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20 Best Food Restaurants In Newcastle

A city of close to 230,000 people, Newcastle has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in England, attracting visitors from all over the world who are coming here to experience the rich history and culture that this area has to offer as well as visit some of the top attractions and sites like (insert top attractions here). There’s also plenty of food to enjoy while you’re visiting here, whether you want traditional British food or more exotic options with flavors from other countries around the world. Here are 20 Best Food Restaurants In Newcastle!

1. Tanners Arms

This award-winning gastropub in Gosforth serves up locally sourced Food Restaurants In Newcastle with a creative twist and some of the best pub grub in town. Gourmet burgers and homemade tagliatelle are some of our favourite dishes here. It also has a great drinks menu with superb wine, craft beer, and cocktails. The Tanners Arms is a local hot spot! Perfect for group dining or a quiet dinner. You can’t leave without trying one of their tasty desserts. It’s very close to Alnwick Castle; so it’s an easy visit after your castle tour!

English roast beef is one of the tastiest and most iconic meals England has to offer. Roasted vegetables, roast meat, and tasty gravy make this healthy, hearty, and traditional dish. Among the best English roasts in Newcastle can be found at the Tanners Arms, and they are reasonably priced. A humble pub with no frills or pretensions, but excellent Food Restaurants In Newcastle. Traveling with children? This is a great choice. There are board games, legos, and a pool table, which are perfect for entertaining the little ones while you’re enjoying some of the best Food Restaurants In Newcastle has to offer.

2. The Broad Chare

This innovative restaurant is among one of our favorite Food Restaurants In Newcastle in all of Newcastle. At The Broad Chare, diners can enjoy a high-quality meal in an upscale atmosphere and an impressive selection of international wines. The restaurant features a contemporary dining area, a lounge area, and an award-winning conservatory, which are perfect for everything from birthday celebrations to business functions and social gatherings alike.

Whether you choose to dine inside or out, your experience at The Broad Chare will be nothing short of stellar! Located in a traditional pub, The Broad Chare serves hearty but well-crafted portions of local specialties. The restaurant serves up traditional fare including mince and dumplings, fish and chips, fish pie, pork pies, as well as the best scotch eggs in the entire region. Additionally, they provide great drinks, a very warm atmosphere, and great welcomes. Despite being classy and casual, it’s a wonderfully friendly pub.

3. Clayton Street Chippy

You’re missing out if you haven’t tried Clayton Street Chippy in Newcastle, especially if you love fish and chips. This place is a local favourite, with friendly staff, great Food Restaurants In Newcastle, and a spacious interior that can seat up to fifty people at once. It’s one of the best places to take a date or just have lunch with friends. The servings are generous—this isn’t one of those greasy chip shops where you leave feeling like a grease-ball—and they’re reasonably priced too;

All of their meals cost less than £10. You can even order online for a pickup, so you don’t have to miss out on fresh fish and chips because of work or your social schedule! Go to the nearby coastline if you want an authentic serving of fish and chips. The nearby coastline of Newcastle includes Longsands in Tynemouth, Arcade Fish Restaurant in Whitley Bay, and Bill’s Fish Bar in Cullercoats. They are easily accessible via Newcastle’s excellent Metro public transport system.

4. Chinatown

If you’re a tourist in Newcastle, Chinatown is an important place to visit. Here, restaurants have outdoor seating and waiters are happy to point out their signature dishes (which may be covered in either chili oil or garlic). Whether you’re looking for dumplings, rice bowls or noodles, there’s plenty of choice in Chinatown. The area feels authentic without being overly touristy—this is because most locals actually come here instead of going somewhere else.

There are loads of Food Restaurants In Newcastle stalls and takeaway shops scattered along Wallsend Road (the major road running through Chinatown) so it’s best to keep an eye out as you walk down its narrow alleyways. Even though this is an area rather than a specific restaurant, it’s still a must-see in Newcastle. There are only a handful of Chinatowns in the whole of the UK, and this small but interesting part of the city is filled with Asian restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and supermarkets.

5. Dabbawal

Visit this restaurant if you enjoy Indian food. While Newcastle is famous for numerous basic budget Indian restaurants (which can also be a great option), Dabbawal specializes in small portions of Indian street Food Restaurants In Newcastle, perfect if you want a selection of several small portions. There are also full-size servings available for those who prefer larger meals.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In NewcastleThis restaurant serves classy, yet unpretentious, delicious, yet inexpensive food. The Indian food is among the best in the north of England. There is a wide selection of food available, including a vegan menu and a chef’s surprise menu. So you’re traveling to Newcastle, but you haven’t decided on a restaurant yet? Let us take care of that for you. Here is a list of 20 of our favorite Food Restaurants In Newcastle. Make sure to check them out if you’re in town! Bon appetit!

6. The Bake One

This place is slightly outside of the city center, but it’s definitely worth visiting if you want to eat the best Lebanese Food Restaurants In Newcastle. It is easiest to reach the restaurant by Metro to South Gosforth Metro Station, but many buses go even closer. Among this eatery’s humble and unassuming confines, you will find some of the best hummus, bread, grilled meats, and salad that you have ever had.

There are a lot of flavours in the Food Restaurants In Newcastle, but some of them are still very healthy. A favourite among Newcastle residents, this joint offers fresh ingredients, affordable prices, and excellent service. This is where you get to really get creative, so I’m not going to outline any tips or techniques for you here. I will say that it’s important to limit your focus. You can use categories like Newcastle or eateries, but you can also get a bit more specific (though be sure not to restrict yourself too much).

7. Pink Lane Bakery

There are several reasons Pink Lane is one of our favorite Food Restaurants In Newcastle. It’s just a stone’s throw from most of our hotels, for starters. And it’s extremely busy, ensuring that you have to wait for a table (and likely being seated with strangers). That buzz and bustle also make it clear that people like what they eat here perhaps because chef Thomas Cunningham and his team never compromise on quality or sourcing. The menu changes daily based on what ingredients he gets that day—plus there are always specials but you’ll always find a mix of British favorites like sausage rolls and proper burgers (beef, breadcrumbs, salad) alongside baked goods and sweet treats too.

8. Pet Lamb Patisserie

The 8th Food Restaurants In Newcastle. Pet Lamb Patisserie offers a chic, but cozy setting for high-end dining. And it’s hard to go wrong with their succulent lamb dishes and fresh ingredients from local farmers and producers. The highlights include their lamb lasagna, spicy Korean ribs and meatloaf made with veal, pork belly and homemade Italian sausage stuffing. Enjoy a good wine selection, tasty desserts and great food at a reasonable price point. It’s one of those restaurants that serves simple, but sophisticated dishes that anyone can appreciate—whether you’re visiting or a resident who wants something other than fast food or pub grub on any given night.

9. Tyne Bar

The Tyne Bar is located in the hipster hangout Ouseburn area of Newcastle. Great Food Restaurants In Newcastle, great drinks, and a very warm welcome can be found at this restaurant. For a taste of traditional English pub life, enjoy live music and a free jukebox at the pub. At any time, the food is affordable and tasty, but if you’re looking for a real bargain, come on a Tuesday evening.

Any drink or snack you buy for £5 gets you a free meal. Even though it’s free, the Food Restaurants In Newcastle is great, from curry to pizza to pasta. Easily one of the warmest and most welcoming pubs in Newcastle, this place is great even if you don’t get a bite to eat. Newcastle’s Free Trade Inn, another uber-friendly institution, also offers one of the best views in the city.

10. Fat Hippo

The Fat Hippo is a new Food Restaurants In Newcastle that serves amazing pizza, burgers, and even salad! Fat Hippo’s salad comes with mixed greens, cheese, tomatoes, bacon bits, and Italian dressing. This establishment also has online ordering for those looking to dine in or take out.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In NewcastleThere is plenty of seating at tables available so you can visit The Fat Hippo any time of day. One very cool thing about this restaurant is it even offers food delivery. The delivery service is offered from 11 am – 2 am with no minimum order required making it easy to enjoy their pizza anytime day or night. If you are looking for Food Restaurants In Newcastle options while in downtown Newcastle then stop by The Fat Hippo; they have something for everyone!

11. Grainger Market

One of Tyne and Wear’s oldest markets, Grainger Market is a must-visit for tourists and locals alike. With more than 150 stalls, there’s plenty to see—and eat. There are clothing stores, coffee shops, fresh fruit stands, a chemist, pubs, and bars; you can even get your laundry done! The range of goods sold at Grainger Market is almost limitless. Head down early in the morning to pick up groceries or around noon to grab lunch on the go. Even if you don’t visit often, there are plenty of things to explore throughout Newcastle—from stunning architecture to hidden alleys.

The following are some of the best picks:

  • Slice is one of the best pizza by the slice joints in the UK, offering large, affordable, and delicious slices of pizza.
  • This is authentic Greek street food without having to travel all the way to Athens, with big, affordable portions of Greek street food and tasty vegetarian options.
  • Check out Snackwallah for more street Food Restaurants In Newcastle! The food is Indian this time, with delicately-flavored small dishes. You can sample a variety of dishes here several at a time – perfect if you like trying small portions of different foods.
  • The small stall at Nan Bei offers delicious Chinese dumplings and Chinese buns that are perfect for grab-and-go meals.
  • Fez Food: one of the prettiest stalls in the Grainger Market, Fez Food offers excellent Turkish food with ever-smiling staff.

12. Peace & Loaf

High-quality ingredients are essential in any industry, especially if you’re running a restaurant. You want to know that every bite you take is special and a taste of something authentic. For years, many restaurants have had to rely on big brands for their supply of quality Food Restaurants In Newcastle products but it’s now possible to source delicious locally sourced ingredients directly from Peace & Loaf.

They offer fresh pizzas and pasta with top-quality meats, cheese, and vegetables. Whether you run a chain or small restaurant, there are lots of ways in which sourcing from Peace & Loaf can benefit your business. The two above entries are rustic and rugged, whereas Peace & Loaf is more modern and sophisticated, with a beautiful dining room. If you’re looking for fine dining at a moderate price, this restaurant is a good choice. It offers fine dining in a beautiful setting at a relatively affordable price.

13. Blackfriars

This traditional style, fish and chip shop (the name Blackfriars references a medieval friary in York) is best known for its traditional take on battered fish. Don’t forget to order one of their famous double-fried chips! If you have time, explore their extensive beer menu. Located in North Gosforth, get there before 8 pm for dinner they close at 10 pm on weekdays and 11 pm on weekends. They also serve an all-day breakfast menu with everything from bacon sandwiches to scotch eggs.

There are 12 tables but they do often fill up early, so it may be worth calling ahead if you want a table during peak times. Although open all year round, peak hours tend to be around Christmas, Easter, and Father’s Day when most people will book weeks in advance. They also deliver through Deliveroo but can only guarantee orders placed by 9:30 pm on Friday and Saturday night as well as Sunday lunchtime before 3:30 pm.

14. House of Tides

This is your best choice if you’re looking for something luxurious, pricey, and decadent. There is only one Michelin-starred restaurant in Newcastle, offering rustic, rugged decor and incredible modern British cuisine. Food is beautifully presented and delicious, with an emphasis on sustainability and seasonality. The drinks can be paired with the dishes for an all-around classy experience.

Roasted scallops with pork belly and lamb Herdwick are among the specialties. For those who are unable to choose between everything on the menu, the tasting menu offers small samples of fantastic Food Restaurants In Newcastle. In comparison to many Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the UK, House of Tides is pretty affordable, as is most of Newcastle’s cuisine.

15. Rio Brazilian Steakhouse – Quayside

Rio Brazilian Steakhouse, situated in Quayside, is a sleek restaurant with a mouth-watering menu. Meats are cooked on an open fire and served alongside a choice of over 40 different sides and sauces. There are also traditional Brazilian side dishes including rice, beans, and farofa. Wash it all down with a cocktail made using fresh fruit juices and tropical fruits grown at Rio’s farm in Brazil.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In NewcastleThe restaurant has won a number of awards for its delicious Food Restaurants In Newcastle, friendly service, and modern interior design. Start planning your trip today! Fettuccine Alfredo – Fuscos: Don’t miss out on Fuscos’s famous fettuccine alfredo if you’re visiting Newcastle! Made from fresh pasta that’s slow-cooked to give it its wonderful texture, topped with a creamy sauce made from Parmesan cheese and served in one of their warm Italian bread rolls – they really know how to do Italian right here!

16. Simla Restaurant

The Simla is one of those rare cafes that manages to be both authentic and innovative, relying on old favorites like naan for new creations like chicken tikka pizza. This little north-end gem also happens to be one of the best places to pick up takeout; all your usual Indian takeout suspects are here dal, chana masala, samosas – and none is more than $8. Go ahead: Buy a whole week’s worth of lunches from here and you’ll still spend less than most restaurants downtown. The Simla also has a few meat dishes on its menu, including chicken curry and pakoras with garlic sauce that will make you never want to eat anything else again.

17. Saray Jesmond Turkish Grill House

The food at Saray is always fresh and delicious. They are also one of our favorite restaurants in Newcastle because they offer all of your favorites from kebab to a gyro. Everyone loves Turkish cuisine, especially when it’s made fresh by one of your favorite Food Restaurants In Newcastle. This isn’t just any kebab, though. It’s Saray! A must-try: The chicken Adana Kebab which comes wrapped up in dough along with tomatoes.

Red onion, parsley, and mint leaves is spectacularly good. It really transports you back to Turkey while you enjoy it here in Newcastle. We recommend picking up some Turkish delight while you’re there as well; their dessert menu is extensive and will satisfy anyone who craves sweets after dinner or lunch. You can’t go wrong with Saray if you’re looking for an incredible meal with amazing value for money!

18. Revolution Bar & Kitchen

Revolution is a nice casual place to take your family or friends. They have good dishes that are popular in Food Restaurants In Newcastle and outside. If you want more than just a snack, they also offer delicious entrees, sandwiches, tapas, and desserts. The place has three levels: ground floor with large windows, second floor with huge skylights, and third floor that can be used for private parties during weekends. Revolution also serves alcoholic drinks in a very stylish way! Some of their cocktails include Earl Grey Martini, The Perfect Storm (with rum), and Volcano (with vodka). You will definitely enjoy dining at Revolution Bar & Kitchen!

19. Branches Jesmond

Open from 9 am for coffee and cakes, to lunchtime and dinner with a choice of menus. Plus breakfast at weekends. Midweek there is also a bar menu available until 9 pm. There’s free WiFi for customers so that you can keep up to date with emails and tweets if you must, but why not take a break from it all and just enjoy your meal? They also have ample parking on-site, which can be tricky in Jesmond Village. Local tip: go when they open at 9 am on a weekday morning – it’s usually quiet (although expect it to get busier later on in the day) which makes for an excellent breakfast/brunch spot!

20. Sushi Me Rollin

Great sushi restaurants are not hard to find in New Castle. There is an abundance of them, and new ones opening up on a regular basis. But which is best? Which one should you visit? Do they all serve great Food Restaurants In Newcastle, or is it just a case of some being better than others?

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20 Best Food Restaurants In NewcastleI decided to go along and visit everyone, taking note of what was great and what wasn’t so good at each place. Here’s my top 20 list; hopefully you’ll find somewhere that tickles your fancy.


A lot of restaurants are located within a very short distance of each other in Newcastle, making it a good place to eat. Newcastle is one of the best cities in the world for a variety of cuisine in a small area. Newcastle is a great place for a cheap lunch, a classy fine dining experience, local Food Restaurants In Newcastle or just a sweet treat at a relatively low price. Newcastle’s Broad Chare is our top pick for eating a great meal, with excellent local food in a fantastic traditional setting.

If you are on a very tight budget, we recommend The Grainger Market, an indoor area with tons of street food style stalls offering delicious, filling, and very affordable lunch options. In any case, you’ll have a great meal if you eat at any one of these places. It is one of the UK’s most underrated cities when it comes to finding great food, as Newcastle offers a wide variety of tasty, friendly and affordable eateries.


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