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20 Best Food Restaurants In Manchester

Thousands of restaurants around the world claim to serve the best food, but many of them are nothing more than hyperbole with subpar menus and atmospheres. We’ve done the research to find the 20 Best Food Restaurants In Manchester so you don’t have to! Whether you want fresh seafood, a delectable steak, or just good old comfort food, you can find it here. These places have had great reviews from hundreds of people who have eaten at them, but don’t take our word for it visit these 20 Best Food Restaurants In Manchester and decide for yourself!

1. Chapati Cafe

Great Food, No Frills! : If you’re looking for great food but don’t want to spend a lot of money and don’t care about being pampered by waiters, Chapati Cafe is a good option. This restaurant has tons of vegetarian options on their menu and most things are really affordable. Don’t expect table service here; at Chapati Cafe you have to order your Food Restaurants In Manchester from the cashier yourself. It’s pretty straightforward: go up to them, tell them what you want, they’ll get it ready and then they’ll call out your name when it’s ready so that you can come to grab it.

2. The Bull & Bear

One of Manchester’s longest-running and best pubs, The Bull & Bear offers a wide selection of drinks and can cater to any crowd. Largely serving as a gathering spot for sports fans, it also has plenty to offer regulars. If you’re looking for a laid-back atmosphere but not a dive bar, you’ll be pleased with its ambiance. The Food Restaurants In Manchester selection is great, offering upscale pub fares like burgers or fish & chips; if you want to try their traditional English breakfast, get there early it sells out almost every day.

Their outdoor patio is also one of Manchester’s hidden gems: private yet open-air with good views over Elm Street, it’s perfect for warm summer nights. It sounds like the setup for a dream restaurant at The Bull & Bear, helmed by Tom Kerridge of two-Michelin-starred The Hand and Flowers. While there are dozens of flat screen TVs playing football 24/7, ignore them with some mussels swimming in unctuous mariner or a crispy pig’s head with even crispier celeriac remoulade.

3. Habesha

Those in the know frequent Habesha, a hidden Ethiopian restaurant hidden in the corner of a Manchester kebab shop. We recommend grabbing your mates and ordering a big injera flatbread to share, accompanied by a selection of punchy stews (our favorite is Doro wat) and vegetables. We recommend an Ethiopian beer in the background.

This is one of my favorite Food Restaurants In Manchester, but you should be aware that it is a little bit out of town. However, there are plenty of buses that pass nearby so it’s very accessible by public transport. The food here is really top-notch and I’m happy to say that they have won quite a few awards for their cuisine. I highly recommend anything from their meat section, but if you’re vegetarian you’ll have plenty to choose from as well. Although it can get pretty crowded during rush hour, and weekends so reservations are strongly recommended!

4. Honest Crust Pizza

With great food and atmosphere, Honest Crust Pizza is one of Manchester’s top spots to grab a bite. The pizza is always fresh, toppings generous, and service friendly. Great pizzas are all about balance—and they deliver every time with a thin but soft crust, just-spicy-enough sauce, and decadent cheese that melts into gooey goodness on every slice. Located right off Rt. 10 in Shrewsbury, you can get there by car or bike for an easy stop before or after visiting other Food Restaurants In Manchester. Honest Crust isn’t a restaurant so much as an artisan market trader in Mackie Mayor, but it still deserves a spot on this list for producing the best pizza in town.

5. Yuzu

If you love Japanese, then Yuzu will make your day! This is an amazing restaurant that serves delicious sushi and ramen. It also has an interesting décor, with some walls covered in colorful stripes, others in white brickwork, and a polished copper bar at which you can enjoy a drink before or after your meal. The restaurant itself is small – it only seats around 50 people – but don’t let that put you off! You’ll find it on Bridge Street and if you’re heading to Manchester Arena or Victoria station then it’s very convenient.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In ManchesterYou can even get delivery from here if you want to go all out for comfort Food Restaurants In Manchester or just want to stay in for dinner. What more could we say? Yuzu, a Japanese restaurant in Chinatown, stands out among the buzz. This restaurant has sophisticated decor and food that is simple and delicious. Once one of Manchester’s best-kept secrets, it became well known after a glowing review from food critic Jay Rayner. The wait for reservations is no longer as easy as it used to be, but it’s so worth it.

6. Baratxuri

This charming Basque restaurant in Salford is reason enough to venture outside of the city center. Try their famous kokotxas de bacalao (cod cheeks) for a traditional treat that won’t break your budget, or choose from a carefully selected menu of fresh seafood Food Restaurants In Manchester and meat dishes. If you don’t know what to order, let Chef Jose Maria Conde make a selection for you—he can’t go wrong. An unusual but fitting atmosphere with dim lighting and wooden tables, Baratxuri is cozy and welcoming; do note that they close at 10 p.m., so be sure to make a reservation if you want to eat late.

7. Lily’s Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

For decades, Lily’s has been serving up authentic Indian vegetarian cuisine. The restaurant was opened by Lily in 1985 and quickly became a local favorite. After she passed away in 2013, Lily’s daughter decided to continue her legacy and keep her mother’s recipes alive. With its calming atmosphere and flavorful cuisine, it’s easy to see why so many people from all over Manchester come here to eat when they want some classic Indian Food Restaurants In Manchester. So whether you have visited before or have never heard of it before, stop by for lunch or dinner today! You won’t regret it!


Most people have tried at least one of the many mouth-watering dishes served up in Food Restaurants In Manchester. For some, OSMA is not just their favorite restaurant, but also a place they go regularly when looking for something to do with family and friends. The best places can serve up any dish from anywhere in England and give it that extra flavor only a local could cook up.

You will not find better food elsewhere in the city. OSMA’s menu of seasonal, locally sourced produce is complemented by a stunning presentation, as well as friendly, accommodating staff. OSMA offers sumptuous small plates, delicious Sunday roasts as well as a fine lunch menu. It is a fantastic addition to the increasingly impressive north Manchester restaurant scene.

9. Hawksmoor

If you’re looking for a great steakhouse, Hawksmoor is a solid choice. Located in London, Hawksmoor serves up quality cuts of British beef and has an impressive beer selection. The décor here is on point; exposed brick walls and dim lighting makes for a cool, urban vibe. If you’ve never been to London, it’s worth checking out–it’s one of Food Restaurants In Manchester hottest areas right now.

Hawksmoor Manchester’s wood-paneled rooms and frosted windows made it the first branch of the upscale steakhouse outside London to make its mark. It’s a place to blur day and night over cocktails and grass-fed beef from farms across the country. Moreover, the staff is always a delight to work with – we always receive a warm welcome followed by discreet but attentive service.

10. The Creameries

Chorlton is a trendy suburb full of top Food Restaurants In Manchester, but none are quite as ambitious as The Creameries. The kitchen is run by a fierce trio, including a much-loved chef, Mary-Ellen McTague, serving beautifully presented set menus for lunch and dinner. There are thoughtful plates such as smoked white beetroot with hazelnuts, home-smoked mackerel with mustard cream and pickles, and roasted local venison with parsnip puree and buttered kale.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In ManchesterThis little spot has been a staple in Manchester for as long as I can remember. Their food is always consistent and delicious. It’s nothing fancy, just good home cooking; which makes it one of my favorite Food Restaurants In Manchester in town. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, making it an excellent spot to meet friends on a date night or to eat with the family. The service has always been great too! If you’re looking for an affordable and reliably good meal, I would highly recommend stopping by here!

11. Hispi

The #1 thing on a lot of people’s minds when they get to an unfamiliar city is what Food Restaurants In Manchester and bars are close by. There’s nothing worse than landing in a new city with no food or drink options in sight, so finding information about where to eat and drink when you’re on the go is pretty important. Hispi tries to solve that problem by making restaurant info readily available to travelers at all times.

It’s a clean, easy-to-use app that includes tons of photos, interactive maps, and user reviews so you can see what kind of atmosphere each spot has before going there. There are few things in life better than a good neighbourhood bistro, and Hispi is one of the best in Manchester. Hidden away in the suburb of Didsbury, this is a place you’d love to have just minutes from home. People come to this relaxed spot for special occasions thanks to its reliable, confident, classic cooking.

12. Erst

This meticulously curated Food Restaurants In Manchester looks like it came straight off a magazine cover. Equal attention is paid to creating delicious dishes. Eine open-flame grill sits at the center of Erst’s kitchen where seasonal dishes are prepared. Imagine ice-cold oysters, flame-grilled pork collar with rosemary and plum, and squishy confit squash with curds and crunchy seeds.

When thinking about what to put in your belly, there are a few important questions to ask: What am I hungry for? How much money do I have? What are my dietary restrictions? If you’re looking for some of Greater Manchester’s most delicious restaurant options, here are 20 food establishments that won’t leave you longing for more.

13. Refuge by Volta

Located in trendy Exchange Square, Refuge by Volta is a great spot for lunch. They serve an array of international and local cuisines, but their specialty is tapas-style dining. If you’re lucky enough to score a seat at one of their coveted bar tables, you can watch as they make your food right in front of you. Their menu offers vegetarian and gluten-free options as well as many traditional meat dishes and also desserts.

If that’s what you fancy Food Restaurants In Manchester.  DJ duo Luke Cowdrey and Justin Crawford, aka Unabomber, have traveled the world playing music and brought back delicious flavours to create menus that are original and creative. In addition, the setting is magnificent, one of the most stunning in the city. This song has a relaxed vibe, in keeping with the music the duo is known for.

14. The Sparrows

If you’re a fan of seafood, The Sparrows is a must. This charming little spot in Hulme does amazing things with freshly caught fish—the best by-catch going for around £6 to £7 per portion. Don’t miss their sublime salt and pepper squid or sweet chili mussels served with fried rice for a warming, hearty meal in Manchester. Order three portions each and invite your friends along too; you won’t regret it.

I can think of a number of reasons… The staff, which is lovely, and the setting, which is warm. Not to mention the Food Restaurants In Manchester. Spatzle is The Sparrow’s specialty: that’s egg pasta common in South Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Alsace. Additionally, there is a menu of dumplings with an Eastern European flavour. The Sparrows also offers daily baked bread, delicious sauces, and an impressive wine selection that will take your breath away.

15. Dishoom

The eclectic splendor of the 1920s Grade II-listed Manchester Hall is the perfect setting for Dishoom’s homey dishes. Original takes on classic mixes can be found in the cocktail menu, as well. You can expect Indian street food and traditional dishes influenced by the old Iranian cafes of Mumbai. Comfort food at its finest. It is humble, hearty, and spicy. This is one of those joints that’s so popular it needs no introduction. With a great atmosphere, delicious Indian street Food Restaurants In Manchester, and an awesome cocktail menu, you can’t go wrong with Dishoom.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In ManchesterDishes are a mix of traditional Indian dishes with a modern twist, which results in some serious flavor combinations. The names of each dish are puny and we love them for it! Try the Bombay Bad Boy it’s fun to eat and tastes even better! You might want to book ahead just in case because it does get quite busy. That being said, there are always people willing to share their table with you so if you ask nicely enough…you never know what could happen.

16. Where The Light Gets In

A destination that is off the beaten track but well worth the trip, Where The Light Gets In attracts serious Food Restaurants In Manchester fans from around the globe with an inspired tasting menu, a superb wine list, and attentive but relaxed service. Their passionate team operates in the loft of a lovingly restored Victorian coffee warehouse in Stockport, and many of their ingredients come from their own nearby farm. There’s no doubt you’ll spend some serious cash here, but is it worth it? Absolutely.

17. Greens

A Higher Standard in Sustainable Food Restaurants In Manchester, Service, and Hospitality: Every ingredient is carefully selected for its freshness, quality, and taste. There are no microwaves or deep-friers anywhere in Greens. Our commitment to freshness extends to our food preparation as well. We believe food should not only taste great but be good for you too! All of our dishes are prepared with seasonally available ingredients, many of which are organically grown right here in New England. If we can get it from local sources, then we will!

18. The French at the Midland

This impressive, quintessentially Parisian restaurant offers superb French food, exceptional service, and a glorious location – all for an affordable price. With two Michelin stars to its name and 5 AA rosettes, it’s clear that you get real value for money here; just be prepared to book well in advance as it’s always busy. The interior is gorgeously chic while still retaining a sense of elegance, making it perfect for special occasions and indulgent nights out with friends. Whether you fancy refined French cuisine or just a tasty bite to eat, The French at the Midland won’t disappoint!

19. Tattu Restaurant & Bar

Tattu is one of my favorite Food Restaurants In Manchester; its modern Chinese food has a great flavor and there’s even some Sichuan classics on their menu. A few personal favorites are scallops with eggplant, stir-fried rice cakes, and pan-fried pork dumplings. They also have a great cocktail menu. The atmosphere is cozy and dimly lit; you won’t be distracted by bright lights or TVs while you enjoy your meal. Overall, Tattu is in a class all its own when it comes to food in Manchester and it’s definitely worth visiting! Tattu excels at impressing you across the senses.

There is a lot of attention to detail in the restaurant’s design and visuals – even the stairs will make you smile – and that’s fine. But what about the food? Absolutely delicious. With wild mushroom spring rolls like you’ve never tasted before, saffron-marinated cod in a saffron sauce, and the opulent Silk Road desert, the chefs inventing these delights are truly inspirational. We promise it won’t be the cheapest meal out you’ve ever had, but it may well be one of the most memorable.

20. Bundobust

As one of a number of Asian Food Restaurants In Manchester, Bundobust – an Indian and Asian fusion restaurant – has set itself apart from its competitors. The eclectic menu offers a wide selection that is sure to satisfy everyone’s palate, with particular emphasis on street Food Restaurants In Manchester-inspired dishes that are perfect for sharing. Start off with their soft shell crab or tandoori chicken tacos before moving onto main course dishes such as slow-cooked lamb biryani or nasi goreng fried rice with egg and tofu.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In ManchesterBundobust started in Leeds and chose Manchester as its second outpost – what a lucky city! On the inside, it’s casual and hip with a hint of retro Bollywood. Long communal dining tables groan as they cram with dishes combining northern produce with Gujarati street food. The menu is vegetarian, but we believe even the most hard-headed meat-eaters won’t have a problem eating here.


The 20 best food restaurants in Manchester are pretty diverse, but there is one commonality between all of them: They have a fun personality and offer quality, delicious food. The range of cuisines will delight your taste buds from morning to night, so you’ll never be bored when it comes to eating out in Manchester. Stop by each one for something different or enjoy them all for an incredible taste-testing experience that you won’t forget. Whichever restaurant you choose, you can be sure that each one is unique and worth stopping by on your next trip to Manchester.

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