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20 Best Food Restaurants In Liverpool

We here at Best Restaurants In Liverpool have put together the ultimate list of the best food restaurants in Liverpool, so you can spend your time enjoying the city and not looking for somewhere to eat. Whether you’re after a quick breakfast, lunch, dinner, or maybe even just dessert, this list has all of your food cravings covered! A list of the 20 best food restaurants in Liverpool will be helpful.

When trying to choose where to dine while visiting this northern city. The Food Restaurants In Liverpool scene in Liverpool is as vibrant as the thriving nightlife and entertainment offerings, so it’s no surprise that the best food in Liverpool has been honored with numerous awards over the years. If you’re new to Liverpool, or just looking for an excuse to visit again, check out our list of the 20 best food restaurants in Liverpool below!

1. Aldente Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant and bar is one of Liverpool’s most popular destinations for dining. The café-like interior and warm atmosphere will make you feel comfortable as soon as you enter, especially if you enjoy a warm drink with your meal. A number of classic cocktails are on offer along with a good selection of beer, wine, and premium spirits. The menu offers a range of classic dishes such as steak pie, ribs, fish & chips, and more.

Ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible and cooked to perfection in order to ensure every dish leaves guests feeling satisfied after their meal. Additionally, there are some great deals to be had at Aldente which include an early bird special which allows guests up until 6:30 pm to eat three courses for only £10.50. Furthermore, diners can use Foursquare and get 20% off Food Restaurants In Liverpool orders when they check in here. Be sure to take advantage of these deals during your next visit!

2. Almost Famous

There’s a good chance that these tasty, tasty burgers might temporarily rob you of all sense of table manners as you desperately try to stuff them into your mouth. This might not be a great first-date spot (unless you want bacon ketchup on your chin) and there could certainly be a few more veggie options.

But it’s burger genius nonetheless. There are so many great places to grab a bite in Liverpool that it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve found 20 of them for you. With a mix of hole-in-the-wall eateries and world-famous restaurants, there’s something for everyone on our list. Check out these 20 best Food Restaurants In Liverpool restaurants in Liverpool. Bon Appetit!

3. Hanover Street Social Brasserie and Bar

If you’re looking for great Food Restaurants In Liverpool at an affordable price, then look no further than Hanover Street Social. Located in a historic building that was once used as a bank, Hanover Street Social is a modern French brasserie and bar situated right in downtown Liverpool. The restaurant focuses on making its customers feel like they’re eating out while watching their favorite classic film thanks to its vintage cinema.

Style decor and even old movies playing throughout the space. Don’t miss out on Hanover Street Social’s raw scallop dish which comes highly recommended by both critics and diners alike. This simple, yet inventive dish features fresh-caught scallops topped with pickled radish and borage flowers; it truly is one of a kind. On any given night, customers rave about how busy Hanover Street Social gets.

4. Quarter

The Georgian Quarter in Liverpool must be one of the prettiest parts of the city, and its namesake restaurant is right in line with its chic décor and laid-back ambiance. Quarter serves fresh stone baked pizzas, mezze-style grazing dishes, and sharing boards that are so good you won’t want to share. Don’t forget to save room for dessert their ice cream sundaes are splendid.

List of restaurants in Liverpool, England with full information about distance from the city center, opening hours and other useful information. Here you will find an easy way to choose Food Restaurants In Liverpool that offer a variety of cuisine and meals that include vegetarian options. Each establishment can be reached by phone number.

5. Tribeca

Nothing says a trip to the Big Apple like a slice of… oh wait, you’re in Liverpool. You can easily pretend you’re Stateside by heading to TriBeCa for pizza and getting your fix of garlic bread, olives, calzones, and all that (including plenty of vegetarian options).  Liverpool’s largest range of diverse, affordable, and enjoyable Food Restaurants In Liverpool and drink venues.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In LiverpoolEating out is a popular activity for visitors to our city as well as locals, and there are plenty of good reasons to get excited about eating out in Liverpool. From international chains to vintage diners and hidden gems, many new restaurants are always springing up across the city; we showcase 20 of these here five restaurants you may not have heard of but should try.

6. Salt House

The same applies to restaurants in Liverpool, where it’s not just about searching for a place to eat. It’s about selecting what type of Food Restaurants In Liverpool you want and finding somewhere that serves it. Salt House is one of those places with plenty on offer for everyone. As well as a kitchen offering classic dishes like steak and lamb, there’s also a pub area with lots of beers on tap, live music, and karaoke at weekends. This makes it ideal if you want to go out for something more than just dinner but don’t want to head into town or deal with crowds or other diners especially if they’re rowdy children!

7. Sapporo Teppanyaki

Opened in December 2012, Sapporo Teppanyaki serves sushi, sashimi, and teppanyaki cooked on teppan griddles. For a small extra charge you can enjoy watching your Food Restaurants In Liverpool being cooked in front of you. The restaurant is decorated to look like a traditional wooden hut a nod to Sapporo’s history as Japan’s first colonial capital. There are also plenty of traditional Japanese paintings hanging from the walls.

Most depicting Mount Fuji. Diners can choose from set menus or order à la carte. Teppanyaki set menus start at £29 for two courses or £34 for three courses including dessert. Alternatively, sushi rolls go for around £3-£6 each, while sashimi ranges from £6-£8 per portion. English is spoken at both restaurants if ordering à la carte so there should be no need to worry about not knowing what you want to eat!

8. The Egg Café

The Egg Café has really taken off over these past couple of years, and for good reason. The quaint little café with two locations in Liverpool is perfect for lunch or dinner as well as a nice cup of coffee with friends, family, and colleagues. They offer all your usual favorites such as Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine Food Restaurants In Liverpool.

But what makes their eggs special is that they don’t just pour them from a carton but actually cook each egg individually to get that extra oomph on it. I personally prefer mine with hollandaise sauce instead of their homemade tomato ketchup but that’s up to you. The prices here are not bad at all and you should definitely check it out next time you visit Liverpool!

9. Down the Hatch

Veggie junk is served with a vengeance at Down the Hatch. The seitan, tofu, and halloumi burgers, wraps, and mac and cheese are sure to send you into a food coma. If you’re traveling to Liverpool, chances are you’ll get hungry. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of food options in L4 and L5; after all, there are over 300 restaurants and pubs in these districts alone.

Whether you’re craving a traditional fish-and-chips dinner or a night at a Michelin star restaurant with an elaborate tasting menu, your cravings will be satisfied. Just make sure to save room for dessert! After all, Liverpool is also famous for its desserts and bakeshops we have our own version of foodie heaven. Read on for 20 of our favorite Food Restaurants In Liverpool.

10. Mowgli

If you haven’t been to Mowgli, then you’re missing out. Located on Argyle St in downtown, Mowgli is a vegetarian and vegan Food Restaurants In Liverpool that focuses on sharing plates and bowls. It is one of that must-try before leaving town places that is fun and flavorful. Everything about it from their bright decor to their presentation.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In LiverpoolAnd beyond will make you feel as if your tastebuds are going to explode with delight. Their famous dish is called Papadakos, which contains smashed avocado, crunchy poppadum’s, coconut yogurt, and mango chutney all blended into a satisfying bite of delight. This place definitely has some strong food karma!

11. Greek Taverna Bold Street

Enjoy a unique and memorable dining experience on Bold Street at The Greek Tavern. We offer authentic Greek Food Restaurants In Liverpool in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere. Try some moussaka or lamb souvlaki for lunch and sample our delicious mixed grill for dinner Food Restaurants In Liverpool, washed down with a glass of our wine from Lemnos island. Come along to The Greek Tavern today! Leah’s Bistro:

Are you looking for an intimate yet spacious place for your next get-together? Look no further than Leah’s Bistro. Leah’s has great service, modern décor, and award-winning cuisine that is sure to leave you full and happy every time. Don’t worry about your waistline either as we have a wide range of desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth without clogging up your arteries.

12. American Pizza Slice

We Americans call our version of deep-dish pizza Chicago style and it originated in 1943 at Uno Pizzeria & Grill. Topped with rich tomato sauce, generous amounts of cheese, sausage, and plenty of toppings, you won’t need dinner just one slice. Or two. Especially if you’re sharing them with friends. And a cold beer to wash it all down. You don’t want to miss: The Italian beef sandwich topped with gravy and served on garlic bread or on a hoagie roll Food Restaurants In Liverpool.

Additional bonus points: It was here that Obama stopped for a Chicago-style hot dog during his 2008 campaign stop! Unlike many other neighborhood pizzerias in Chicago, Grimaldi’s is a New York import whose owners were kind enough to bring their unique take on thin-crust Neapolitan pizza back home to us. A serious contender when it comes to crafting a great pie, you can watch through its open kitchen as each artisanal product is carefully assembled before being presented out front.

13. Turtle Bay – Liverpool Hanover Street

This bustling Hanover Street eatery is almost always busy, but it’s worth hunting out if you want a taste of what’s popular in Liverpool. Dishes like cornbread with garlic butter and jalapeno cheddar waffles will really tickle your tastebuds and make you wonder why you ever settled for boring ol’ chips at other Food Restaurants In Liverpool. It’s cheap, cheerful, and opens till late.

Who could ask for more? And if you can track down one of their secret menus, you won’t be disappointed. The traditional Caribbean jerk dishes are great or try something new on one of their themed nights. There are even gluten-free and vegetarian options available here, too! You can also catch some live music if you book ahead. We don’t know about you, but our mouths are watering already…

14. Akasya

Tucked away in a corner of Seal Street, Akasya remains one of Liverpool’s best places to try Turkish cuisine. With a menu packed full of kebabs, borek, pied, and lamb dishes, there are plenty of reasons to visit Akasya. The restaurant has an elegant feel to it and friendly staff that know how to make you feel at home. On top of that.

There is something for everyone from vegetarians through to those looking for an interesting twist on more traditional meals. It makes for a great option when you’re meeting friends or bringing family around. There’s always a good atmosphere here, so even if you can only grab a bite to eat and enjoy some drinks afterward then do so. You won’t regret it!

15. Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza – Bold Street

This is where I usually start when meeting friends in town; Rudy’s. The dough used to make their pizzas and calzones are made fresh every day and you can watch it being put into an old Italian pizza oven. The restaurant itself is on Bold Street, which was recently voted one of England’s coolest streets by a street style magazine.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In LiverpoolHead in at lunchtime for a good price on Food Restaurants In Liverpool, or stop off at any time of day for some fantastic pizza in a lovely setting. There are other branches around town but I love how central they are on Bold Street.

16. Maray

When a group of friends decided to bring the fashionable Marais neighborhood to Liverpool, Maray was born. With small plates inspired by Middle Eastern flavors, this trendy and intimate restaurant brings plant-based cooking to a whole new level. Maray also offers a wide selection of meat and fish dishes.

Who doesn’t love Food Restaurants In Liverpool? And who doesn’t love restaurants? Food is an integral part of our lives and we go out to eat with family, friends, work colleagues, etc. Therefore when planning a vacation in Liverpool you must have a look at its Food Restaurants In Liverpool. So let’s have a look at some amazing restaurants to visit next time you’re in town

17. Dale Street Kitchen & bar by Shino

Book a table here for modern Japanese food with a creative twist that tastes amazing. The stylish restaurant is located in an old warehouse building and has beautiful artwork on display. There’s plenty of space to eat and you can also have your own private dining room if you’re feeling like something special. With sushi, sashimi, soups, salads, and mains, there’s plenty to try on their menu and all dishes are presented beautifully.

You might just want to come for dessert as well! If you want good Food Restaurants In Liverpool at very reasonable prices then look no further than Dale Street Kitchen & bar by Shino. As well as having excellent reviews from locals, it’s known across Liverpool as one of its Food Restaurants In Liverpool. Located close to bus stops, so it’s easy enough to get around and they serve great food using some locally sourced ingredients too which helps boost their reputation even more.

18. The London Carriage Works

If you’re looking for good Food Restaurants In Liverpool, then head to The London Carriage Works. This restaurant is known for its amazing burgers and flavorful pizzas. If you want a quick bite that’ll satisfy your hunger, visit The London Carriage Works. You won’t regret it! ## THE BEST FOOD RESTAURANTS IN LIVERPOOL:

LONDON CARRIAGE WORKS Try one of their awesome pizzas or burgers at The London Carriage Works on Mount Pleasant. They offer gluten-free pizza bases too if you prefer to eat like that – if not, get yourself some fried chicken or buffalo wings. # 20 best food restaurants in Liverpool: SUGAR & SPICE Waffle lovers will enjoy their two-in-one sweet and savory options from Sugar & Spice.

19. Backchich

This restaurant offers Pakistani street food, as well as some traditional dishes from Pakistan. The food is authentic and prepared to order, so it’s not one of those places where you have to sit there for 20 minutes waiting for your meal. They have great reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp. If you’re a fan of street Food Restaurants In Liverpool or are just looking for a nice new place to try in Liverpool, Backchich is definitely worth visiting.

Whether you get chicken, lamb or goat for Food Restaurants In Liverpool be sure to try their chana masala if you like Indian curries. You won’t regret it! Backchich is located at No 11 Queens Road Central. There is plenty of free parking across from them. Oh, and did we mention they deliver? So whether you live in an apartment downtown or out by Salisbury Park, you can still enjoy delicious curries delivered right to your door!

20. Pen Factory

This popular but small eatery in Liverpool offers fantastic Food Restaurants In Liverpool using local ingredients. The small space means that there is always a crowd and you’ll have to wait, but it’s worth it. You can’t go wrong with their fried chicken or waffles. And be sure to get extra syrup on those waffles because they are amazing! They also offer great vegetarian options like their sweet potato fries Food Restaurants In Liverpool.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In LiverpoolTopped with creamy avocado salsa, yogurt sauce, roasted chickpeas, and tahini sauce. Pen Factory can be found at 6 Newton Street. Don’t forget to make reservations first. pancakes made from pretzels, pulled pork sandwiches for lunch, taco burgers for dinner, mussels and chips for lunch, breakfast tacos; everything here is as unique as it is delicious! This restaurant also has a wonderfully curated beer selection which pairs well with any meal here!


Our final entry on our list is in Liverpool, home to one of Britain’s greatest music scenes. Stereophonics and Oasis are just two bands that have come out of the city, with more emerging all of the time. And whilst some people can be snooty about its attitude towards football, there’s no denying it makes great sports fans too. Despite its superb live music scene, it might surprise you to learn that Liverpudlians don’t dance as much as they sing and cheer their teams on at every opportunity.

For example, when Everton FC plays anyone, you should expect songs and cheers everywhere you go in Liverpool! Once you have found a restaurant in Liverpool that suits your taste buds, you need to work out what’s important to you. If price is the main concern, then choose somewhere like Polo and Frito or Pittsfield Butchers. These restaurants serve their Food Restaurants In Liverpool for cheap, so it won’t break your bank balance when eating out.


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