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20 Best Food Restaurants In Edinburgh

What are the best food restaurants in Edinburgh? Some people might say that there’s no such thing as bad food, just bad cooks or chefs, but if you ask us, we think there’s definitely a difference between good and bad Food Restaurants In Edinburgh and the best place to get good food is at one of the best food restaurants in Edinburgh! There are so many great places in Edinburgh to go out and eat but how do you know which ones are going to be the best?

Well, with this list of 20 of the best food restaurants in Edinburgh we hope to help you out! There are many outstanding restaurants in Edinburgh, which are a perfect fit among all the history, culture, and natural beauty of the city. We combine the finest and freshest local ingredients with international ingredients and flavours and feature creations by some of the finest chefs.

1. Dean Banks At The Pompadour

One of our favourite places for a fantastic meal and an amazing view is Dean Banks at The Pompadour. Dean Banks serves up fresh Food Restaurants In Edinburgh on their deck where you can enjoy a stunning view of Edinburgh Castle. For an incredible experience book a table on one of their barbecues and watch as they light up the grill with blazing flames! Located in Leith, Dean Banks offers its diners views across sea lochs to small rural villages.

This restaurant really is one of our favourites! Make sure you book ahead as it gets busy quickly here, especially in good weather! Grab your skates, grab your coat and grab your walking boots because we’re going to take you through some of our favourite restaurants in Edinburgh! One of our favourite places for a fantastic meal and an amazing view is Dean Banks at The Pompadour.

2. Pier Brasserie – Bar and Grill

As one of just a few restaurants in Leith with an excellent reputation, Pier Brasserie has become one of Edinburgh’s most popular lunch and dinner establishments. Located close to North Queensferry overlooking Rosyth Dockyard, Pier Brasserie serves a wide range of fresh seafood and meat dishes such as Prawn cocktails, Sirloin Steak, or Scampi & Chips.

The restaurant features a large private function room upstairs which can accommodate up to 200 guests, available for dining and hosting events such as weddings, parties, and presentations. The spacious bar area on the ground floor is open from 10 am until late every day and makes for an excellent place to enjoy food with friends over drinks.

3. Grazing By Mark Greenaway

Named for Melville’s description of a cargo ship as hungry on all edges, like a student at an eating-house, Grazing is an exceptional place to enjoy seafood. But don’t think of it as being limited just to fish. Choose between seared scallops, beer-battered hake, and more classic English dishes such as smoked salmon with hollandaise sauce or steak and kidney pie.

Just remember: if you are dining here, try not to fill up on their excellent bread rolls! They will always be available when needed; but order some delicious mains too. The lamb shank (with minted mash) is amazing, even if there isn’t much room left after that first serving. It is also great to combine both your appetite and wallet by ordering small portions of different meals.

4. Tanjore

If you are in search of authentic south Indian vegetarian Food Restaurants In Edinburgh, Tanjore is a good option. One of Edinburgh’s best-loved and most popular restaurants, it serves not only great food but also caters to specific diets like vegan and gluten-free. It serves authentic dishes prepared from all fresh ingredients.

The Thai Green Curry here is a must-try dish. If you are in search of authentic south Indian vegetarian Food Restaurants In Edinburgh, Tanjore is a good option. One of Edinburgh’s best-loved and most popular restaurants, it serves not only great Food Restaurants In Edinburgh but also caters to specific diets like vegan and gluten-free. It serves authentic dishes prepared from all fresh ingredients. The Thai Green Curry here is a must-try dish.

5. The Pitt

This popular restaurant is a great choice for those looking for an intimate place to have an early dinner or Sunday lunch. It offers traditional dishes that are very well presented, such as lamb rump with creamy mash. There are also more unusual options, like ox cheek and watercress salad with horseradish crème Fraiche.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In EdinburghThe Food Restaurants In Edinburgh here is really good, but if you’re after a quick lunch stop by instead – there are plenty of sandwiches to choose from in between mouthfuls of your theatre ticket! Whether you’re after Scottish staples or something more adventurous, we love The Pitt’s attention to detail and excellent service.

6. Bodega

Want a quick, cheap lunch? Bodega is your place. This mini-chain is based in Glasgow and serves up fresh paninis and salads for just about £4 each. Our favourite spot is on Elm Row, but you can also find locations on Cowgate and St. Andrew Square. And it’s pretty much impossible to visit Scotland without indulging in haggis, so be sure to stop by one of their Glasgow locations (Oyster Bar or Hope Street) to pick some up! Want a quick, cheap lunch? Bodega is your place.

This mini-chain is based in Glasgow and serves up fresh paninis and salads for just about £4 each. Our favourite spot is on Elm Row, but you can also find locations on Cowgate and St. Andrew Square. And it’s pretty much impossible to visit Scotland without indulging in haggis, so be sure to stop by one of their Glasgow locations to pick some up! 20 Best Food Restaurants In Edinburgh: Bodega: If you want a quick and delicious meal, head here first.

7. Fountain Cafe

If you like drinking bubble tea with an authentic twist, then get to know Fountain Cafe. This restaurant is famous for serving only teas that are sourced directly from Taiwan and China. Their main specialty of Bubble Tea comes in flavors like mango green apple and creamy vanilla. Located right on Broughton Street.

A walk through Princes Street Gardens will lead you here. On a hot summer day, try their refreshingly tangy Green Apple Milk Tea Shaved Ice as an alternative to cold drinks found on most menu boards around town. The Food Restaurants In Edinburgh prices here are very reasonable; no need to worry about breaking your bank just because it’s Food Restaurants In Edinburgh.

8. Hendersons

Food Restaurants In Edinburgh don’t come more authentic or local than Henderson’s, a must-visit Edinburgh restaurant for that craving Scottish cuisine at its finest. Henderson’s has been operating in various locations across Scotland since 1770, making it one of Scotland’s oldest family-run Food Restaurants In Edinburgh.

Grab a table in one of their three cafes or enjoy your meal on the go from their mobile canteen (known as The Coffee Pot Van). If you visit during peak hours be sure to arrive early to avoid disappointment; you could be waiting up to an hour during Saturday lunchtimes and popular dates such as Burns Night and Valentine’s Day.

9. Prana Indian Grill Edinburgh

This is hands down one of my favorite Indian Food Restaurants In Edinburgh. Their menu has lots of vegetarian options, and most dishes can be made vegan upon request. The only issue I have with their menu is they don’t offer enough rice, but maybe that’s just because I’m a carbaholic! They are fast-paced and get you in and out quickly.

It does get super busy on Friday nights, so be prepared to wait or arrive early for dinner at 6 pm if you want to be seated right away. To check out all their reviews click here: Prana Indian Grill on Google Reviews. If you’re wondering where it’s located it’s at 9 Charlotte Square. If you go there tell them Roisin sent ya!

10. Pakora Bar

This authentic Indian vegetarian Food Restaurants In Edinburgh is popular among both locals and tourists. They have an eclectic menu and ample seating. The portions are huge, so I recommend sharing if you don’t want to be left stuffed for days. It’s not a fancy place, but if you love traditional Indian Food Restaurants In Edinburgh, Pakora Bar is a great option in Edinburgh. Make sure to try their samosas and chicken tikka masala! -Burgers and Malt Scotch Bar:

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20 Best Food Restaurants In EdinburghAnother very casual restaurant, Burgers & Malt Scotch bar serves up awesome burgers. They use hormone-free Scottish beef from renowned butcher Tom Kerridge’s Black Market Food Restaurants In Edinburgh Company. If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to order from their secret burger list — it’s only available at each location on certain days of the week! Burgers range from classic cheeseburger options like The Classic with lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

11. Makars Gourmet Mash Bar

If you’re up for a bit of gastro-adventure, then you should check out Makars Gourmet Mash Bar. A mash bar is an all-in-one place that offers a wide variety of dishes using one key ingredient: mash. This particular restaurant is located in Scotland’s capital, and offers plenty of Food Restaurants In Edinburgh featuring mashed potatoes, from loaded fries to macaroni and cheese to chicken wings and even burgers. And if your idea of mash food stops at mashing potatoes with butter and cream, think again—this place takes it one step further by adding rice or buckwheat to provide more interesting flavors.

12. The Scran & Scallie

Looking for a great deal on top restaurants in Edinburgh? You’re going to want to check out The Scran & Scallie, Edinburgh’s premier restaurant guide. The site has reviews of some of Scotland’s best eats and is updated on a daily basis. It has dozens of top-notch restaurants that aren’t featured in other guides and is maintained by professional reviewers who have been dining at some of these places for decades. There are favorites from all over Europe, including India, Thailand, and China. If you live in or near Edinburgh and want an inside scoop on where to find Scotland’s Food Restaurants In Edinburgh, you’re definitely going to want to check out The Scran & Scallie!

13. Salt Cafe

Located in a tucked-away section of Charlotte Square, Salt has been serving up some of Edinburgh’s finest dishes since it first opened its doors in 2007. The Food Restaurants In Edinburgh is consistently good and well priced; a three-course meal for two can often be had for less than £30. If you’re feeling hungry but don’t want to commit to a full dinner.

Their tapas are also worth checking out—especially as you can get discounts if you book at Salt before 7 p.m. on weekdays (see their website for more information). Another cool thing about Salt is that they do special deals around St Andrew’s Day every November where you can grab a special bottle of malt whiskey; we love it here!

14. Noto

Noto in Edinburgh’s New Town is the place to go for a taste of NY. But don’t expect standard American diner fare. Instead, Noto offers Asian dishes with an American twist served up on sharing plates in a minimalist setting. In addition to cured trout, there are dishes like aubergine tonkatsu with kimchi and pickled ginger on the menu. The idea of going to a fine dining restaurant can put many people off.

This is especially true for those living in Edinburgh that is not used to having top-quality restaurants with delicious Food Restaurants In Edinburgh. While it is true that you will have to pay more for quality food and drink, there are some establishments that you can visit without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket. You just need to know where they are located and what they have on their menu. Here are the 20 best food restaurants in Edinburgh.

15. French Creperie Le Petit Cafe

Paired with a rich, strong coffee (or maybe tea in your case), crepes are one of France’s best culinary experts. From savory to sweet, you’ll find a wide variety of fillings and toppings for any palate. A popular snack during Parisian lunch breaks, filling crepes are an ideal way to make sure that your afternoon pick-me-up isn’t just a caffeine jolt.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In EdinburghAnd while they’re often enjoyed as street Food Restaurants In Edinburgh across Europe, there are plenty of charming locations to enjoy them at their finest. French Creperie Le Petit Cafe might be my favorite spot in town—the restaurant itself is actually inside Edinburgh Castle!

16. East Pizzas

If you’re looking for a good slice of pizza, then East Pizzas should be at the top of your list. Run by an Italian-born chef with a passion for Naples-style pizzas, East Pizzas is one of Edinburgh’s favorite spots to grab a pie. If you don’t want pizza—don’t worry! It serves all kinds of classic Italian dishes like meatballs and pasta as well.

A fun twist is that you can call ahead and get your order delivered—yes, in just 30 minutes or less. And if you want it sooner than that? You can show up and it will be ready in just 10 minutes! To make sure they don’t run out of Food Restaurants In Edinburgh, book a table before you go! Look no further for amazing pizza; we recommend getting there early since queues can be common during peak times.

17. Dine Murrayfield

Dine at Dine Murrayfield for one of Scotland’s most prestigious locations. Built-in 2012, Dine offers fine dining and is a short walk from Murrayfield Stadium and Ice Rink. With a selection of European dishes on offer, you’ll be able to experience Scottish fare at its finest, with knowledgeable waiters by your side. Make your reservation today! Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company:

Beau’s Brewing Co., located in Vankleek Hill Ontario, was established in 2006 by brothers Steve and Jeff Beauchesne. They brew their beer using certified organic malts & hops while employing environmentally friendly production practices. Their flagship beers include Lug Tread Lagered Ale, Irish Red Ale & Maudite Amber Ale; all available in 473ml cans in their distinctive Beau’s pink labels.

18. Mother India’s Cafe

Hidden away in an unassuming corner of Cramond, Mother India’s Cafe has become something of a hidden gem. Serving up delicious homemade cuisine seven days a week, its doors are open to both tourists and locals alike who are looking for a tasty bite to eat at affordable prices. Cooking up dishes that combine old-world flavours with modern flair, it is easy to see why Mother India’s Cafe is so popular. With freshly made samosas and other Indian nibbles that can be enjoyed before or after your meal; choose from classics such as chicken tikka masala or opt for some exotic fare such as goat biryani.

19. Quinn’s cafe

If you’re looking for a place to go on date night, Quinn’s is a perfect place. Not only do they have yummy Food Restaurants In Edinburgh and drink but it’s quiet and elegant. This bar serves fresh farm produce from local suppliers, making them a great place to go if you are looking for quality meat and drinks!

Plus, their staff will make you feel like royalty when dining there. To top it all off, their prices are pretty affordable for how tasty their meals are. I’d recommend trying their shrimp burger – omg! Words can’t even describe how amazing it is! It’s also located right by Princes Street so makes a perfect stop before/after exploring that area of town! Check out my favorite 20 food restaurants.

20. Wedgwood

For a classic meal that’s guaranteed to please, head to Wedgwood on Mayfield Road. The décor is unassuming and warm, but it’s about Food Restaurants In Edinburgh – not table settings. Don’t be deceived by its exterior: Wedgwood is one of the best restaurants in Edinburg for quality. The owner knows just how much to spend on ingredients and you can taste it with every bite of their delicious curries and pakoras.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In EdinburghIt’s also very reasonably priced; eating at Wedgwood is an absolute must-do when visiting Edinburg. If you like spicy Food Restaurants In Edinburgh, order extra chutney as well as mango chutney and pickles. And do make sure to try out their signature dish: Chicken Tikka Masala. They have three other locations around town which are equally good so there’s no need to worry if they’re full – they never disappoint!

21. Howies Waterloo Place

Where Quality Meets Quantity… Let’s face it, Food Restaurants In Edinburgh is one of life’s biggest pleasures. This is why we are delighted to be able to introduce Howies, with a new location on Waterloo Place in Edinburgh. As ever, all our ingredients are sourced from local suppliers, and our passion for serving delicious homemade dishes has not waned over time.

While you can get stuck into some tasty ribs or marvel at our succulent selection of steaks and burgers, it doesn’t end there; we’ve got seafood delights such as squid, scallops and langoustines too. Our expert chefs take great pride in their work so expect nothing but mouth-watering recipes that you’ll want to come back for time and again!

22. Educated Flea

The Educated Flea is one of three bistros in the mini-chain of three on busy Broughton Street. Enjoy unusual combinations as well as larger sharing plates that feature local beef and seafood. During the day, the daytime menu is a real bargain, running until pre-theatre. From Bangers and Mash to vegetarian offerings, you can choose from a wide variety of Food Restaurants In Edinburgh.

That have been satisfying hungry mouths for years. Check out these 20 best food restaurants in Edinburgh before planning your next trip. If you are looking for something more specific, please let us know! We’d love to help find what you’re craving. Make plans now at our 20 best food restaurants in Edinburgh! Here’s a list of some must-try places

23. Macau Kitchen

In most Chinese restaurants, it’s easy to breeze through a meal without even considering what you’re eating or how it got there. But if you’re hungry for something other than starch and meat, head on over to Macau Kitchen in Portobello. This authentic-feeling eatery offers a number of vegan and vegetarian options (including mock meats) that will delight your taste buds without making you feel like you’ve just made an appointment with your dietician. Tofu egg puddings and mock chicken, duck, and pork are some of the highlights here—the presentation is vibrant and fresh so each bite is reminiscent of Southeast Asian street Food Restaurants In Edinburgh.

24. The Perch Restaurant

The Perch is a seafood restaurant located in central Food Restaurants In Edinburgh, Scotland. Set within a beautiful Grade II listed building in Ocean Terminal on Leith, The Perch Restaurant is known for its extensive menu of tasty treats. The venue also offers gluten-free options. It was opened in December 2014 by Forbes Carlisle and the team so you can be sure you’ll receive friendly service as well as great Food Restaurants In Edinburgh.

25. Dishoom

The best Indian food in town, Dishoom’s a good place to start. Their popularity means booking is recommended. The restaurant offers a £25 lunch deal that includes two courses and a drink. Booking can be made on their website or by calling up! Where: 5 Rochester Place, Edinburgh EH1 2UH, When: Mon-Sat 10 am 11 pm Amenities: Alcohol-free zone, Parking available Takeaway available: The best Indian Food Restaurants In Edinburgh in town, Dishoom’s a good place to start.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In EdinburghTheir popularity means booking is recommended. The restaurant offers a £25 lunch deal that includes two courses and a drink. Booking can be made on their website or by calling up!5 Rochester Place, Edinburgh EH1 2UH, Mon-Sat 10 am 11 -free zone, Parking available The best Indian food in town, Dishoom’s a good place to start. Their popularity means booking is recommended. The restaurant offers a £25 lunch deal that includes two courses and a drink.

26. Locanda De Gusti

The service at Locanda De Gusti is a huge part of what makes it such a beloved establishment in Edinburgh. Located just off Niddry Street and close to Grassmarket, Locanda de Gusti is typically packed with patrons who are coming in for excellent Food Restaurants In Edinburgh and drinks – but they come back again and again because of their warm service.

No matter how busy they get, Locanda’s servers always take time to make their guests feel welcome and taken care of. Everything from charmingly slow wait times between courses to witty jokes made during conversations contributes to a great dining experience at Locanda de Gusti. The portions of dishes here are generous as well, so be sure not to overdo it when ordering out the first time around!

27. Purslane Restaurant

This great vegetarian restaurant has a cozy, warm atmosphere that’s inviting. The Food Restaurants In Edinburgh is divine and completely delicious. After eating here, you will never eat kale salads at other restaurants again! This is one of our top picks in all of Edinburgh. The menu also includes lots of gluten-free and vegan options too, making it a great choice for those who prefer a healthier diet. A meal for two should cost around £50 pounds.

There are plenty of vegetarian-friendly places to eat in Food Restaurants In Edinburgh but Purslane stands out from them all. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with your experience here if you go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Why not come by on Friday night for live music and wine tasting? If live music isn’t your thing then come for their 80s themed movie nights every Sunday evening. We give them five stars out of five!

28. The Gardener’s Cottage

The Gardener’s Cottage has earned itself some serious culinary accolades since it opened in 2012. Chef Ed Murray and co-owner Dale Mailley own and operate the restaurant. Creating a strong sense of place with seasonal Food Restaurants In Edinburgh that connect diners, producers, and landscapes is their ethos. however, you can call them for more information. They are located at 12 Carlton Terrace, Regent Road, EH7 5AL.

If you’re in town on November 18th or 19th and want to check out their menu and/or decor, they will be hosting a Vegan Festival. If you attend, let us know how it was! This is just one of many vegetarian-friendly restaurants near Princes Street Gardens. The location is well worth considering if you like meat-free menus but don’t care to go far to find good eats.

29. Aizle

Michelin-starred Scottish restaurant owned by head chef Anna Wilkinson, who is a modernist cook of international acclaim. Aizle’s elegant, relaxed ambiance makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a quality dining experience in Edinburgh. The exceptional menu offers seasonal dishes that are packed with flavour and ingredients such as duck foie gras, Arbroath smokies, roast veal fillet with chanterelles, and potato croquette with wild boar terrine. Located on South Bridge at 22/23 Candlemaker Row.

30. The Piper’s Rest Public House

You’ll want to spend an evening at The Piper’s Rest Public House. This local favorite is a pub located in central Edinburgh that serves great Food Restaurants In Edinburgh and delicious drinks, including classic meals like burgers and a wide variety of beers. With several private rooms available for rent, it’s perfect for special occasions. Just remember that it gets very busy on weekends. If you’re just looking for somewhere to enjoy dinner with friends or family, you can sit at a table inside.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In EdinburghIf you’d rather have something more intimate, reserving one of its four private dining rooms may be your best bet. You can also take advantage of their outdoor seating area during good weather it overlooks Greyfriars Kirkyard, which means there are lots of fun things to see while enjoying your meal. It’s definitely not hard to find high-quality restaurants in Edinburgh this place is right up there with them! Your experience will undoubtedly begin with traditional Scottish fare. If whisky is what you’re after, don’t worry.


Sometimes, it can be tough to choose which one to visit. Everyone has different tastes, but in order to make your choice easier and make sure you’re making a smart decision, check out our list below. It breaks down our top 20 best Food Restaurants In Edinburgh choices based on location and specialties so that you can narrow your search even further. On top of that, each of these restaurants is fairly close together – we didn’t want you to spend more time planning how you were going to get there than on deciding which restaurant will best suit your cravings!


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