature sando they take on a beastly fried chicken burger. The chicken is available in a range of spice levels to suit the chili avoidants to the wildest heat-freaks, and it is all served in a casual dining room where long queues are often formed.

27. La Cabaña

I like to kick things off with a bang, and my current favorite is La Cabaña. This very popular Latin American restaurant offers some of Perth’s best Food Restaurants In Perth and service. Located in East Victoria Park, it’s extremely easy to get to by bus or train. They offer an extensive menu of over 300 different dishes, including everything from Mexican tacos to Brazilian feijoadas black bean stews. Their breakfast also looks amazing try their Mexican take on Eggs Benedict! And they have excellent service: I often go there with a friend who has limited Spanish and they always go out of their way to make sure we understand our orders.

To top it all off, their prices are extremely reasonable: you can easily get a full meal for under £15 here! With their expertise in Mexican cuisine and beautiful WA produce, La Caba*a in South Fremantle brings real Mexican flavors to life. There are tacos, ceviche, and their trademark corn tentacles. There are very few places in town where you can find tacos al pastor or spit-roasted pork, and if you’ve ever tried them in Mexico, that alone should be enough to entice you to La Caba*a. Visit the courtyard and show them some love while you’re there.

28. Manuka Woodfire Kitchen

Founded by celebrated local chef Simon Griffiths, Manuka Woodfire Kitchen represents everything that’s good about Perth’s food scene: its diverse community of chefs, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs; its rich culinary culture, and its appetite for excellence. With a focus on provenance and quality ingredients served in a relaxed environment, Manuka is shaping up to be one of Australia’s most exciting new Food Restaurants In Perth destinations. Every meal here is made with care and attention.

How else would you describe wood-fired pizzas? Or fish that’s sourced daily from a sustainable fishing vessel docked at Fremantle? For us, though, it all starts with coffee. Manuka Woodfire Kitchen in Fremantle is a great place for Food Restaurants In Perth that’s simple, honest, and hearty. We are big supporters of West Australian produce, which is why you will want to visit this multi-award-winning venue again and again. There is no guarantee of what the menu will be, but if it is roasted over coals or cooked in a woodfire oven, you can be sure it will be delicious.

29. Coogee Common

This funky little cafe is all about outstanding coffee and a wide selection of delicious, mostly vegetarian fare. Coogee Common is perfect for a pit stop on your way to work or as a destination for lunch. It’s also worth noting that it offers a great kids menu and plenty of excellent vego options while there aren’t many places that do in fact offer both these days! If you’re in town with your friends or family, definitely put Coogee Common on your list of places to visit. A solid choice if you want quick but high-quality Food Restaurants In Perth.

The culinary team behind Bread in Common’s Coogee Common which, incidentally, score a spot on this list of Perth’s best restaurants has brought Coogee Common to the Old Coogee Hotel. Scott Brannigan, the head chef, has created the seasonal menu around the produce grown in the hotel’s own garden, so all dishes are simple and full of flavour. There are share plates available, which are best enjoyed with a drink, whether it’s a glass of local wine, a botanical cocktail, or their housemade elderflower soda. The £60 garden tour includes a welcome cocktail and a two-course meal for green thumbs.

30. Young George

Once upon a time, finding good Food Restaurants In Perth was tricky. There were very few great places to eat, especially when it came to dining out. But that’s all changed now. We’ve experienced an explosion of amazing restaurants around Western Australia, with delicious cuisine and ambiance at every turn. Here are some of our favourite places to enjoy fine food and wine in Perth; hopefully you’ll agree! Located in Perth’s inner-city neighborhood, Young George is a unique bar with a distinctly.

20 Best Food Restaurants In PerthMore food-focused atmosphere than your average pub. Smack bang in the middle of cool George Street in East Fremantle, this restaurant serves up scrumptious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, along with inventive cocktails, refined wines, and craft beer. However, they are most famous for their dinner menu. Make sure you order the milk buns with ramen fried chicken, fermented slaw, and Caesar mayo. To top it all off, they are running a waste-free kitchen and making everything from scratch.


The Top 20 Best Food Restaurants In Perth. So there you have it our top 20 picks for great Food Restaurants In Perth! If you’re traveling to our amazing city, or live here and looking for a new spot to try, we hope you find some great options from our list. Please don’t forget to share your reviews of these places with us – we love hearing from you and other readers! Also check out some of our other guides, such as The Great Guide To The Best Beaches In Sydney, Things To Do And Places To Visit Around The World On Your Next Trip, or 5 Must-Have Apps For Travelers.

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