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20 Best Food Restaurants In Dundee

Food Restaurants In Dundee doesn’t need to be expensive! There are plenty of options in the city to enjoy food at an affordable price, and it doesn’t hurt that the restaurants on this list are either independently owned or feature local ingredients, so you can feel good about the food you’re eating and supporting your community at the same time. Check out these 20 best food restaurants in Dundee today and try something new!

Dundee, Oregon, is one of the most scenic and charming cities in the Pacific Northwest and a favorite of visitors to the region. The city’s downtown area offers restaurants of all varieties, from casual diners to fine dining establishments. If you’re planning to visit Dundee and don’t know where to begin when it comes to picking restaurants, we have you covered with our roundup of the 20 best food restaurants in Dundee.

1. Sol y Sombra Tapas Bar

The food at Sol y Sombra is always consistently high-quality, with a heavy Spanish influence. This is one of those places that you go to even when you’re not really hungry because you know it will be great and it’s just a part of your routine. It also helps that every night they have different specials so you can try something new every time and they offer two-for-one drinks on Tuesdays, so if that doesn’t entice you, I don’t know what will.

Overall it’s a great restaurant for any occasion and I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting or living in Dundee. The 4.5-star rated Sol y Sombra Tapas Bar is among the city’s top restaurants based on over 2,300 reviews on TripAdvisor. Spanish tapas bar opened in 2011 and received top ratings for value and service. The Food Restaurants In Dundee was highly rated as well. Lunch and dinner are available on the set menu for £19.50 and £24.50, respectively.

2. Collinsons Restaurant

If you’re looking for a Food Restaurants In Dundee then look no further than Collinson’s Restaurant. Just behind Queens Park, you’ll find a lovely cozy little spot with delectable dishes and mouth-watering desserts. It’s one of my favourite Food Restaurants In Dundee, but make sure to book your table as they are very popular! The food is of excellent quality and I would highly recommend it. There is also plenty of parking nearby if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic on your way home from work!

This is definitely one of my favourite Food Restaurants In Dundee, so check it out next time you’re looking for somewhere new to eat! In a contemporary dining room with dark hues, local produce is treated thoughtfully. The first slide of this series examines the Broughty Ferry area of Dundee, located east of the city’s center along the northern bank of the Tay. In the vicinity of Collinson’s can be found Broughty Castle, a classic example of military architecture dating back to the 15th century.

3. Gidi Grill

The Israeli owner was recently called the most down-to-earth person in town by a source for The City Paper. New to downtown and located across from Square Books, Gidi is exactly what you want in a local eatery: well priced, locally owned, and serving up an international menu of fantastic Food Restaurants In Dundee that includes everything from sushi to schnitzel. This family-friendly restaurant also has vegan options. A friend of mine recently said she found out about Gidi on Instagram I can’t recommend that highly enough! Take advantage of their happy hour specials.

PBRs are £1; wines and beers are two for one, and bar bites are half off! We love sharing an order of calamari, some hummus with flatbread, and then splitting a pizza (half cheese/half pepperoni). With its casual atmosphere and varied menu, Gidi offers something for everyone at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for something different but affordable during your next night out in DTR, check it out! As always, please feel free to comment below or tweet me @SaraPuckett to let me know where your favorite spot is around town.

4. The Camperdown Elm

Also voted as one of Scotland’s Top 10 Restaurants, The Camperdown Elm serves traditional Scottish dishes in a modern setting. This modern and lively restaurant serves seasonal Food Restaurants In Dundee for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. The Camperdown Elm has been awarded two AA Rosettes.

Traditional Scottish cuisine is on offer alongside an extensive bar menu featuring over 50 whiskies including rare malts and single cask bottlings. Chef Gavin Cooper describes his cooking style as traditional with attitude, using carefully sourced local ingredients combined with influences from international cuisines to create unique flavor combinations.

5. Rancho Pancho

This is one of those places you could easily pass by but if you go in and have a meal, I can guarantee you’ll want to come back. Rancho Pancho has a huge range of Mexican dishes, all of which are freshly made and will fill you up with delicious Food Restaurants In Dundee. You could honestly go there just for their cheese dip and tortilla chips alone, they are that good! If you fancy something more substantial then they have a great selection of burritos too.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In DundeeI’ve tried both breakfast and dinner at Rancho Pancho and haven’t been disappointed either time so it really is worth paying them a visit if you get a chance! They also do takeout if you don’t feel like eating in. This place definitely deserves its spot on my list of best Food Restaurants In Dundee. It’s cheap, cheerful, and oh-so-delicious! What more could you ask for?

6. Gallery 48

A contemporary pan-Asian include a list of Food Restaurants In Dundee located in Old Town’s West Port, Gallery 48 boasts a menu that brings together bold Chinese and Thai flavours with lighter, more delicate Japanese dishes. Contemporary and stylish with its hanging red lanterns and black furnishings, diners can eat in one of two ways here: either by selecting one of their set menus available during dinner or going à la carte. Because it’s such a small space with just 12 tables, you may want to book ahead or go early, as they do take reservations up until 2 pm each day.

If you’re after a bargain meal though, steer clear prices are slightly higher than many other restaurants in town and there’s no option for takeaway meals although you can order online. Gallery 48 is closed on Sundays but opens from 5 pm on Saturdays. Its intimate atmosphere makes it perfect for romantic dinners or special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries although if your visit isn’t quite so celebratory, make sure to ask about The Gallery experience; with an additional £15 per person added onto your bill at check out, your meal will be paired with three different wines at various stages.

7. The Milton Inn

Dining at The Milton Inn is more than just a meal, it’s an experience. A place where you can come in for breakfast and be guaranteed a friendly greeting from one of our staff and Food Restaurants In Dundee that will fill you up and keep you going throughout your day. Our staff are known for their brilliant service, but also have a great sense of humor so they always make sure everyone has an enjoyable time while they are with us. When it comes to food we try to ensure there is something on offer for everyone at your party as long as there are no dietary restrictions among your party we like to think we cater to all tastes!

Whether you are looking for a hearty Scottish breakfast or some delicious fish and chips, we can guarantee that our chefs will do everything they can to provide you with Food Restaurants In Dundee that is cooked fresh daily. If you’re not too hungry then why not try out one of our freshly made sandwiches or wraps? They are perfect if you want something quick or simply don’t have much time between appointments. And if you fancy some light lunch then why not order some soup? We serve only homemade soups so even though they may look small when served up in a bowl.

8. Jessie’s Kitchen

Be prepared to wait in line for a table here. Jessie’s Kitchen serves up classic American comfort Food Restaurants In Dundee with big portions at an affordable price. There are burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and salads on offer as well as heaping plates of pasta, fish and chips, and all-day breakfasts. On top of that, there are plenty of homemade cakes for dessert the chocolate fudge brownie is a favourite. The staff is lovely too, which always helps. I can never resist taking a peek inside when I walk past I just love looking at all their cake decorations!

It also has that nice diner vibe you don’t get from many other restaurants in Dundee. The place is usually pretty busy so it’s best to book ahead if you’re planning on eating there. Don’t forget to ask about their daily specials! They change regularly but they’re usually worth checking out. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then be sure to check out their desserts – they have some amazing choices. Their milkshakes are particularly delicious perfect for cooling down on a hot day! Jessie’s kitchen is one of my favorite places to eat in Dundee.

9. The Bach

By far, one of the most popular restaurants in Dundee is The Bach. With a 3.8 star rating on TripAdvisor and 4.5 stars on Google Reviews, it’s no surprise that people love The Bach! This family-owned restaurant is located just off Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow’s West End, serving up a delicious range of Food Restaurants In Dundee at reasonable prices! If you’re looking for somewhere quick and delicious for lunch or dinner then look no further than The Bach!

Options include burgers, salads, and pizza from £5 – £15 which are sure to hit just the spot! There’s also an extensive breakfast menu available including omelets and eggs benedict for £6.50-£7.50 each! You can check out their full menu here. To book your table head over to their website here. For those looking for something a little different then we’d recommend heading over to The Pitt Cue Co. Not only do they serve some of the best BBQ Food Restaurants In Dundee in Scotland but they also have an incredible cocktail list with a huge variety of spirits available too!

10. Bridgeview Station Restaurant

This modern British restaurant has received an immense amount of praise since it opened in 2014, which isn’t surprising when you look at its beautifully plated dishes. The modern cuisine is inventive and made from locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, ensuring that even its desserts are delicious without being overly indulgent. A lunchtime menu is also available for those on a more limited budget, so don’t let that put you off the Food Restaurants In Dundee really does make Bridgeview Station Restaurant a great place to eat.

20 Best Food Restaurants In DundeeIf you’re visiting Dundee or if you live nearby, be sure to give it a try. It won’t disappoint! 1st Runner-Up: Whyte & Brown: Located near Strathmartine Road, Whyte & Brown offers some of the best Food Restaurants In Dundee. You can enjoy a simple breakfast before hitting your local gym or take time out with friends over dinner and drinks. Try some homemade hummus with pita bread or opt for something heartier like roasted pork belly with sweet potato mash.

11. Pacamara Food & Drink

Serving Mediterranean-influenced cuisine with a seasonal twist, Pacamara is one of Scotland’s hidden gems. With its chic décor and mouthwatering menu, it’s no wonder that most locals end up visiting at least once a week. But don’t let Pacamara’s reputation as an upscale eatery deter you; it offers plenty of deals to appease all tastes and budgets, making it a perfect place for both a romantic date or catching up with old friends. Whether you opt for homemade hummus served on freshly baked pita bread with tahini sauce.

You won’t be disappointed by any dish on offer here. To top off your meal, try their famous chocolate fondant: a warm chocolate cake filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with raspberry coulis. It’s not just their Food Restaurants In Dundee that makes Pacamara so popular though it’s also their attentive service and relaxed atmosphere. If you want to enjoy a night out without having to worry about who will pay for what or when your next drink will arrive, then head over to Pacamara today!

12. Bruach Bar

Located on McDonald Road in Carse of Gowrie, Bruach Bar prides itself on serving tasty food to its guests. The menu is stacked with traditional Scottish Food Restaurants In Dundee and uses only local produce where possible. It also boasts an impressive selection of cocktails, wines, and spirits and there is a wide range of whiskey available if you’re looking for something extra special. Locals describe it as being cozy, modern, and rustic all at once! If you’re looking for somewhere great to eat out in Dundee, then make sure you check out Bruach Bar.

You won’t be disappointed. They offer both takeaway and delivery services too, so you can get your food without even leaving your house! There are plenty of other places to eat in Dundee, but few compare to Bruach Bar. It’s one of those restaurants that has everything – excellent Food Restaurants In Dundee, service, and atmosphere. Plus, they always have great offers on their menus which makes eating out even more affordable than usual! There are plenty of things to do in Dundee these days and we think that food should definitely be one of them!

13. Gulistan House

A firm believer in bringing happiness to their patrons, Gulistan House serves an array of authentic Indian cuisine. The vegetarian cuisine is not only healthy but also infused with spices that will leave you coming back for more. With a variety of dishes and food options, you are sure to find something suitable for every palate. If you’re looking for a culinary delight, then do drop by at Gulistan House for some mouth-watering Food Restaurants In Dundee!

Veg Thali, Veg Mughlai Paratha Roll & Mughlai Paratha Roll, Puri Bhaji Masala and Chana Masala, Cheese Sandwich Chaat and Chole Kulche Biryani. Recommended: Veg Thali This thali has all types of veggies including paneer cottage cheese, served with rice or roti along with a drink of your choice. For people who love paneer cottage cheese-based Food Restaurants In Dundee items like Palak Paneer or Matar Paneer, this thali is going to be your favourite dish. The taste of it will make you want to order it again from here on end!

14. Porters Bar & Restaurant

Looking for something a little different? Tired of bland local cuisine and pub grub? Then why not try Porter’s Bar & Restaurant home to 20 of Scotland’s most outstanding signature dishes, including Haggis, which is a Scottish traditional dish made with sheep’s pluck heart, liver, and lungs, minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt. Smoked Salmon served with herb cream cheese and spinach or beetroot chutney on brown bread. Located on Riverside Drive in Ardler it’s also dog friendly! If you’re looking for food restaurants in Dundee then check out Porters Bar & Restaurant.

It’s one of our top recommendations when we talk about great places to eat in Dundee. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in town. You won’t be disappointed. The service is excellent, the staff are very attentive and always willing to help. They have an excellent choice of drinks available from beers to cocktails as well as wine if that’s more your thing. The décor has been recently updated so it looks even better than before and offers a warm welcome every time you walk through their doors. We highly recommend visiting them if you want some excellent Food Restaurants In Dundee at reasonable prices with good service too!

15. Tahini Express

Serves a range of healthy and delicious Middle Eastern, Arabic, Greek, and Turkish Food Restaurants In Dundee. The starters here are excellent, particularly their labneh yogurt cheese, which is rich and creamy. Their hummus, which can be served as a main or starter, is also delicious. Prices are low and portions generous; you definitely get your money’s worth at Tahini Express. For mains we recommend their kubbeh niyyah minced lamb meatballs, which come with rice or potatoes it’s great value for money!

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20 Best Food Restaurants In DundeeIf you have any room left after your meal then finish off with one of their delicious baklava pastries a perfect way to end an excellent meal. We highly recommend Tahini Express if you want to try some traditional Mediterranean cuisine in Dundee. They’re open late every day, so even if you fancy something different on your night out they should still be able to accommodate you. Be sure to make a reservation before visiting though they don’t take walk-ins very often due to their popularity.

16. Tickety Boo’s

If you like fish and chips, but don’t fancy eating your dinner off a paper plate and at one of those plastic picnic tables, Tickety Boo’s will be a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to know that you can still get proper fish and chips when dining out, in a really nice place too. They use locally caught sea bass with hand-cut chunky chips – all on a wooden board with copious amounts of malt vinegar Food Restaurants In Dundee!

And just around the corner is their ice cream parlor which has some delicious sounding flavours on offer…like chocolate lolly or raspberry ripple! How good does that sound? The staff is always very friendly and it’s definitely worth checking out. A must for anyone visiting Dundee. Definitely recommended! A Google User 5/5 Reviewed: 23 August 2012 via mobile Restaurant review via mobile TripAdvisor 4/5 Reviewed: 11 February 2014 TripAdvisor user.

17. Innis & Gunn Brewery Taproom Dundee

If you love beer, you’ll appreciate Innis & Gunn Brewery Taproom. This bar and Food Restaurants In Dundee is a hybrid of sorts. While there are plenty of fantastic offerings on tap, it also serves excellent meals in a beautiful setting that might surprise you. Located in a renovated bakery just outside of downtown Dundee, Innis & Gunn Brewery Taproom combines rich history with mouthwatering cuisine and an assortment of delicious beers brewed on-site. Scotland is famous for having one of the best reputations when it comes to producing fine alcohol.

So if you have time while you’re in town, try visiting Innis & Gunn Brewery Taproom Dundee. This local favorite boasts a large selection of delicious brews, as well as an on-site distillery that lets you see how things are made. That means that no matter what kind of beer you like or which type of alcohol is your go-to, there’s bound to be something here that catches your eye. Don’t miss out on these great drinks make sure to swing by! You won’t regret it.

18. The Flame Tree Cafe

If you’re looking for a place to find both local Food Restaurants In Dundee and international cuisine, it’s hard to beat The Flame Tree Cafe. It can be found right in town, near where most people stop by after leaving their long-haul flights. For a quick lunch, consider ordering its fish burger with seasonal tartar sauce or maybe a Caesar salad as well. If you want something even lighter yet equally as filling, go for an English breakfast or choose from some of its other great menu items; what matters is that your meal will be delicious!

But The Flame Tree Cafe is different from your average restaurant it specializes in fish and chips using only fresh local produce. All their Food Restaurants In Dundee is cooked with magic, which seems kind of strange at first, but then again so do half of these other restaurants on our list! If you’re looking for some flavourful seafood accompanied by a little bit of magic, look no further than The Flame Tree Cafe. It’s a great place to start if you want something more adventurous. And who knows? Maybe if you order just right, you might get yourself a tasty treat.

19. Tesco Express

As a traditional British supermarket, Tesco offers fresh Food Restaurants In Dundee, electricals, and homeware products from a huge range of brands including own-label, Heinz, and Pot Noodle. It’s also part of Tesco Finest, which brings you local specialties as well as artisanal treats from around Europe. There’s also an on-site café offering sandwiches, soups, and freshly made breakfasts.

If you need any help with finding your way around or need some advice on which product to buy next then there’s always someone on hand who will be more than happy to help. If you get peckish whilst shopping, they have an onsite Café serving toasties and toast along with hot drinks at all times of the day. Alternatively, visit The Sandwich Bar where you can enjoy lunchtime favourites such as burgers and jacket potatoes.

For something sweet try The Ice Creamery where delicious ice cream creations are available for all ages to enjoy. With great deals throughout each week, there is something for everyone so make sure you check out their weekly offers page for further details. Remember if it’s fresh groceries you’re after then head over to the Bakery department where their skilled bakers are busy baking up fresh bread every day using only quality ingredients ensuring that your loaf is soft in texture and full of flavour.

20. The Newport Restaurant

When I’m looking for a simple breakfast or lunch in Dundee, my favorite stop is The Newport Restaurant. This quaint eatery offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, and soups that are both delicious and affordable. One of my favorite options is their signature grilled chicken Caesar salad. It’s filled with all of your favorite classic Caesar ingredients like romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese and croutons just don’t forget to add an egg! If you’re looking for something a little heartier.

20 Best Food Restaurants In DundeeYou can try one of their hearty soups such as their chicken pot pie soup or New England clam chowder. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. For dinner, I recommend trying out their rotating menu of specials. The last time I was there they had a Thai-inspired shrimp pad thai special that was simply amazing. Overall, Newport is a great place to eat if you’re looking for good Food Restaurants In Dundee at reasonable prices. Plus it has amazing views overlooking Lake Michigan. What more could you ask for?

21. Parlour

With a constantly changing seasonal menu, offering both fantastic traditional and experimental dishes that are complemented by a very wide and comprehensive wine list, Parlour is one of Dundee’s most acclaimed restaurants. Established in 2013, it also has a sister restaurant called Kitchen 1877, which is located just across from Parlour on Tower Street. With head chef Alan Murchison at its helm, you can expect dishes inspired by classic French cuisine think snails with garlic butter and tarragon toast for starters.

As if all that wasn’t enough to make your mouth water already, you can also enjoy panoramic views of historic Broughty Ferry while enjoying your meal. It’s certainly worth making a reservation ahead of time. The menu changes daily, so check out their website before visiting to see what they have planned each day. There’s no set price per dish instead diners pay according to how much they enjoyed their Food Restaurants In Dundee. To get there, take bus numbers 1 or 6A towards East Marketgait and get off at West Mill Denes.

22. Jute Café Bar

Located in Newton Street, Jute Café Bar is a favourite lunch spot among Dundee locals. The café is just opposite of McManus Galleries, so it makes a great place to eat after a morning of shopping. With plenty of healthy options on their menu, like soups and salads, there are also more indulgent options for those looking for comfort Food Restaurants In Dundee. Dishes range from steak and brie to Thai chicken burgers with sweet potato fries. Jute is vegetarian-friendly as well which adds an additional reason to visit if you’re not only interested in excellent Food Restaurants In Dundee.

As well as hot meals, they have an assortment of coffees and cake slices with delicious fresh cream from Mackintosh Dairy Farm just outside Edinburgh. They also serve up a variety of homemade cakes that change daily including chocolate brownies, lemon drizzle cakes, and carrot cakes. There is even gluten-free bread available upon request! For many years now, Jute has been run by Alex Cooper who opened her first restaurant in Perthshire before moving down to Dundee where she continued her success story.

23. Agacan Turkish Restaurant

Everyone knows that Turkish cuisine is bursting with flavor, so it’s no surprise to learn that Agacan Turkish Food Restaurants In Dundee has been serving up some of South Africa’s tastiest kebabs and hummus. Located in Melville, Agacan is one of the most popular Middle Eastern restaurants in town, especially for those who love a good lamb dish.

Everything on their menu is scrumptious and if you can only go to one restaurant in Dundee for lunch or dinner, we recommend going here. They have fantastic service too, which makes eating there all that much better. You won’t regret it! The portions are large enough to share and prices are very reasonable. It’s located on Juta Street, right next door to Carnegie Bistro which we will also be talking about later.

24. The Old Anchor Inn

This traditional pub is a great place to start when you’re looking for food restaurants in Dundee. The Old Anchor Inn is steeped in history and comes with a picturesque location, making it an ideal spot for a weekend trip with your family or friends. You can enjoy amazing steaks and mouth-watering seafood during your meal, along with a nice pint of beer. The Old Anchor Inn also features local favorites like haggis and fresh stovies.

If you want to experience some of Scotland’s best food restaurants in Dundee, look no further than The Old Anchor Inn. It’s conveniently located right on Queens Dock, which means you have plenty of opportunities to see other sights while you’re there. A leisurely walk through town will allow you to explore many historic buildings and landmarks while enjoying a scrumptious meal at one of Scotland’s most famous food restaurants in Dundee.

25. The Royal Arch Bar & Bistro

With a wide range of drink and food options available at The Royal Arch Bar & Bistro, you can be sure to find something that satisfies your hunger. With their traditional pub feel, old wooden floors, and a large selection of beverages; you will be hard-pressed to find a more charming place to spend your time in. Their Food Restaurants In Dundee is also well worth trying out with some of it being made right in front of you by their very skilled chefs.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In DundeeIf you are looking for somewhere local with great service and nice Food Restaurants In Dundee then look no further than The Royal Arch Bar & Bistro! You won’t regret it! In 2014, Jana Defi was elected as Miss Universe Hungary 2014. Jana Defi’s success has been covered extensively by several Hungarian news sites including Index magazine, Origo, and Blikk.

26. Ciao Sorrento

The best Italian food and coffee can be found at Ciao Sorrento in nearby Milngavie. It’s just a short drive from Dens Park and has tasty homemade pasta, pizza, risotto, slow-cooked ribs as well as gourmet burgers and desserts. The ice cream menu is truly special with treats including white chocolate fudge brownie sundae, peanut butter cup, and chocolate hazelnut cake. A trip to Ciao Sorrento is always worth it! 3 Stonethwaite Place, Milngavie G62 6PX. Tel: 01389 755 006. The Waterfront Bar & Restaurant:

The Waterfront Bar & Food Restaurants In Dundee is an award-winning restaurant that overlooks both land and sea. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all year round, you’ll find everything from fresh fish and chips to pan-fried scallops or steak pie on offer here. Why not enjoy one of their fantastic steaks or fresh oysters while you take in stunning views of Victoria Dock? If you want a more informal experience there are also plenty of tables outside so you can enjoy al fresco dining whatever the weather.

27. Rama Thai

At Rama Thai, diners can enjoy a variety of Thai favorites, such as pad thai and cashew chicken. Located at 125 N Division St., it offers delivery options to boot. Guests rave about Rama Thai’s prices most dishes cost less than £10 as well as its vegan offerings. The restaurant also has options for those with dietary restrictions.

Including gluten-free items and low-fat selections. According to reviewers, service is prompt and friendly at Rama Thai. TripAdvisor currently holds 4.5 stars out of 11 reviews. Yelper Carrie B., who reviewed Rama Thai on Aug. 8, wrote: Great Food Restaurants In Dundee! Great price! Great staff! I got takeout and everything was delicious.

28. Bellini

At Bellini, you can not only find some of Scotland’s best Food Restaurants In Dundee, but you can also dine with a spectacular view over Dundee and its picturesque harbor. With an extensive menu offering all types of seafood, Bellini is a firm favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. Booking in advance is recommended as seating can get extremely busy at times! If you’re looking for fresh seafood served in an elegant setting then look no further than Bellini. In order to maintain its high standards, Bellini does not accept bookings after 10 pm.

In addition to providing food from one of Food Restaurants In Dundee most popular restaurants, Presto offers table service as well as takeaway food. This means that if you don’t have time to sit down and enjoy your meal at Presto itself, they will be more than happy to wrap up your order so that you can take it home or eat on the go. Some dishes that are available on their menu include pasta, pizzas, and desserts such as cheesecake. Their vegetarian options are always abundant so there is something for everyone here!

29. Mozza

Notable for its handmade, hand-stretched pizza and unusual wine list, Mozza is sure to impress. This Chicago transplant has been a favorite for years now, and any trip downtown wouldn’t be complete without it. Be sure to arrive early though; especially on weekends, you may have a short wait time. With all of their pizzas being so tasty, it might be hard to make up your mind.

The manchego with red onion marmalade sounds like an intriguing choice with its cheese from La Mancha (in central Spain) and adding duck confit or other options should only improve things further. For dessert go ahead and indulge in something traditional such as tiramisu or opt for something wild like peanut butter mousse. This restaurant should not disappoint!

30. Taza Indian Buffet

This self-described farmhouse-style buffet offers a wide variety of foods and has been around for decades. Given its history, there’s no doubt that Taza Indian Buffet is a favorite among locals. And while it’s not as easy to find as some of Food Restaurants In Dundee newer restaurants, it also doesn’t have trouble maintaining a steady flow of diners.

20 Best Food Restaurants In DundeeAll told, that makes Taza an established choice for those looking for good food in great company. But be sure to leave room for dessert! The food here isn’t just delicious it’s plentiful. So don’t forget to save room for one of their many desserts or drinks. Plus, you’ll want to stay hydrated so you can keep up with all that food!


While there are no doubt many other eateries in Dundee worth visiting, these 20 Best Food Restaurants In Dundee have proven themselves time and again as some of the best places to dine in town. Whether you’re looking for a casual meal or a special evening out, any one of these restaurants should be able to satisfy your cravings and create some great memories. And if you ever want recommendations on where to go for food, make sure to ask someone who lives here; we’ve got it covered!

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