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20 Best Food Restaurants In Ely

There are plenty of great restaurants in Ely, and the 20 below are some of the best food restaurants in Ely. If you’re looking to have a nice meal out or have dinner with your family, consider trying one of these top 20 Food Restaurants In Ely. Each has something different to offer, whether it’s family-friendly fare or an evening cocktail and fine dining experience.

Ely, Minnesota has some of the best Food Restaurants In Ely country, but if you’re looking to travel, where should you go? It’s hard to narrow down the list to just 20, but I’ve got it done here. These are the 20 Best Food Restaurants In Ely! Check out each one on your trip and let me know what you think in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

1. The Three Kings

This Mexican restaurant has a fantastic menu that features both Mexican and American Food Restaurants In Ely like pizza, tacos, burritos, burgers, and other staples. The Three Kings have a separate vegetarian menu that offers options for meat-eaters and non-meat eaters alike! Prices range from £4.99 to £15.99 at The Three Kings; kids’ meals are available for as little as £3.25!

For truly outstanding customer service in an atmosphere, you won’t find anywhere else in Ely make sure to visit The Three Kings! The wait staff is friendly and helpful, there’s ample parking behind their building and they offer online ordering if you can’t wait to get your hands on some of their famous enchiladas. Their motto is come hungry leave happy, so be prepared to enjoy every bite of your meal when you dine here!

2. Ely Turkish Restaurant & Meze Bar

Having eaten at a variety of Turkish restaurants, we have to say that this is one of our favorites in Alaska. The service is always friendly and prompt, and they really do make you feel at home. The food is delicious – don’t miss out on their vegetarian platter! There’s also a variety of unique drinks to choose from if you aren’t feeling beer or wine. If you’re looking for something different than what you’d find in Anchorage, give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

I am delighted to discover this. There was a wide variety of Food Restaurants In Ely available. Freshly prepared and cooked food was served at the tables. You could see the preparation area from your seat. During the waiting period, you will be served delicious appetizers such as yogurt, chile sauce, olives, and bread. The prawn cocktail was excellent, as well as the chef special for two. It was one of our best meals in quite some time. We would visit the restaurant every week if it opened in Great Yarmouth. Well done!

3. The White Pheasant

When it comes to classic, elegant dining in Ely, The White Pheasant is one of the best options. Their food is consistently fresh and delicious, and their service is fast and friendly. If you’re looking for a splurge, try their lobster bisque; if you’re looking for something more hearty, try their butternut squash risotto or English chicken curry. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Also, keep an eye out for seasonal specials like venison chili during hunting season!

If there’s a wait at The White Pheasant when you arrive there usually isn’t a stop at Frey Brewing next door to get a beer or two while you wait. You can even order Food Restaurants In Ely from The White Pheasant right to your table at Frey! A great option is also Flat Earth Pizza across from Cabelas on 2nd Street which offers hand-tossed pizza made with fresh ingredients and their menu items range from personal-sized pizzas to party-sized (18) gourmet creations!

Be sure to check them out! And for dessert after dinner? Head over to The Ice Cream Shoppe on Second Street where they have so many unique flavors that you’re bound to find something new every time you go. They also have coffee drinks, floats, shakes, and even sundae meals with fries or onion rings. Enjoy a tasty treat while sitting outside on their patio under string lights in summertime weather.

4. Old Fire Engine House

A charming and cozy independent bistro in a converted fire engine house. The pub has regular drinks promotions like Bingo night every Wednesday, wines of the week for £7 a bottle, and great offers on food. Expect to pay around £8 for an evening meal which is excellent value for money! Food is served from 12-9 pm daily with specials such as a delicious Lamb Shanks served with seasonal vegetables on Mondays at just £6.99. The staff is very friendly and the Food Restaurants In Ely service is quick.

The Old Fire Engine House has been serving local fare and traditional recipes inspired by the Fens. A wide selection of wines and menus are available with morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, and evening dinner. Guests are welcome to explore the Georgian house; its cozy sitting room, contemporary art galleries and beautiful, walled gardens; and you can admire a photo of the horse-drawn fire engine that was housed here at the turn of the century.

5. Arbuckles

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious breakfast, Arbuckles is probably your best bet. You can’t go wrong with its eggs benedict or pancakes. If you are feeling adventurous, try one of their unique pastries. For example, if you have never had an English muffin pizza before, you should try it here! Arbuckles is located at 993 W 6th Street in Ely, NV 89301. Call 775-289-4822 for hours of operation and additional information. Baker’s Crust:

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20 Best Food Restaurants In ElyIf you want to eat some great food that isn’t greasy, Baker’s Crust is where you need to be. This place serves up classic American dishes such as pot roast and grilled chicken salad. But that doesn’t mean they don’t serve more exotic Food Restaurants In Ely like kangaroo burgers. One of their most popular items on the menu is their beef stroganoff served over noodles with fresh bread rolls on the side. Baker’s Crust is located at 897 W 4th Street in Ely, NV 89301.

6. The Royal Standard, Ely

Nothing can quite beat a good old English pub and The Royal Standard, located in Ely, England is a great example of one. They are well known for their wide selection of beers and ales, but their food menu is also incredibly diverse. Dishes range from traditional British favorites like steak and ale pie to pan-fried mackerel with onions, mushrooms, and chips. The meal ends with a choice of dessert-like bread pudding or sticky toffee pudding yes it’s really as delicious as it sounds.

Stop by any day of the week for lunch or dinner they even serve breakfast on Saturdays! Ely’s Forehill’s oldest building, the Royal Standard was founded as a one-room public house in the 15th Century. Over the years, the building has been extended and is now one of Ely’s most popular dining and meeting spots. Fresh and local ingredients are available on our extensive menu, as well as Food Restaurants In Ely and steak, as well as the traditional pub fare. A wine list with 60 bottles complements the varied menu, and real ales, cocktails.

7. Poets House, Ely

Poets House was established in 2000 and serves as a hub for all things creative. From poetry readings to comedy, music performances to radio broadcasts, you’ll find a variety of events taking place at Poets House, including art exhibitions and classes. Their long list of menu items includes fresh soups and sandwiches daily. You can even order online if you’re in a hurry! Located at 5 Rope Ferry Road, Poets House is one of the 20 best food restaurants in Ely. Maine Craft Distilling Company, ME: The Maine Craft Distilling Company distills handcrafted spirits using local ingredients.

They also serve up craft cocktails that pair perfectly with their tasty small plates like bacon-wrapped dates and wild boar empanadas. The two-story venue features beautiful views of their organic farm on a hill overlooking Sheepscot Bay. At 4 Old Town Street, Maine Craft Distilling Company is one of the 20 best food restaurants in Ely. The Bento Box Cafe, ME: This Japanese restaurant offers delicious sushi rolls alongside other Japanese favorites like gyoza dumplings and ramen noodle soup. A great selection of seasonal dishes is offered in the Dining Room, prepared with fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

8. Riverside Bar Kitchen

The Riverside Bar & Kitchen is a fairly new addition to Ely’s restaurant scene and is quickly becoming one of our favorites. Located in an old hotel, it has a great bar area with good wines and, of course, lots of beer. The Food Restaurants In Ely menu isn’t huge but contains some very nice options for those who love to eat out: you can get anything from burgers to fish and chips here. The atmosphere is relaxed with nice music playing in the background. The service is really good we visited at lunchtime on a weekday when there was plenty of staff around.

9. Peacock’s Tearoom, Ely

We’re pretty sure that, if you’re in town, you’ll want to stop by at least once during your visit it’s a favorite of locals and tourists alike. Their tea sandwiches are exquisite and their pastries are a delight. The service is unmatched their staff treats each customer like they’ve been coming there forever. If you find yourself craving an afternoon pick-me-up or just something to take your mid-morning breakfast hunger off your hands, Peacock’s Tearoom has got what you need.

They have over 300 teas from which to choose and can make any combination of flavors into one amazing cup. They have some delicious baked goods as well see our top 10 below. Oh, and did we mention that it’s gorgeous? They have these lovely paintings all over with trees, birds, flowers… it feels more like a garden than a cafe! It’s also dog friendly, so feel free to bring your furry friend along for brunch! It’s really easy to get here from downtown;

Head south on Main Street until you reach 11th Avenue Southeast. Take a left onto 11th Avenue Southeast and then turn right onto 7th Street Southwest. You’ll see it on your right-hand side about two blocks down! There is a wide selection of teas in the world, homemade cakes, delicious lunches, and a pretty garden at this riverside tearoom, consistently rated as one of the country’s best.

10. Prince Albert, Ely

This East African restaurant is located in downtown Prince Albert, along with a seating area and outdoor patio. Their menu offers foods from across Central and Eastern Africa including Ethiopian, Sudanese, Kenyan, Malawian, South Sudanese, and Tanzanian cuisine. The cooking process at Prince Albert includes frying Food Restaurants In Ely with clarified butter or vegetable oil or roasting in an oven. Some of their recommended dishes include samosa-filled pastry, sambusa filled pastry, chicken tikka masala marinated boneless chicken breast cooked in a lightly spiced tomato sauce.

20 Best Food Restaurants In ElyLocated in a quiet side street in Ely, this traditional English pub is charming. It may look small from the outside, but the pub is quite large inside! From the cozy front room, one can step out into the magnificent dining area, where you can enjoy a range of beautifully presented meals. Moreover, we have one of Ely’s most impressive beer gardens where you may dine alfresco or sample one of the many traditional beers on offer. We have now opened an awesome outdoor dining and drinking area.

11. The Cutter Inn, Ely

The Cutter Inn is a cozy little restaurant in Ely. It’s not only Food Restaurants In Ely that makes it a great place to eat, but it’s also its lovely interior. The wood decorations and candles on each table add to its warm atmosphere. Some of its most popular dishes are lamb shepherd’s pie and their homemade venison sausage with mushroom sauce. If you want something lighter, try their macaroni and cheese or asparagus salad with smoked salmon. They also serve three different kinds of desserts: brownies, cheesecake, and ice cream.

They even have gluten-free options if you want to go for something healthy. Whatever you choose, it will be hard to leave without being completely satisfied. The Angel Hotel, Ely: This hotel has been around since 1873 and has been through several renovations over time. Its current look dates back to 1999 and includes modern touches like a large fireplace in one of its dining rooms. On top of serving delicious Food Restaurants In Ely, it also serves as an art gallery featuring works by local artists every now and then.

Their menu features mainly English cuisine but they do offer some international dishes too like steak tartare or duck confit with French fries! You can order anything from steak to fish & chips here so there’s definitely something for everyone no matter what your taste buds desire. Since 2006, the Cutter Inn and Riverside Restaurant have been open. A superb location alongside the River Ouse makes it the ideal place for families, friends, or colleagues to enjoy traditional British pub Food Restaurants In Ely in stylish surroundings.

12. Le Spice, Ely

Not sure how to describe Le Spice. It’s an Indian Restaurant, but they also serve a lot of other types of food and do an incredible job at it. Their menu is full of options, and I’m pretty confident that you’ll love whatever you choose to eat here. I’ve been more than half a dozen times and have never been disappointed by their service or Food Restaurants In Ely. Additionally, everything here is reasonably priced; so even if you’re on a budget, it’s well worth your time!

If you haven’t visited Le Spice in Ely yet, check them out! They’re one of my favorite places in town. You won’t regret it! The goal of our restaurant is to provide great food and exceptional service. Chefs at our restaurant prepare authentic Indian food of the highest quality to meet our customers’ expectations. To provide premium products that are consistently fresh, innovative, healthy, and made from only the best ingredients, we strive to achieve customer satisfaction.

13. The Almonry

Located on Adderbury Road, The Almonry is a wonderful French bistro and is perfect for those looking for a night of fine dining. Set within a beautiful Victorian building, it’s both cozy and spacious with a homely atmosphere to set you at ease from your very first visit. Focusing on fresh, local ingredients, The Almonry offers an imaginative menu and can cater for even those with dietary requirements. With an experienced team at hand, you can be sure that no matter what food you order off their menu.

Nestled in the medieval precincts of Ely Cathedral, The Almonry boasts an excellent reputation for serving home-cooked Food Restaurants In Ely made from locally sourced ingredients. A 13th-century undercroft houses the restaurant’s main dining area, which is both beautifully designed and casually decorated for lunches and evening dining. Summertime when the gardens are extensive and overlook the magnificent Cathedral, it’s the perfect spot for outdoor dining or evening drinks. They are open every day at 9:00 a.m.

14. The Lamb, Ely

The Lamb is a very popular restaurant for people to eat in. The Food Restaurants In Ely served here is made from fresh local ingredients, and it is guaranteed to leave you wanting more. The great thing about eating here is that there are so many options; you will never get bored because there are always new meals being served. Many people think that it might be expensive because of its wonderful reputation, but they are happy to learn that it isn’t. The service provided here is also excellent because everyone.

Who works here really cares about their customers. There are some of England’s most historic inns and pubs in Old English Inns, steeped in history and loved for their warmth and hospitality. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking time out in a pub or getting away to a hotel, you’re sure to fall in love with our cozy bars, crooked walls, and low beams. If you choose to stay with us, you can enjoy a range of delicious breakfasts cooked to order while relaxing in our restaurants with a glass of wine or real ale.

15. Ely Turkish Restaurant

Located in the city center, Oni Turkish Restaurant is one of the highly recommended food restaurants in Ely. Opened in 1993, Oner and his team have served delicious meals to people who come from all over. His main business is offering takeaway service, but as he is located close to tourist attractions like the cathedral and Abbey House Museum, they have many local customers too. They offer a rich set of veggie meals such as a wide variety of vegetarian pittas and falafels plus grilled kofte and halloumi cheese kebab with Turkish bread plus Turkish coffee.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In ElyThe Food Restaurants In Ely has been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for three years in a row which means it offers the best services with big customer satisfaction. The Ely Turkish Restaurant has celebrated its first year of operation and continues to offer warm welcomes to their family-owned and operated eatery serving freshly prepared Turkish dishes evoking the flavors of the wonderful Turkish cuisine. It offers both hot and cold dishes suitable for all tastes, as well as an excellent Meze Bar with beautiful cocktails, making Ely Turkish Restaurant an ideal location for any occasion.

16. The Old Hall Ely

The Old Hall is a traditional English pub and restaurant located in Ely, Cambridgeshire. It’s popular with locals thanks to its hearty pub grub, warm welcome, and real ales on tap. The Old Hall also has an outside terrace that’s perfect for lazy afternoons drinking in the sun. It’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout most of the year, serving a menu featuring home-cooked classics like steak-and-ale pie and bangers ‘n mash as well as modern British Food Restaurants In Ely like steamed mussels with bacon & cider cream sauce.

The fish of the day is always a good choice but don’t miss out on dessert the local sorbets are renowned! In The Old Hall, we are surrounded by beautiful surroundings, with the Ely Cathedral perched prominently on our skyline. Whether you are looking for dinner or Sunday Lunch with a view, The Old Hall is most certainly the next place you should try. We source the best possible ingredients from our local butchers, fishmongers, and greengrocers. If you would like to make a reservation for dinner, please contact us at or call 01353 663275.

17. Lemon Tree Deli and Cafe

The first food stop on our list of 20 Best Food Restaurants In Ely is Lemon Tree Deli and Cafe. Freshly baked bagels, donuts, and pastries are served daily at Lemon Tree’s two locations in downtown Minneapolis and Edina. Located on Grand Avenue near Cleveland Elementary School, frequenters of Lemon Tree include students during school hours as well as professionals during their workday breaks. Lunch menus include hot soups, salads with fresh ingredients from local farms.

Sandwiches made to order with meats from Northstar Meats in Minneapolis or Lund’s grocery store deli counter meats, including Boar’s Head Natural Angus Reserve® Oven Roasted Turkey Breast. This award-winning family-run cafe is situated in the heart of Ely’s marketplace. It offers a mouthwatering menu, as well as deli goodness. You can try one of their delicious homemade cakes or bakes or perhaps one of their delicious jars of homemade preserves when you visit Lemon Tree Deli. Inside and outside seating are available.

18. The Red Lion, Soham

The food here is really lovely and there’s a great atmosphere. They serve good traditional pub grub with plenty of local produce, as well as some specials on a board outside. It gets busy at lunchtime but they have a separate dining area to accommodate larger groups or large families and it’s also open for evening meals. Their Sunday roasts are very popular but make sure you book in advance, as these fill up fast! A 17th-century pub and restaurant, The Red Lion in Soham serve rustic British and Mediterranean cuisine in a unique setting.

With a striking mix of wood and stone, the interior has been recently remodeled to create an ambiance of warmth and comfort with a modern twist. Previously of Ely’s Old Fire Engine House, Lucy Jarman has taken over the restaurant, which features a wide variety of dishes from game to roasts, using local ingredients whenever possible. Customers can also enjoy Adnam’s beers and artisan gins from a special menu at The Red Lion’s cozy bar. The Anchor Inn, Fordham:

The building has a really interesting history and it’s set in a lovely location by the river. The kitchen is open to view which adds to its charm, as does all of their very fresh Food Restaurants In Ely. Their menu is varied and you can expect to find everything from traditional pub grub, vegetarian dishes, and fish of day platters. What I would recommend here is their salt & pepper squid with a spicy mayo dip and tartare sauce—it’s absolutely delicious! Another gem on Fordham’s High Street, The Anchor Inn serves classic British food cooked with flair.

19. Clare’s Kitchen, Littleport

Clare’s Kitchen is a restaurant and cafe serving home-cooked Food Restaurants In Ely and providing excellent service. There is an extensive menu at Clare’s, with most dishes under £10. Gluten-free options are also available, along with full vegetarian and vegan menus. With its cozy dining room, daily specials boards, and friendly staff, Clare’s kitchen gives diners a real sense of home. Open for breakfast from 8 am daily; lunch from 12 pm Monday to Friday; evening meals served Tuesday through to Saturday; Sunday lunch served 1 pm to 3 pm.

Clare’s Kitchen delivers straight to your door on Tuesdays so you can enjoy a homemade meal in front of your TV! We are a friendly coffee shop located in Littleport, just a few miles from Ely, at Sharman’s Garden Centre. The restaurant offers home-cooked breakfasts all day long, as well as a selection of light lunches and delicious homemade desserts. The restaurant serves hearty roast dinners on Sundays as well. There is also a gift shop for you to browse, making this a great place to catch up with friends, visit with family or relax on your own. It’s extra special at Claire’s Kitchen because they offer free cake every Friday.

20. The Wigeon Cafe, Welney

This charming little bistro serves up some of the best home cooking in town. Enjoy traditional favorites like macaroni and cheese, shepherd’s pie, meatloaf, and roast chicken paired with fresh baked goods from across Europe. Friendly service makes for a great atmosphere and Wigeon is conveniently located near Main Street so you can enjoy a nice lunch before shopping or dining out for dinner with friends. Lunch is served Monday through Friday from 12 to 2:30 pm and on Saturdays from 11 am-2 pm.

20 Best Food Restaurants In ElyDinner is served Sunday through Thursday from 5 to 8 pm and on Fridays until 9:30 pm when their popular steak night begins! The Wigeon Café is located in the visitor center of WWT Welney. Located on the first floor of a former farmhouse, the room offers spectacular views of the Fenland landscape.  Served daily from 10 am to 2.30 pm, a delicious selection of cakes and scones accompany hot drinks. Lunch is served from 12-2.30 pm.  As you watch beautiful wetland wildlife, enjoy hot, hearty winter meals or fresh summer salads.

21. Hadi’s Gelato

We love Hadi’s Gelato and have been eating it for years. Their selection of flavors is huge, with more than 30 different gelato types to choose from, plus some sorbet on top. Our favorite is mango! There are a couple of locations to choose from: one by Phil’s Fresh Market in Midland and one in Ely by Payless Discount Food Restaurants In Ely. We recommend adding a scoop of pistachio to any flavor for just £1 more!

Great mix-ins are also available such as cookie dough, M&Ms, Heath bar bits, and Oreos. Skip dessert at dinner that night since gelato is perfect any time of the day!  Be sure to try their sweet drinks like a fruit smoothie or milkshake too. It is located near Walgreens and JCPenney if you need to pick up something while you’re there. Plus, it’s next door to Spudsy’s Pizzeria which has great pizza and subs too. Find them at 114 S 8th St #A, Ely, or at 113 E Lincoln Ave #B, Ely.

22. Papa John’s, Ely

Papa John’s may seem like an unlikely candidate for one of the top Food Restaurants In Ely. But at Papa John’s, they take great pride in creating quality pizza. If you’re looking for gourmet pizzas or just a tasty dinner, look no further than Papa John’s! It serves up some of the best Italian around! With fast and friendly service, Papa John’s is always a good choice for dinner. Parking is usually easy to find nearby. The prices are reasonable and you’ll enjoy your dinner every time.

Whether you’re looking for dine-in or carry-out, make sure you try their new salads… I hear they’re quite delectable! Papa John’s is a pizza take-out and delivery chain offering fresh classic and specialty pizzas, wings, sides, dips, drinks, and desserts! The restaurant is open between 11 am and 11 pm every day. Visit Papa John’s online at for the best deals! We invest in our ingredients, whether it is our signature sauce, toppings, or our original fresh dough.

23. Sushi and Salad

Anytime you dine at Sushi and Salad, you’re likely to be greeted by a smiling face that offers plenty of recommendations. The staff are well-versed in their menu and will do their best to make you feel comfortable while recommending new items. If you’re looking for something traditional, try some of their delicious maki rolls or sushi, but they also have tasty soups and chicken teriyaki options. For those who don’t eat sushi, enjoy some excellent fried rice or other Asian fusion dishes served with white rice. We could only open our restaurant in Ely. Because we love Ely and Japanese Food Restaurants In Ely, we asked ourselves, why can’t there be a Japanese restaurant in Ely?

And we decided we should do something about it. We opened a Japanese restaurant. It seemed like a good idea, so we did it. Thus began the story of Sushi and Salad. I draw inspiration from my background when it comes to creating our Food Restaurants In Ely. Since I grew up in San Paulo, home to nearly two million Japanese for more than a century, Japanese food is in my blood. It has been my family’s tradition to eat, cook, and serve this delicious food most of my life, and I love it. We offer a chic, cute, cozy, comfortable, and most of all, absolutely inclusive restaurant. A combination of traditional Japanese pieces and furniture with Sputnik lighting inspired by Japanese sushi bars of the late fifties.

24. Eat Thai

Whether you’re a resident of or simply passing through Ely, here are some amazing local spots you should try! Chiang Mai is one of our favorite Thai restaurants in town, offering delicious authentic Thai cuisine at affordable prices. My personal favorites are their cashew chicken and spicy basil chicken, both served with rice on the side and with an ice-cold glass of water for your thirst needs.

The staff is extremely friendly and always greet us with a smile when we walk in to pick up takeout which we do quite often. This local gem can be found just east of Second Street on F Street. A true taste of Thailand! What’s your favorite Food Restaurants In Ely? Let us know by commenting below! -Lonnie M. Smith, Marketing Director For Elite Daily.

25. The High Flyer

This cozy bistro is located across from Lori’s Diner. The eatery is small but packs a punch with delicious dishes like their chicken pot pie and homemade burgers. It’s really one of those restaurants that has something for everyone, so whether you’re in town on business or in town with family, it’ll make you feel right at home. It even has a nice courtyard area where you can enjoy your meal outside on good weather days. All in all, if you’re looking for great Food Restaurants In Ely and an excellent atmosphere, The High Flyer should be your first stop. They’ve got everything you need to satisfy your appetite.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In ElyHomecoming Café: Located just around the corner from Casey’s General Store, Homecoming Café serves breakfast all day long, which is definitely convenient when you don’t have time to sit down for a full breakfast during lunch hours. They also have fresh-baked pies and lots of other sweet treats to try out while you’re there too! It’s just one more thing that makes Homecoming Café stand out among other establishments in town. For quick bites during busy workdays or lazy weekends, give them a call! You won’t regret it!

26. Prezzo – Ely

It’s no secret that I love Italian food and so do my fiancé! Prezzo is one of our favourite restaurants in Ely. Great value for money, amazing pizzas, fantastic service. The restaurant is clean and you are always made to feel welcome! The pizza I had was delicious, their pasta dishes looked wonderful too but it was just a shame there were two of us as we couldn’t order more than one pizza! We will definitely be returning here soon!

5/5 stars from me. Dawson’s Bar & Restaurant: Dawson’s Bar & Restaurant has been voted ‘Best Family-Friendly Restaurant in Cambridgeshire 2014′. This really sums up what they are all about they provide great Food Restaurants In Ely at great prices with a warm family-friendly atmosphere. We have visited Dawson’s many times over the years; every time we go back we see something new on their menu or something else that makes us want to come back again!

27. Sylhet

Little Bangladesh in North America One of my very favorite restaurants in Ely, Sylhet is a Bangladeshi restaurant that gets its name from a region in southeast Asia. A pretty no-frills joint, you’ll sit with other diners and at shared tables but it’s all part of Sylhet’s charm. Don’t skip on their fiery chili chicken! Pro tip: they have an awesome lunch buffet on weekdays if you want to sample a wide variety of dishes. And don’t sleep on their chaat an Indian Food Restaurants In Ely eaten as a snack.

It’s definitely not your traditional nachos and cheese! If you’re looking for a great deal and something different, give Sylhet a try. You won’t regret it. With over 40 choices for local dining, there’s never been a better time to be hungry in Ely. With cuisine ranging from Korean to Thai, Italian to the Caribbean, and more Ely has something delicious for everyone! Check out our list of 20 best food restaurants in Ely here.

28. Wildwood Restaurant

Wildwood is a small restaurant located in downtown Ely. The building was originally built as a hotel in 1889 but has since been converted into several businesses. At Wildwood, guests will find delicious breakfast Food Restaurants In Ely and dining options at affordable prices. For lunch, guests can order sandwiches and snacks like soup, salad, or an appetizer to accompany their meal. Dinner meals include steak dinners with baked potatoes and shrimp scampi with linguine.

The staff works hard to make each experience enjoyable for customers and are always working on new ideas for improvements. Guests will feel welcome when they enter Wildwood and will enjoy spending time here whether it’s alone or with friends. The atmosphere is comfortable and casual, making it easy to sit back and relax while enjoying great Food Restaurants In Ely. This is one of our favorite restaurants in Ely. If you’re looking for some good Food Restaurants In Ely and a fun place to hang out, you should check out Wildwood Restaurant.

29. The Fish House Ely

Known as one of Coeur d’Alene’s best-kept secrets, The Fish House at Lake Roosevelt is a lakeside gem in Eastern Washington. It’s a family-friendly restaurant that specializes in fresh seafood and steaks. Some of their most popular dishes include Lake Roosevelt Plank Salmon, Beer Battered Haddock, Filet Mignon, and Lobster Tails. The Fish House also has a sports bar area with pool tables, dartboards, and nightly entertainment that features local bands and karaoke. Aside from Food Restaurants In Ely, you can enjoy great drinks too! This place is well-known for its Happy Hour specials, which offer daily drink specials from 3 p.m.-6 p.m.

They have an extensive list of specialty cocktails, martinis, and beer options. Their happy hour menu includes small plates like spicy fried pickles, wings, and calamari. They also have live music on Thursday nights from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m., featuring two different acts each week ranging from jazz to rock. On top of all that, they offer a wide variety of appetizers including calamari rings, coconut shrimp, and onion rings just to name a few! You won’t be disappointed by your experience here; it will be hard to leave without trying everything on their menu!

30. Spice Lounge

The Spice Lounge’s menu is Indian influenced, with a modern twist. Options include traditional chicken tikka masala and butter chicken alongside Moroccan spiced lamb chops and beetroot fritters. The veggie dishes are also excellent, making it a great choice for groups of all sizes. The bar offers cocktails, spirits, and wines as well as a good selection of beers, including American craft beer, so there’s something for everyone at Spice Lounge.

20 Best Food Restaurants In ElyThe restaurant takes bookings in advance only for groups of six or more people so you’ll need to call ahead if you want to avoid waiting at busy times like Friday and Saturday evenings. It’s worth checking out their Facebook page to see what special deals they’re offering that week. For example, on Mondays, they have a two-course meal deal available between 5 pm and 9 pm.


This is just a small list of great food places to eat at while you are in Ely. If you find yourself in town, remember these places are very affordable and will be able to satisfy your hunger. Check them out if you ever make it out that way! Have fun and eat up! I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience eating all those tacos in one day! I’m glad I was able to share with everyone my favorite spots for authentic Mexican Food Restaurants In Ely.

I hope everyone can come to check some of these 20 Best Food Restaurants In Ely places out when they come to visit Ely. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve user experience on Wikitravel Shared, we have launched an updated version of our Terms of Use. Please take a moment to review these changes carefully. By continuing to use Shared, you are agreeing to abide by these terms. Thanks for helping us improve Shared!

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