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20 Best Food Restaurants In Coventry

Coventry doesn’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to food and drink, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great places to eat in the city! Whether you like fine dining, street food, or even vegan eating, Coventry has something for you! We’ve made a list of some of the best Food Restaurants In Coventry that we think are definitely worth visiting next time you find yourself with some spare time in the city!

Here are the 20 Best Food Restaurants In Coventry. During Coventry’s year as the City of Culture, you can find some of the finest restaurants from around the world, so you can savor a variety of different cuisines. The full enjoyment of restaurants may not be available to us right now, but you should familiarize yourself with this selection of restaurants in Coventry. Here is an impressive selection of the best restaurants in Coventry sure to satisfy your taste buds.

1. The Millpool

Don’t be fooled by its cozy country pub exterior, The Millpool is a sophisticated Food Restaurants In Coventry with an excellent reputation. It is situated on Warwick Road in Warwickshire, England – not far from surrounding cities such as Leamington Spa and Stratford Upon Avon. Although it serves mostly classic British dishes, it also has a few international options that are recommended by regulars.

We were particularly impressed with their traditional Sunday roasts and classic fish and chips dish! Their menu changes seasonally to reflect what is available locally at that time, so you can count on seasonal meals being freshly prepared for you when you come here. You will definitely get your money’s worth here just make sure to leave room for dessert!

2. Meriden Spice Indian Restaurant

Meriden Spice is one of the Food Restaurants In Coventry; in fact, it has been voted Britain’s number one Indian restaurant. Whether you are vegetarian or a meat-lover, Meriden Spice can cater to your tastes, as there is a large selection of dishes on offer. All meals are freshly cooked and you can choose between eating in or taking away. The service is exceptional and the prices are reasonable.

They are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and also have online ordering available for delivery. You should definitely visit Meriden Spice; whether it be for lunch or dinner, you will not be disappointed! Meriden Spice serves traditional Food Restaurants In Coventry with a modern twist. Your taste buds will thank you. Their many years of experience really show, so come along and enjoy an authentic Indian meal at their Coventry Restaurant today!

3. Gourmet Food Kitchen

If you’re looking for a spot with fresh food, and a wide range of options, then check out Gourmet Food Restaurants In Coventry Kitchen. Their menus are updated regularly to give you a different type of cuisine every time. Be sure to look into their lunch deals if you want something quick during your break from work. Michelin-starred chef Tony Davies founded Gourmet Food Kitchen after years of experience in kitchens around Europe. It is the number one restaurant in Coventry. There is a chef’s table experience available for up to 12 guests at this Fargo Village establishment. Whether you’re celebrating with your friends or hosting.

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4. Beech Tree Fish Bar

This traditional fish and chip shop has been around for over 25 years. They serve big portions of classic fish and chips, alongside ice cream sundae cones, prawn cocktails, and sausages. It’s not going to win any awards for its ambiance, but if you’re after an authentic taste of British seaside Food Restaurants In Coventry, then Beech Tree is where it’s at. Another added bonus? Kids eat free on Sundays! If you’re looking for something low-key in Food Restaurants In Coventry, with prices that won’t break your budget and only takeaways available, then you can’t go wrong with Beech Tree Fish Bar.

It sits slap bang between two supermarkets in fact – on one side sits Morrisons’ huge glassy-fronted superstore whilst ASDA across from it boasts all kinds of cheap eats from burgers to breakfast baps; it’s just a short walk away from The Mall shopping centre too, which makes grabbing coffee before hitting up your local shops more convenient than ever before. Why spend more money visiting cafes when there are so many affordable places serving up huge portions that fill hungry bellies instead?

5. Tumeric Gold

If you want to experience some of Coventry’s tastiest curries and Indian food then head over to Tumeric Gold, one of our top picks for the best restaurants in Coventry. A set meal here will cost around £10-15, which is fantastic value for money considering how much food you get on your plate. This restaurant makes authentic south Indian Food Restaurants In Coventry that have a distinctive flavour that combines elements from all three regions Maharashtrian, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In CoventryYou’ll find all kinds of great vegetarian dishes such as masala dosa with coconut chutney and yogurt raita served with piping hot idlis or vadas (deep-fried batter balls) stuffed with spicy potatoes – all washed down with delicious mango lassi. Be warned though, these dishes can be very spicy so if you don’t like things hot just ask for it to be made milder or not at all! Another great choice is Butter Chicken Curry a classic dish made with chunks of chicken simmered in thick tomato gravy topped off with cream.

6. Taste Vietnam

With so many things to do in Hanoi, it’s easy to forget about Food Restaurants In Coventry. But with Vietnamese cuisine as diverse and tasty as it is, you can’t afford to ignore it for long. The City has numerous restaurants worth trying – whether you want a quick lunch of pho or fried rice or fancy a proper sit-down dinner. These are some of my favourites Food Restaurants In Coventry #1: Taste Vietnam: One of my favourite places to eat while on holiday is a local restaurant that serves exactly what its name suggests and no more.

This small but cozy eatery offers an inexpensive selection of delicious dishes ranging from old standards as chicken curry served with fragrant jasmine rice through to more unique choices like grilled lemongrass beef skewers accompanied by buttery garlic toast. Keeping in line with Asian-inspired restaurants, Taste Vietnam provides tasty and authentic Vietnamese fare in the heart of Coventry. This Vietnamese restaurant has a diverse menu that features a variety of spices, flavours, and dishes.

7. Falafel Corner

Open for business for more than 20 years, Falafel Corner is a favorite Food Restaurants In Coventry establishment in Coventry. The menu includes classic dishes such as falafel, hummus, and babaganoush alongside lamb or chicken shawarma sandwiches and salads. Falafel Corner also offers catering services for events and large gatherings such as weddings and graduations. Customers say that portions are generous at Falafel Corner and that they love having a local restaurant to call their own.

This is especially true of late-night diners, who find that almost nothing matches well with falafel after a night out at one of Coventry’s many bars or nightclubs. … view details. Falafel wraps and drinks are on the menu, the staff is humble, and the atmosphere is good. There is a sitting area and cute tables. It’s a nice place to visit. It’s a nice place, but there are no meal deals or anything like that, so it’s quite pricey. However, the Food Restaurants In Coventry is nice, so I’ll definitely return

8. Haute Dolci

Food lovers will absolutely adore Haute Dolci, where you can find a little bit of everything to satisfy your sweet tooth. With items like warm brownies, crème brûlée, and fruit-filled desserts, Haute Dolci has something for every sweet craving! For those looking for some savory options, there’s a great selection of cheese plates, too. This is an adorable place with a European flair. Great place to bring friends or family over or to take clients out. With so many unique treats on their menu and plenty of room to have fun and relax, Haute Dolci is a top pick in Coventry!

Be sure to check it out next time you’re in town. You won’t regret it! Trust us. We always do our research before recommending places. The staff was also really nice when we visited and offered us samples! Yummmmmmm!!! That by itself sold us. Good Food Restaurants In Coventry isn’t everything but it’s important if you want people coming back lol I know from personal experience how valuable word of mouth advertising is!! Honestly though If I was spending my own money I’d definitely come back here again It’s perfect for people who are celebrating something or just want to unwind after work!

9. Cafe Bravo

A place that caters to all food tastes; from Mexican and Italian to American and Spanish cuisine. The menu offers generous portions of Food Restaurants In Coventry and drinks at reasonable prices. It’s open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., but, if you’re looking for a late-night snack, you can also stop by on weekends until 1 a.m. This is one of those places where it’s hard to choose just one dish because everything on their menu sounds so good! If your stomach has a craving for pizza, try their gourmet thin crust or build your own with a variety of toppings.

It’s the most instagramable restaurant I’ve ever been to. It looks like the set of a Vogue magazine shoot upstairs. Our orders were taken very quickly and the food was delivered shortly after. The Food Restaurants In Coventry is WOW! I had the carbonara and it is the best carbonara I have eaten. My partner had the full breakfast and left nothing behind. This was a great find and we will return again and again. It was nice to see families of all ages enjoying such a beautiful setting after many lockdowns.

10. Charlie’s Plaice

I love Charlie’s Plaice. The fish is always fresh and perfectly cooked, never greasy or soggy. Service is always impeccable and in such a polite manner that you’d think I was paying them a huge tip for their services, but no. 10/10 will recommend to all my friends and family. Food Tip:

20 Best Food Restaurants In CoventryThere is one dish that stands out above all others at Charlie’s Plaice—the battered haddock chunky chips. For some reason unknown to me, they have a texture unique among all other fried Food Restaurants In Coventry bordering on fluffy rather than crunchy—while remaining delightfully crispy! It’s like something from heaven! Be sure to try it if you’re ever in Coventry.

11. Las Iguanas

This is one of our favourite places to visit when we want a big plate of Tex-Mex, with plenty of guacamole and tortillas. They do other kinds of Food Restaurants In Coventry too, including wraps, fajitas, and burritos. Plus you can wash it all down with a nice cold beer! As well as their Coventry Street branch, there are two more in central London: Soho and Elephant & Castle.

If you’re traveling in from outside London or are just looking for an excuse to celebrate a special occasion while you’re here – have no fear! You can order online and they will deliver right to your door! The 4th place is occupied by this Latin-American-inspired restaurant, providing a vibrant atmosphere with its bright colors. The restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a family meal while also trying out the delicious cocktails from Brazil.

12. The Mulberry

One of Coventry’s most-popular restaurants is an Italian eatery named The Mulberry. Featuring modern décor and exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, The Mulberry offers diners great options for both small parties and larger celebrations. The restaurant is also known for its romantic ambiance and very attentive service, making it a popular choice for business dinners or anniversary dates.

Some specialties include garlic prawn skewers, beetroot ravioli with brown butter sauce, crispy confit duck leg confit, chicken chasseur and so much more! For more information about The Mulberry’s amazing menu and convenient hours of operation, contact them today! The restaurant is located at 10 Wilton Way in Coventry, West Midlands CV6 6DB. If you’re still not sure whether or not to check out their delicious fare for yourself, check out all these great reviews on sites like Google Plus.

13. Nashaa

Food is one of those things that can make or break your day. I personally get super cranky if I don’t eat for a few hours and find myself stressed about food options. Nashaa is here to help you out with some quick and easy delicious meals to take on the go! If you’re in Coventry and looking for a quick bite to eat, we’ve got you covered with our 20 best food restaurants in Coventry list!  Each of these Food Restaurants In Coventry places has some great food specialties but each will bring its own special flair and style to them as well.

No matter what mood you’re in, there’s sure to be something tasty that will hit the spot right away when you read through our list. So sit back, relax and enjoy trying new foods while reading 20 Best Food Restaurants In Coventry! The Longford Road eatery is ranked as the second-best Indian restaurant in Coventry and is also in the top 10 for Coventry restaurants overall with 416 out of 516 reviews giving it top marks.

14. The Loft

If you’re looking for a nice bar to sit down, have a drink, and a bite to eat, then The Loft should be your first stop. Located on Broadgate Circle in central Coventry, they’ve been serving Food Restaurants In Coventry since 1997 and are known for their sandwiches and you can never go wrong with one of their gourmet burgers. If you’re not sure what to order, try one of their sharing platters; they serve everything from mac ‘n cheese to houmous & chips. You can also get 20% off when you buy 5 or more drinks at once.

The best part? They offer free delivery! So if you fancy picking up an amazing meal instead of cooking it yourself, check out these food restaurants in Coventry. Even better: orders over £15 will deliver for free! For those late-night cravings, The Loft is open until 11 pm every day so don’t worry about missing out on any grub. For groups larger than 10 people, there’s always Jaxon Brown’s next door. This place is awesome if you want to book up a table and have something delicious delivered straight to your front door by one of their professional staff members talk about easy!

15. 2 Tone Cafe & Simmer Down Restaurant

The best food restaurants in Coventry are right here, you just have to know where to look. This place has been going strong for a while now and they’ve established themselves as one of your favorite places to eat with their focus on quality, freshness and a lovely homely vibe.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In CoventryLocated close to the street and in a nice quiet area, you can enjoy a meal at 2 Tone Cafe & Simmer Down Restaurant no matter what time of day it is. There’s always something new available on their menu and there’s even a good choice for vegetarians as well as some tasty sandwiches, salads, and desserts too! If you like what you see then get yourself down there today!

16. Aqua Food and Mood

This is one of those restaurants that if you find yourself in Coventry, you must check out. Not only is it absolutely stunning inside but it’s really good too. It’s located at 40 Lower Hill Street, CV1 2EN, and boasts a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor with over 5000 reviews so you know they’re doing something right! What we love about Aqua Food Restaurants In Coventry and Mood is that not only do they offer a variety of delicious meals, drinks, and desserts but they also have an extremely varied menu for vegetarians as well as vegans so everyone can enjoy their food top marks for diversity!

Another thing that makes us happy is that they don’t use any GMOs or MSG. Another wonderful thing about Aqua Food Restaurants In Coventry and Mood is that there are plenty of options available to suit all budgets which aren’t always easy to come by when you want to dine out during university, especially when you feel like eating a bit more than usual… Perhaps because your stress levels are through the roof. Or maybe because your lecturer has gotten fed up with your lack of attendance at lectures? Whatever it might be – go see them! We guarantee you won’t regret it.

17. Metropolis Restaurant Coventry

The restaurant’s views are perhaps its best feature, and with wonderful weather, there is nothing more enjoyable than a relaxed meal while gazing out over one of England’s most beautiful cities. With both a main and a bar menu available, there is something for everyone at Metropolis.

With an emphasis on Italian cuisine and dishes like their Lobster Ravioli or Steak Chateau Marsala; if you like Food Restaurants In Coventry you will love Metropolis. Also worth checking out are their award-winning Sunday lunches that offer a range of traditional roast meats with all sorts of great trimmings, alongside afternoon tea served daily between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

18. The Greyhound Inn

This small pub is family-owned and is a popular spot for locals. As you’d expect, they offer an extensive range of beers, but also make some great traditional English Food Restaurants In Coventry—such as burgers, sandwiches, and pies. It’s a fun place to hang out during football season and frequently hosts live music evenings on Friday and Saturday nights.

Their prices are low, making it a good option for students looking for a hearty meal at an affordable price. The Greyhound is perfect for travelers as it is located next to a canal junction at the Sutton Stop in Longford. They’ve received a whopping 1,762 reviews – with 91 percent of them being excellent or very good.

19. Rose & Crown, Wolston

For great food and a buzzing atmosphere, it’s hard to beat Rose & Crown. In fact, it was named the best restaurant in England in 2016, so you can be sure of getting top-quality service and delicious Food Restaurants In Coventry. The pub also has a wide range of beer and spirits as well as a children’s menu for those with smaller appetites.

A night out at Rose & Crown is sure to leave you happy. The Fox Inn, Holbrook: Are you looking for somewhere special to spend Valentine’s Day? If so, check out The Fox Inn. You can enjoy breakfast with your partner before dining on a three-course meal that will help even the most stubborn couple fall back in love again.

20. Earlsdon Supper Club

Surrounded by greenery and perfectly positioned in front of a row of historic shops on a central high street, Earlsdon Supper Club is exactly where you want to be if it’s good Food Restaurants In Coventry you’re after. The supper club only holds 12 diners at a time, making it a great alternative to larger dining venues when you’re looking for something special. The menu offers up dishes that celebrate seasonal British produce, and ingredients are sourced from independent suppliers and farmers’ markets wherever possible.

20 Best Food Restaurants In CoventryEarlsdon Supper Club is open Wednesday through Saturday evening during winter months and Friday through Sunday during warmer weather. Reservations are essential. In order to ride the pandemic storm, the unique concept switched to what turned out to be its most successful ‘at home boxes. The company is relatively new, with just 69 reviews – but every one of them gave them full marks.

21. Hummus House UK

Out of all of our favorite restaurants, Hummus House UK is one of those places that never fails to impress. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Everything on their menu is absolutely delicious! This hidden gem is located in a quaint location next to Coventry City FC. If you are looking for authentic Food Restaurants In Coventry, then you will love every last bite! Their prices are extremely reasonable, so you can make sure that everyone goes home with full bellies without breaking your bank account! Make sure to stop by if you find yourself craving Mediterranean cuisine; we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

You should definitely try going with family or friends because you will have plenty to talk about after your meal this place really has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you like lamb, chicken or pork you should definitely come back for more! Once we tried getting takeout from them but discovered upon arriving home that we had forgotten half of what was ordered. They were very understanding when we called them up and offered us an easy solution…we were able to get everything delivered instead! That shows how accommodating they are as well as efficient.

22. Finneys Coffee

It’s a popular joint for good reason. They make absolutely delicious lattes and other hot drinks. And, if you like your iced drinks, they also do a great job with those! No matter what you order, though, it’s always made fresh so it will take some time to get… but trust us: It’s worth it! If you love sweet coffee shop treats, check out their selection of cakes too they have a lot of goodies that are totally guilt-free.

Have more room? Get a sandwich or salad; their kitchen staff is well versed in creating something healthy (yet tasty!) on any budget. If you want to keep things quick and affordable, stop by at breakfast when they offer plenty of egg dishes at ridiculously low prices. A nice selection of books line one wall; pull up an armchair and read while enjoying a steaming cup of joe or tea. Lots of sunshine fills Finneys Coffee’s small dining area so come mid-morning or afternoon when you can sit outside too!

23. Ginger Orange

This new Chinese-Thai fusion restaurant in Coventry Hills has already made waves by serving up some of the best traditional Thai cuisines in its neighborhood. The flavors are bright and bold and there’s plenty of variety to be had with their expansive menu. Mango curry, spicy yellow curry chicken, tom yum soup,

Panang curry you name it, they’ve got it! If you’re looking for a place to satisfy your craving for tasty Thai dishes without having to hit up East Falls or West Philly, Ginger Orange is definitely a great option. They also deliver! (No one likes burnt pad thai from an old takeout box!)

24. Nando’s

The freshest Peri-Peri chicken. That’s what makes Nando’s Food Restaurants In Coventry so great. The restaurant itself is an eclectic mix of dark wood, brickwork, and cool urban art and decoration. The floor staff is always helpful and friendly, too making sure everyone who walks through their doors has a brilliant experience of Nando’s. Their menu offers a range of fresh choices at fantastic prices, especially when you look at how much it costs to eat out in London or other cities like Coventry.

So if you want to grab a quick bite or treat yourself on a budget, then be sure to head down to Nando’s. It is no surprise that one of my favourite restaurants takes the top spot as Coventry’s best restaurant. The interior of Nando’s is family-friendly and the dishes are Afro-Portuguese-inspired. A variety of Nando’s sauces and their famous grilled peri-peri chicken have made them famous. Make your friends and family jealous!

25. Wagamama’s

Serving oriental dishes, Wagamama’s has been a popular haunt for Food Restaurants In Coventry lovers in Coventry and has retained its spot as one of their favorite restaurants. At Wagamama’s, guests are encouraged to experiment with new flavors and customize their own plates. The menu at Wagamama’s is based on several signature dishes that are designed to share, meaning you can also try a selection of various popular Asian favorites.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In CoventryBoth vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are available from Wagamama’s. Vegans will have plenty of choices on the menu, too! Whether you dine-in or order takeout from Wagamama’s, you won’t be disappointed by their delicious dishes. Wagamama is another Japanese-inspired restaurant with Japanese-inspired cuisine and interiors. In the likeliness of Nando’s, Wagamama’s interior has large tables for multiple seating and benches like those at Nando’s.

26. The Botanist

A real contender for the best restaurant in Coventry, The Botanist is an absolute jewel of a place. Located within seconds of two major train stations, their quality Indian and Italian food will have you wondering how they manage to do it so well with such a prime location. Despite being so close to two busy stations, it remains remarkably peaceful. If you want to make your visit special, book in advance and you’ll get 10% off your meal!

You’ll also be helping to reduce Food Restaurants In Coventry waste too as they frequently reuse vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. So get on there and grab yourself some discounted high-quality vegan food! A secret garden of food and drink can be found above Wagamama’s, called The Botanist. It is a great Food Restaurants In Coventry if you’re in the mood for a date or for someone who just loves plants! While eating and enjoying the greenery, notice how wonderful the atmosphere is.

27. Jinseon Korean BBQ Restaurant & Bar

Jinseon is a popular Korean BBQ restaurant in Coventry that features an open kitchen, great Food Restaurants In Coventry, and a friendly atmosphere. They specialize in authentic Korean Food Restaurants In Coventry with generous portions of meat, veggies, and delicious side dishes. If you’re looking for some great Asian cuisine, Jinseon has it all! Be sure to try their signature hot stone bibimbap –

one of their most popular dishes – which features veggies, rice, and your choice of marinated beef or chicken cooked on a sizzling hot stone pot. This recipe includes eggs to create that wonderful egg-yolk flavor! It is also one of my favourite restaurants to go to Jinseon Korean BBQ, where you can prepare your own assortment of meats at a buffet. The authentic Korean experience of Jinseon brings you all of the Korean flavors and influences found in Korea!

28. Cosy Club

Situated in Broadgate, Cosy Club is a bar that blends traditional British pub culture with mouth-watering gastropub Food Restaurants In Coventry. It serves fresh, homemade grub such as fish and chips and Cumberland sausages with onion gravy. The macaroni cheese – which has smoked bacon on top – is among its most popular dishes.

The variety of wines by glass or bottle is also a popular choice, along with draught lagers such as Peroni Nastro Azzurro. A British restaurant open daily from 9 am to 10 pm, Cosy Club offers genuine British Food Restaurants In Coventry. Guests can choose from a variety of cocktails and fine dining options as well as breakfast or lunch. The interior design of Cosy Club features exposed concrete ceilings and reclaimed wood floors.

29. Noodle Bar

This modern and stylish venue offers an eclectic choice of noodle dishes. Dishes are made using fresh produce and authentic Asian spices, with a focus on healthy eating. Choose from a variety of different noodle dishes or dine with friends, colleagues, or family as you enjoy an eclectic fusion of flavors in a relaxing setting. 48-50 Station Street, Coventry CV1 2AL.

Once again, you can enjoy Asian-inspired cuisine at a fast-Food Restaurants In Coventry and Noodle Bar. You won’t be disappointed with the type of Food Restaurants In Coventry on offer at their restaurant, as they have a variety of Chinese dishes. Restaurants at the restaurant are very cheap, with prices ranging from £3 to £10. If you are looking for somewhere quick and affordable to eat after a busy day of activities, this is the place to go.

30. Basement Browns

This Coventry restaurant is famous for its Sunday brunches and themed nights such as ‘Burger-B-Que’. They serve a range of desserts, fruit juices, and other drinks at affordable prices. This restaurant has maintained its position in ranking on TripAdvisor by providing high-quality Food Restaurants In Coventry to its customers at affordable prices. The service provided is commendable and even on busy days, they ensure they give quick service to all their customers.

20 Best Food Restaurants In CoventryIf you are looking for a perfect place to have breakfast, then Basement Browns are your best bet. If you are looking for fast stone-baked oven pizzas, Basement Browns is a great place to go. With a variety of pizza sizes and toppings, this restaurant is a great place to hang out with friends or family. When you arrive, just order with the app and your pizza will arrive within 10-15 minutes. Students also receive a discount!


We hope you found our list of 20 Best Food Restaurants In Coventry helpful. We’ve compiled a wide range of high-quality options that are sure to satisfy any kind of Food Restaurants In Coventry craving. When it comes to eating out, cost and convenience are important considerations, but for many people taste is king. Regardless of your budget or time constraints, we’re confident.

You’ll find something on our list that satisfies your personal tastes and preferences. After all, isn’t variety half the fun? One more thing before we leave: you should make reservations if you have a specific destination in mind; there’s nothing worse than showing up at an uber-popular restaurant without a reservation! On that note, we hope you enjoy your meal…Bon Appétit!

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