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20 Best Food Restaurants In Gloucester

Gloucester, MA is home to many of the state’s most well-known food restaurants, both sit-down and take-out. With such great dining options available to you in the area, it can be hard to decide where to dine with your family or friends when you’re in town on vacation or passing through on business. Let this list of the 20 best food restaurants in Gloucester help you make up your mind! The restaurants we have chosen are located within the city limits, and they are still open as of the date of publication.

We have made a late edit to reflect the sad news that SoThai’s Bearlands restaurant closed in the past two days. The team had been at number four, holding the top spot for quite some time. With its impressive cathedral, Gloucester is steeped in history and also somewhat of a Food Restaurants In Gloucester underdog to its neighboring town of Cheltenham. With a variety of cultural influences in the city, you will find many high-quality restaurants in Gloucester. There’s a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, whether you prefer exotic or classic British dishes.

1. Brewhouse & Kitchen – Gloucester Quays

The Brewhouse & Kitchen is one of my favorite restaurants in town. As a huge fan of beer, I love that they offer 30 beers on tap and carry some local brews. It’s also located right on Gloucester Quays where you can watch boats go by and take in all of the views. The food here is amazing – their fish and chips are incredible! My favorite thing to get here though is their mac n cheese.

It’s made with parmesan breadcrumbs and has a creamy sauce that’s made with beer! Yes, I said beer mac n cheese! It comes with roasted vegetables on top as well which makes it more like dinner than comfort food. Definitely try out any dish here, but definitely save room for dessert too. They make delicious milkshakes using ice cream from Beacon Scoops (another must-visit) and make their own waffle cones too. Their flavors rotate seasonally so there’s always something new to try!

2. The Royal Exchange

Serving up excellent food is second nature to The Royal Exchange, a chic spot that’s popular with residents and tourists. The menu offers fresh, healthy fare made with locally sourced ingredients. It’s tough to choose just one dish from a menu packed with so many delicious options, but diners tend to rave about anything involving coffee-rubbed pork tenderloin or rosemary beer-battered fish and chips.

Whatever you order at The Royal Exchange, be sure to save room for dessert—the baked goods here are absolutely divine. Real ale, cider, and perry are served in this country pub. The Food Restaurants In Gloucester is home-cooked, seasonal, and local. With views of the Malverns, a large beer garden, terrace, and deck are available.

3. Queens Head

Gloucester was once a major fishing port, and locals still love to eat fresh Food Restaurants In Gloucester. Many of Gloucester’s most popular Food Restaurants In Gloucester feature fish as an option on their menus. The Queens Head pub has stood for over 500 years on Westgate Street, across from its namesake Queen’s Alley. Although it was originally named after Anne Boleyn in 1536, it has been owned by local families since 1682. Nowadays, locals and tourists alike come to feast on some of Gloucester’s finest seafood dishes. Even if you don’t plan to dine at the Queens Head restaurant itself.

Longford is a lovely village on the outskirts of Gloucester, where you’ll find one of the best restaurants in the city – the Queen’s Head. You won’t regret heading out of the city center to the Queen’s Head, a classic British gastropub serving delicious Food Restaurants In Gloucester. They serve incredible classics as their famous Longford lamb served with champ mash, vegetables, and rich mint gravy. There is also slow-cooked belly pork in West Country cider and stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon with cream cheese, spring onions, and chives. You won’t regret trying their Sunday roasts once you’ve tried them.

4. Miller and Carter Steakhouse

There are few things that can satisfy your craving for a good steak like Miller and Carter. The restaurant serves USDA prime beef cooked to perfection, which you can complement with their made-to-order appetizers and side dishes. The staff is well-trained and friendly, too, which adds to your dining experience here. If you’re looking for a steakhouse in Gloucester, MA that offers a great selection of Food Restaurants In Gloucester at an affordable price, Miller and Carter Steakhouse will be a great choice.

On top of their high-quality steaks, you’ll also get to enjoy dishes that are designed to make your dining experience as comfortable as possible. The restaurant has a wide selection of items on its menu, with choices for every member of your party regardless of what they’re craving. You can get fresh fish and Food Restaurants In Gloucester here, including salmon, scallops and crab cakes. If you want something lighter than beef but still meaty enough to satisfy you, Miller and Carter will offer you a wide range of non-steak options.

5. Nepalese Chef

Nepalese cuisine is unique, as it blends Indian, Middle Eastern and Chinese influences. This can make it challenging to figure out what to order at a Nepalese restaurant. However, most dishes have either rice or a flatbread called naan as their base. And, yes, your meal will be both filling and delicious if you try one of these 20 best food restaurants in Gloucester. Plus, we’ll help you choose from among favorites like: tandoori chicken with mint sauce; wild mushroom pilaf; or shrimp simmered in sweet-and-sour sauce with kiwi fruit chutney—all are delicious bets at any one of these wonderful eateries! Head to London Road’s Nepalese Chef for some of the best Indian and Nepalese Food Restaurants In Gloucester.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In GloucesterTheir friendly staff will welcome you in to enjoy excellent Food Restaurants In Gloucester. The chefs at Nepalese Chef have worked in many of Nepal and India’s top restaurants, which is evident in their work. You can choose a meal based on ingredients, aromas, and spice levels that you will enjoy, with the help of their knowledgeable staff. Those who like spicy food will love their speciality Garlic Chilli Tawa, a blend of garlic, ginger, green chilli, and fresh spices. In addition to the classic dishes like tikka masala, korma, and dhansak, you can find them here as well. No matter what you choose, you will not go hungry!

6. Bangkok Canteen

If you’ve ever had Thai food, chances are you have Bangkok Canteen to thank. The restaurant was one of the first in Gloucester County to offer authentic cuisine from Thailand and has remained a local favorite for years. While noodles and curries remain a hit, don’t miss out on specialties like Pineapple Fried Rice or Dried Pork with Chilies. The Pad Krapow Gai is a fan favorite Food Restaurants In Gloucester: grilled chicken with basil leaves, red onions, bell peppers and roasted chili paste served over rice noodles in sweet soy sauce that’s nothing short of addictive.

In the heart of Gloucester, Bangkok Canteen is a family-run Thai restaurant that serves authentic Thai food using local ingredients. There will be speciality dishes, including Old Spot Panang, where the two come together. A creamy yet spicy curry made with Gloucester Old Spot pork and crackling. Another favorite dish is street food style Bangkok sirloin steak, served with grilled vegetables and salad, with a spicy chilli sauce. You cannot miss the jumbo Tom Yum either – fresh prawns in a creamy Tom Yum sauce.

7. So Pie

If you’re looking for something a little more casual and laid back, So Pie is your place. The pizza joint has quickly become a favorite of both locals and visitors because it serves up quality pies at an affordable price Food Restaurants In Gloucester. Be sure to try their white-sauce pizzas, which are topped with either artichoke hearts or banana peppers.

While there are no dessert pies on offer, they do serve beer and wine and sometimes live music as well! And while they don’t accept reservations, there is plenty of seating available inside. It’s a great place to go if you want authentic New York pizza in a quaint environment. Simply put: if you haven’t been here yet, it should be your next stop when visiting Gloucester.

8. The Barge Restaurant

Nestled in Gloucester’s historic waterfront district, The Barge Food Restaurants In Gloucester is famous for being one of only two restaurants (the other is called Canal House) to be situated on a working commercial barge. This charming restaurant offers delicious seafood dishes and rotisserie chicken, which you can enjoy during lunch or dinner. Reservations are accepted for parties of four or more, but walk-ins are welcome if there’s room.

They also have an extensive wine list and many craft beers from local breweries on tap. Live entertainment and regular theme nights add to the ambiance at The Barge Restaurant. Be sure to check out their website before heading over to find out what events they have planned that night! While a little pricey compared to some other restaurants in town, it’s well worth it! Make sure to stop by whether you live in Gloucester or just visiting.

9. Lily’s

There are dozens of good food restaurants in Gloucester, and Lily’s is definitely one of them. You’ll have to wait a bit for a table, but that shouldn’t be too big of an issue unless you’re starving. The staff is very attentive and helpful; overall, it’s definitely one of our favorite places to grab a bite while we’re looking at all those beautiful boats. However, it can get quite expensive.

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10. Cote Brasserie

A family favourite, Cote Brasserie offers an exciting menu of French Food Restaurants In Gloucester and incredible service. Serving simple but delicious dishes with innovative flavour combinations, Cote is a great place to visit with friends or family. Located near Gloucester Quays and inside The Severnsheds Shopping Centre, it’s very easy to get to and ideally placed for a quick lunchtime stopover during shopping trips.

20 Best Food Restaurants In GloucesterAs you would expect from a French restaurant, you can also enjoy a fantastic range of fine wines by-the-glass or bottle. If you prefer coffee over wine then they also offer an excellent coffee shop! On warm summer evenings, enjoy dinner al fresco while watching the sun go down over Gloucester Docks.

11. Topoly’s, Southgate Street

Serving up traditional English and Mediterranean dishes in a relaxed, laid-back environment. Friendly service, cheap prices, and delicious food make Topoly’s a popular choice among locals looking for their next great meal. Food Restaurants In Gloucester: 4.5/5 Ambience: 3/5 Value: 4/5 A popular Italian restaurant in Gloucester is Topoly’s in the city center. Topoly’s Italian restaurant has been serving authentic Italian food for over twenty years.

Fresh ingredients are used in all the delicious Italian dishes at one of the best restaurants in Gloucester. A wide range of pasta is available. Tagliatelle Salmone e broccoli or spaghetti Puccini, made with chicken, mushrooms, cream, and white wine, are popular dishes. Prosciutto and Funghi pizza, and chicken pepperoni pizza are both highly recommended. As with any good Italian restaurant.

12. Aroma Indian Restaurant

Aroma is a classic Indian restaurant located in downtown Gloucester. A favorite among both locals and visitors, their lunch buffet is reason enough to go. The vegetarian items alone are worth it! If you’re not a fan of spicy food, however, steer clear as most dishes at Aroma contain some heat. There are also some great options for vegetarians and vegans here! Tasty food and friendly service make Aroma an easy pick for the best Food Restaurant in Gloucester.

Now get in your car, find all of these restaurants on mapquest and write each place down on a piece of paper then go there and eat! Why don’t you have that written already?  It seems like such a simple task but you need to take care of yourself first before you think about anyone else. By writing yourself down notes and creating accountability by making sure people see them or even keep them themselves makes tasks much easier and way more likely to happen. So what’s keeping you from writing them now? Stop reading already!

13. Greek On The Docks

The Greeks are known for their great food and you will definitely enjoy it at Greek on The Docks. They have a wide selection of items to choose from including starters, salads, soups, pizzas, pita sandwiches, and much more. Their meals are made with fresh ingredients and make use of organic choices where available. If you love Mediterranean cuisine then you need to check out their restaurant as soon as possible. You won’t be disappointed! Greek on the Docks is a contemporary Greek and Mediterranean restaurant located at the historic Gloucester Docks.

You’ll find authentic Greek food here, which is made with locally sourced ingredients. This is one of the best restaurants in Gloucester. Take in the view of Gloucester Docks as you peruse the menu. Greek classics are on offer, from moussaka with layers of aubergine and beef mince to grilled souvlaki served with fries, tzatziki, and pita bread. There is also a great selection of mixed grills. We offer the traditional menu of pork skewers, burgers, lamb chops, Greek sausages, and chicken fillet, all served with delicious side dishes. Enjoy a little bit of the Med from the comfort of your Gloucester waterside seat.

14. Sebz

Eat & Drink Around Gloucester: As a seaport town, there are many amazing places around here to dine with a nice ocean view, including Cape Ann Brewing Co., which has great seafood on its menu. Harry’s Seafood Bar is also excellent and popular among locals. This place is known for their enormous portions, so get ready to take home some leftovers if you don’t have an army of friends to help out! Another option is The Shipwreck, a seaside restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. My favorite thing about it? There’s live music on certain nights—this makes it even more special and fun! I highly recommend stopping by if you like seafood or blues music.

The incredible flavours of the Mediterranean are served right in the heart of Gloucester city centre by Sebz. You can enjoy tasty tapas made with fresh ingredients in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. With a focus on fresh fish and grilled meats, you can feast on tasty favorites such as Paella Valenciana, calamari with garlic mayo, and salt cod fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce. Furthermore, for just over twenty pounds per person, you can eat as many tapas as you like! A la carte options are also available if you prefer something a little heartier. Portuguese skewers, piri piri chicken.

15. Carluccio’s

This is a chain restaurant and it has only been in Gloucester for a few years, but has already become one of the most popular places to eat. It’s not just for when you are on holiday, but you can go there any time! They serve Italian Food Restaurants In Gloucester that tastes homemade and fresh – everything from gourmet pizzas to spaghetti bolognese.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In GloucesterThey also have amazing desserts and cakes that taste like they’ve been freshly made by your Italian grandmother! I love their tiramisu so much I got married at their restaurant! We had lots of friends and family come along to help us celebrate our wedding day. It was one of those days we’ll never forget!

16. In Town Thai Cuisine

This restaurant is a favorite for foodies in Gloucester. In-Town Thai Cuisine’s dishes are created with fresh ingredients like fragrant basil and lemongrass, rich coconut milk, hot chilies and fried garlic. The curry puffs are delicious small pastries stuffed with sweet potatoes, carrots and your choice of meat or Food Restaurants In Gloucester. Each meal is served with white rice to soak up all that delicious sauce. Both vegans and omnivores alike love classic dishes like pad thai and pineapple fried rice. Add-ons like extra tofu, chicken or steak give you plenty of options to create your own personalized dish.

It’s easy to grab some takeout from In Town Thai Cuisine if you can’t make it into one of their three dining rooms: there’s an order window where you can pick up box lunches, soups and sides on weekends. If you’re craving authentic cuisine after a long day at work, try a casual lunch at In Town Thai Cuisine as soon as possible! Crabby Mike’s: Crabby Mike’s serves crab cakes right off Route 128 in Gloucester—but don’t let its close proximity to highway traffic fool you; Crabby Mike’s has been dishing out Food Restaurants In Gloucester favorites since 1967.

17. Cafe Rene

If you are looking for a spot with great food and plenty of character then look no further than Cafe Rene. A great way to start off your day is with a tasty breakfast such as banana pancakes and some delicious French toast. Then, when you are in need of some good lunch options they offer tasty dishes such as their savory country club sandwich.

Their very popular eggplant rollatini. Then, of course, if you want to go all out on dinner there is nothing better than a delicious Food Restaurants In Gloucester entree; they have so many good options! No matter what time of day you decide to dine at Cafe Rene there is sure to be something that will please your palate.

18. Bella Italia Cambridge Grafton Centre

Bella Italia is an Italian restaurant serving a wide range of dishes from different regions of Italy. Dine-in or takeaway and enjoy their authentic Food Restaurants In Gloucester with great service. Address: 16 Grafton Centre, Food Restaurants In Gloucester, CB1 2LF 01223 278700 Opens at 12.00 noon Monday – Saturday and 5 pm Sunday Closed on Christmas Day. The Gallery Café King’s Parade, Cambridge 01223 329313

Opening times 10 am – 10 pm seven days a week L’Antica Pizzeria Bank Street: Lovely pizzeria situated in Coton street just off East Street. Using only fresh ingredients they serve a very large variety of pizzas using homemade dough, sauce, and Mozzarella cheese, etc., as well as many kinds of pasta (including delicious Spaghetti bolognese) which are also made to order – so come early to avoid disappointment! I am quite happy to call it my local hangout place!

19. The Fountain Inn

Since opening its doors in 1959, The Fountain Inn has earned a reputation for serving excellent seafood. Many reviewers say that you simply can’t beat their clams casino, and that even if you don’t like Food Restaurants In Gloucester it will be worth a trip just to try it. There are few meals as delicious or relaxing as an intimate dinner at The Fountain Inn: many people say they want to move in! Whether you’re craving fresh mussels or stuffed haddock, The Fountain Inn is bound to have your next favorite dish.

If you’re looking for lobster, though, try Nicky’s Lobster Market; customers raved about how delectable their meal was—and affordable. You won’t regret eating here! Myers & Chang: Myers & Chang may not look like much from outside (many people compare it to a subway car), but reviewers are quick to point out how great of a restaurant it really is. This place may not look like much, but most of what we hear about Myers & Chang is about its eclectic Food Restaurants In Gloucester and outstanding service.

20. Trattoria Settebello

This Italian eatery is a great option for those looking to enjoy Mediterranean style cuisine without having to worry about heavy carbs and oil that tends to plague most dishes. The restaurant uses fresh, healthy ingredients in each meal and allows you to build your own pizza by choosing from numerous toppings.

20 Best Food Restaurants In GloucesterThe staff is friendly and prices are fair given the quality of Food Restaurants In Gloucester. This restaurant is located just off of Main Street in Food Restaurants In Gloucester. It’s a convenient location if you are headed into town for shopping or live nearby (if you do it’s easy to walk home after dinner!) Also, parking near Trattoria Settebello is plentiful so grabbing dinner doesn’t require extra work on your part!

21. The Tall Ships pub

A newcomer to Gloucester, The Tall Ships Pub is a top choice among locals and tourists alike. Grab a stool at one of its lively bars or grab a seat in its spacious dining room and choose from one of their nine craft brews on tap and an extensive menu, including shepherd’s pie, pot roast, macaroni and cheese, and mussels, in addition to some Food Restaurants In Gloucester specialties. You’ll also find vegetarian options. Prices range from £11-£14 for entrees. You can also BYOB if you want to save money while sipping wine or beer with your meal.

(817 West Franklin Street) – Facebook. Another good pick: Asian Pepper Restaurant & Lounge, which offers all-you-can-eat sushi specials, sushi rolls starting at just £4 and other Japanese dishes like teriyaki chicken (£12), hibachi steak (£13) and shrimp tempura (£12). (744 S. Main St.) – Yelp. Or check out Tony’s Italian Deli, where lunch entrees like lasagna, spaghetti with meatballs, and manicotti sell for around £10; dinner entrées start around £14. For sandwiches — think hot Italian sausage — sides such as pasta salad are available.

22. New Dawn Inn

If you’re looking for a classic fish-and-chips meal, New Dawn Inn is your place. Nestled in a small fishing village on Long Island Sound, visitors can have their fill of local Food Restaurants In Gloucester without breaking into their wallet. Reservations are recommended since seating is limited, but you might be able to snag a seat at one of their picnic tables outside on sunny days.

You’ll want to keep an eye out for what’s fresh off the boat at New Dawn Inn—the menu changes daily depending on what’s available that day. And don’t miss out on ordering either clam chowder or lobster stew while you’re there! Both are rich and delicious and more than worth every penny Food Restaurants In Gloucester.

23. The Coal House Inn

Situated on a peninsula within easy walking distance of Food Restaurants In Gloucester, The Coal House Inn has always been a popular destination for visitors to Food Restaurants In Gloucester. I recommend getting there early because it’s typically busy. As soon as you walk in, you feel like you’re somewhere special. The restaurant is decorated with memorabilia and features an impressive view from almost every table.

It’s a nice atmosphere for all kinds of occasions; if it’s your first time in town, definitely take advantage of their great happy hour specials! A bowl of clam chowder or plate of cheddar bay biscuits will whet your appetite before enjoying an entrée like lobster mac ‘n cheese or crab cakes with lobster meat for only £19!

24. The Tea Room & The Fairview Gardener

Located at 160 Main Street, The Tea Room is one of Gloucester’s favorite lunch and dinner spots. Offering fresh Food Restaurants In Gloucester and homemade soups, entrees, salads, and sandwiches. Open Tuesday through Sunday 11:30 am to 3 pm and then dinner from 5 pm to 9 pm. The Fairview Gardener Cafe is located on 110 Green Road in West Gloucester.

Serving breakfast all day, lunch sandwiches, wraps, and vegetarian options such as kale salad or veggie burgers with sides like sweet potato fries, Brussels sprouts, or tossed greens. Fresh local ingredients are served daily by friendly staff in a quiet garden-like setting in which you can enjoy a quick pick-me-up during your busy schedule or settle down for a leisurely meal with your family.

25. The Chamwell Cafe

Chamwell Cafe is a truly local institution in all senses of that phrase. It’s been serving food to locals since 1962 and continues to do so every day. The cafe itself has a simple and homey design, with tables placed in prime spots to look out over Gloucester harbor while you enjoy your lunch or dinner. The Food Restaurants In Gloucester itself isn’t particularly remarkable but it more than delivers on its promises. Their menu is focused on comfort foods, so whether you order breakfast, lunch or dinner there will always be comfort classics like grilled cheese sandwiches or grilled hamburgers with fries for you to order.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In GloucesterWhile other restaurants come and go, Chamwell Cafe’s classic design has remained largely unchanged since 1962, which serves as a nice reminder of what kind of atmosphere made Gloucester such an important naval port back then. As for those looking to visit! There are menus available online if you want to plan ahead before visiting their physical restaurant location at 120 Washington Street; meals are modestly priced from £7-£15 per person and reservations aren’t usually required though they can be made if you contact them beforehand by calling 617-283-7789.

26. Hooker & Eight

This restaurant is a bit off-the-beaten-path, but it’s worth visiting for its twist on Asian cuisine. Try some of their pho for a taste of Vietnam. Many people don’t realize that pho originated in Vietnam and has since become one of the most popular Asian dishes in America. Some say that H&E serves some of the best pho in town Food Restaurants In Gloucester; that it is comparable to any other restaurant chain without taking away from its hometown charm. Also, try their crab rangoon for something savory and delicious! Due to its name and cherry and white colors, Hooker and Eight is a nod to Food Restaurants In Gloucester Rugby.

But what’s better after a rugby match than beer and pizza? It’s an independent pizza place, as well as one of the best restaurants in Gloucester. There are pizzas that are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free eaters. Enjoy delicious toppings, such as the classic Cherry and White (fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella). Some of the top recommendations include the Meat One with ham, pepperoni, chorizo, smoked bacon, and Old Spot sausage. It’s hard to go wrong here. Don’t forget to try the Tubby fries – spicy fries with Tubby Tom’s delicious ‘Tubby Dust’.

27. Twelve Bells Beefeater

For a classic, yet upscale dining experience, Twelve Bells Beefeater hits all the right notes. From their perfectly cooked steak to a fine wine and dessert, your overall dining experience will be flawless at Twelve Bells Beefeater. All in all, with friendly service, great Food Restaurants In Gloucester and exquisite drinks—Twelve Bells Beefeater is an unmissable dining spot. Don’t miss out! It’s a no-brainer! Book your reservation today! Click here for details !!!

4 Hartman’s: With delicious meals, including gourmet pizzas & sandwiches made fresh everyday Food Restaurants In Gloucester, served alongside quality home made soup in cozy surroundings makes 4 Hartman’s a popular restaurant choice. If you’re visiting or living locally then don’t forget to check out 4 Hartman’s takeaway menu where you can enjoy some of your favorites on-the-go… So give them a call on 01342 343181 or place an order online if you like what you see, and try it for yourself from just £2.99.

28. Nepalese Chef

Namaste – If you want to experience authentic Nepalese cuisine, then head down to Nepalese Chef. This restaurant is a traditional family-run business that has been serving up incredibly authentic Food Restaurants In Gloucester for over ten years now. The great thing about Nepalese Chef is that they do have a good amount of vegan options available, which makes it easy for everyone to eat! For an appetizer, try out one of their samosas or paneer tikka. They have got both vegetarian and non-vegetarian samosas as well as paneer tikka. These are always incredibly delicious and make a great way to start your meal off!

The flavors will absolutely knock your socks off and make you wonder why you didn’t come here sooner! Head to London Road’s Nepalese Chef for some of the best Indian and Nepalese Food Restaurants In Gloucester. It is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Gloucestershire, where excellent Food Restaurants In Gloucester is served by friendly staff. Chefs at Nepalese Chef have years of experience working in some of Nepal and India’s most prestigious restaurants. The knowledgeable team can help you choose a meal based on ingredients, aromas, and spiciness.

29. The Yew Tree Inn at Chaceley

The Yew Tree Inn, also known as The Old Yew Tree Inn is a traditional, family run pub in Chaceley. It serves homemade Food Restaurants In Gloucester, including smoked fish. It’s been owned by the same family for over 50 years and it has a loyal customer base that includes celebrities such as Tamsin Greig of ‘Green Wing’ fame. You can find out more about The Yew Tree Inn at their Facebook page. If you like what you see there, you’ll love visiting in person!

They’ve got regular events which include Sunday lunches, Sunday roasts with live music and they even have jam nights if you feel like getting involved in something different. And did we mention their great menu? They’ve got something to suit everyone, from burgers to local steak pies and Food Restaurants In Gloucester dishes galore! There’s even a BBQ option available during summer months if all your taste buds are just crying out for some slow cooked meat straight off of a sizzling grill.

30. Settebello, Merchant Quay

Settebello is one of our favourite pizza restaurants in England. It’s a bit pricey, so if you’re on a budget you might want to go for their lunch special, where pizzas start at £8.95. They’ve got a great selection of starters and main courses too, but really you should just go with their delicious pizzas: they have some classic Italian dishes, like tomato and mozzarella (the sauce is homemade); capricciosa (bacon, cherry tomatoes and cheese); and margherita (fresh mozzarella topped with tomato and basil) Food Restaurants In Gloucester.

20 Best Food Restaurants In GloucesterThere are plenty of options for meat lovers too—we recommend going for something with prosciutto on it! At Settebello you can expect great quality cooking made with fresh ingredients based on the cuisine of southern Italy. At Settebello, one of the best restaurants in Gloucester, the emphasis is on family style dining, with pizza and pasta being the mainstays. At Gloucester Docks, a beautiful location on the waterfront, dining by the water is a delightful experience.


The top 20 Best Food Restaurants In Gloucester are located in Downtown and all around it. There are many great places to eat, and if you don’t feel like cooking after a long day at work, you should definitely check one of these restaurants out. You can even bring your dog with you to most of them! Happy eating!

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