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20 Best Food Restaurants In Bradford

Food Restaurants In Bradford If you love exploring new restaurants, and you enjoy the food that’s served in those restaurants, you’ll love our list of the best food restaurants in Bradford. We’ve created this list based on your votes to help you decide where to go when you’re hungry and want some delicious food! Whether you’re looking for some fine dining or just some cheap takeout, you’ll find it on this list!

In fact, there are quite a few unique places to eat out at on this list. In Bradford, it’s all about the food, and there are lots of great places to get it! Whether you want casual pub grub, fine dining, or to cater your next event, this list of 20 best food restaurants in Bradford has something for everyone. So check out these Bradford food spots and be sure to leave us a comment letting us know which one is your favorite!

1. La Caverna Pizzeria

Everyone in Bradford knows that La Caverna Pizzeria is one of, if not the best restaurants in town. Located on 126 S 1st St, it’s easy to find and their pizza is some of my personal favorite around here. I’ve heard rumors they’ll be opening a second location soon, which I’m sure will make them even more popular than they already are.

If you’re looking for something different or just have a hankering for a great slice of pizza and aren’t sure where to go, La Caverna Pizzeria should be your first choice. This place has been around forever and I’m happy it has; but even more glad that I have it close by for whenever my craving strikes! Yum!! What about you? Where do you get your grub at? Comment below and let me know! I’d love to hear from ya. Stay hungry & eat better today with tasty Food Restaurants In Bradford!

2. My Thai Restaurant Bradford

When I was a student at a university in Bradford, I used to love eating out. As well as being great for students, food restaurants in Bradford are very convenient if you have little time and want to grab something quick. My Thai Restaurant is one of my favorites as it’s on my way home from work and I can get there easily within 15 minutes on my motorbike.

The restaurant is really close to the central train station so even if you don’t have a bike, it’s an easy walk. The menu offers a wide range of items so everyone can find something they like and most dishes offer vegetarian or vegan options too. This place also does takeaway which is really useful if you’re in a rush and are just popping home quickly before running back out again.

3. The Royal Low Moor

Low Moor is a village and civil parish of approximately 900 people in West Yorkshire, England. Low Moor lies approximately 3 miles south-west of Bradford City Centre and is bordered by Bowling and Barkerend to its north-east, Great Horton to its north-west, West Bowling to its south-west and Heaton to its south.

All are within the inner city of Bradford except Heaton which is part of the Leeds Metropolitan Borough Council area. Although Low Moor has existed as a village for centuries it was not formally incorporated into either district until 1974 when both West Yorkshire County Council and City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council merged.

4. The International

The food in England is synonymous with British cuisine. With Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisines, it’s no wonder that there are some delicious Food Restaurants In Bradford to be found all over England. And don’t forget about fish and chips! One of the most famous English Food Restaurants In Bradford is from The International in Bradford;

If you’re looking for a quality plate of fish and chips for lunch or dinner then head here! They serve up only high-quality ingredients, perfectly prepared to bring out their best qualities. The results are some very delicious Food Restaurants In Bradford that you’ll enjoy! If you’re looking for something else, then check out what they have on their menu today! You won’t be disappointed by anything you order here as everything is incredibly good tasting.

5. The Rooftop Cafe

If you are in Bradford and fancy a quick bite, we can recommend The Rooftop Cafe. The cafe is located in Regent Arcade and is open every day. It’s hard to find somewhere new in a city as full of great places to eat as Bradford so we were delighted when one of our team recommended Food Restaurants In Bradford. It doesn’t look like much from outside but inside it has an unpretentious elegance with an open fire and white painted brick walls. With large leather sofas upstairs which overlook what must be one of Bradford’s finest roof gardens you know you’re onto a winner before you even start eating!

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Food Restaurants In Bradford If you love exploring new restaurants, and you enjoy the food that’s served in those restaurants, you’ll love our list of the best food restaurants in Bradford.The menu offers something for everyone, everything is freshly prepared by their excellent kitchen staff, who obviously know how to make sure each dish arrives at your table piping hot. Starters and side dishes consist of grilled halloumi cheese skewers; bacon-wrapped shrimp; chicken wings; Smokey BBQ chicken pizza bites; onion rings; salt & pepper squid; seared tiger prawns on chilled mixed leaves dressed with sweet chili dressing or salt & pepper Thai chicken puffs just to name a few. Mains offer something for everyone whether you want fish & chips or steak & chips there’s a huge range on offer here that’s pretty hard not to find something that takes your fancy!

6. Emily’s – The Bronte Birthplace

Emily’s The Bronte Birthplace is a lovely little tea shop located at The Old Parsonage and offers up some delicious treats to go with their delicious Food Restaurants In Bradford. Emily’s serves up an amazing range of homemade cakes, pastries, and homemade breads. If you love tea (and who doesn’t?) then you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice here. Emily’s The Bronte Birthplace is located just around the corner from where I work, but I must admit that I don’t get there nearly as often as I’d like to! This place is great for a nice bit of lunch if you’re in town! Always make sure that you try some of their homemade cakes, they’re absolutely amazing!

7. MyLahore Flagship

This restaurant is located in Bradford. These restaurants have an amazing Food Restaurants In Bradford selections that cater to a variety of tastes. The ambiance is perfect for a romantic meal or special occasion and is sure to take your taste buds on a pleasurable journey. For those who are looking for great Pakistani cuisine at reasonable prices.

MyLahore is perfect place to visit. Their lunch buffet offers several options in terms of salads, appetizers, main courses and desserts at attractive prices. They also offer in-house delivery service. If you want your Food Restaurants In Bradford delivered right at your doorstep without having to leave your home or office then try out their online ordering system.

8. Christophe’s Coffee House

This is a great local coffee shop that provides good coffee, breakfasts, and sandwiches. If you don’t want to eat there you can always just pick up a takeaway and head home or to work Food Restaurants In Bradford. They’ve got really good service and an amazing atmosphere for such a small place. Definitely worth stopping by if you’re in Bradford! How would you describe it? Would you recommend it? Why? These are some questions people will likely ask when reading your review of Christophe’s Coffee House. Answer them as best as possible; they’ll help potential customers figure out whether they should go or not. And, as always, remember to be concise people are busy!

9. The Manor House Bradford

Located in a grade 1 listed building in Yorkshire’s premier shopping district, The Manor House is just 10 minutes from Leeds city centre and offers amazing Food Restaurants In Bradford. Known for its award-winning cuisine and friendly service, The Manor House has become one of Bradford’s most popular restaurants. Its wine list has been recognized by Raymond Blanc as ‘one of best 100 wine lists in Europe’.

It was listed in Caterer magazine’s top 100 UK restaurant list as well as receiving an AA rosette. And if that wasn’t enough recognition to make you want to go there – it also won the Hotel & Catering Review Guild Award 2010 regional Restaurant of The Year (Yorkshire). What more can we say? Go there! Make sure you book though because it always fills up fast! People say: The Food Restaurants In Bradford was excellent and the staff very helpful.

10. Mumtaz Restaurant

If you live in Bradford or are simply a visitor, you’re in for a treat! Mumtaz is one of those restaurants that you have to visit at least once. Don’t worry if it isn’t on your bucket list as long as you have time to go out, here are some reasons why you should go there: The Food Restaurants In Bradford is amazing with an interesting selection and perfect presentation; You can try Indian cuisine that goes way beyond curry. The staff is accommodating and friendly.

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Food Restaurants In Bradford If you love exploring new restaurants, and you enjoy the food that’s served in those restaurants, you’ll love our list of the best food restaurants in Bradford.You will not regret giving Mumtaz a shot! Make sure to try their Kebabs and Hyderabadi Dum Biryani; they’re to die for! When asked what he thought were two things people would remember him by, Japanese basketball legend Yao Ming answered: I want them to remember me by my smile and height. We don’t think that’s going to be hard. Yao Ming has a great smile one which perfectly suits his 7’6 stature but it wasn’t just Yao’s height that made him famous.

11. Waterside Bistro & Bar

An award-winning waterside bistro on two levels, with outside seating overlooking the River Aire. The Waterside Bistro is an award-winning waterside bistro on two levels, with outside seating overlooking the River Aire. With a wide range of mouth-watering dishes and superb service to match, it has become one of Yorkshire’s favourite dining venues in recent years. There is a downstairs bar area that also serves Food Restaurants In Bradford and there are several rooms upstairs for private functions. Whether you come here for dinner or just a drink you will find everyone really friendly and welcoming! One of my favorite places for a special night out!

12. Classic Persian Restaurant

There is only one, and if you haven’t been yet it’s time to get down there, sit back and enjoy all of the traditional cooking you’ve been craving. The best things about Persian restaurants, besides their great Food Restaurants In Bradford and friendly staff, are their value for money.

If you haven’t had a good Persian meal in ages then head on down to Shahrazad Restaurant as soon as possible! You won’t be disappointed. It’s where I head every time I want something nice and delicious to eat. I’m sure you will too once you go. And if that wasn’t enough to persuade you, I would just like to say that their customer service is some of the best I have seen at any restaurant – ever! So what are you waiting for?

13. Chapel House

Situated in one of Bradford’s oldest buildings, Chapel House was built in 1732. They are a modern take on traditional English Food Restaurants In Bradford and are popular for their home-cooked fare served with a generous side of Yorkshire hospitality. If you are looking for somewhere to visit while on holiday in or around Bradford, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Chapel House restaurant;

They were awarded 2 AA rosettes in 2007 and will definitely not disappoint. They serve dishes like asparagus and broad bean salad, pork belly and black pudding fritters, pickled herring with roasted new potatoes, rib-eye steak grilled to your specification alongside homemade chips with hand-cut onion rings and homemade steak sauce; there is something for everyone.

14. bhajis n beer

The best Indian restaurant in town. Try out their Food Restaurants In Bradford and you’ll see why it’s so good! You can’t go wrong with Aloo Tikki Chat or Butter Chicken Curry. From a bar standpoint, it is difficult to find such an extensive list of beer options at other restaurants. If you are looking for a place to chill with friends, drink beer and enjoy great Food Restaurants In Bradford, then look no further than bhajis n beer. It’s centrally located and easy to access from anywhere in town. Don’t miss out on some of their popular dishes such as Chicken Malai Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken Poutine! Make sure you visit when you’re nearby!

15. Krave Deli

This great place is a real hidden gem. It’s small, with just room for about 10 people, but it has a friendly atmosphere and serves amazing Food Restaurants In Bradford. The Philly cheesesteak is absolutely incredible, as are their burgers, hot dogs, and burritos. I’d recommend you go there if you’re looking for some good grub at a decent price; it’s one of my top picks in Bradford!

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Food Restaurants In Bradford If you love exploring new restaurants, and you enjoy the food that’s served in those restaurants, you’ll love our list of the best food restaurants in Bradford.50% Off Food Restaurants In Bradford For New Customers! Just mention Bradford Cheapskate to your server to claim your discount when ordering! Happy eating! Ciao Bella: Another awesome place that isn’t quite as well-known as it should be. Their pasta dishes are particularly good but they also serve up yummy lasagna, pizza, and salads. They have a nice selection of wines too so it’s easy to enjoy yourself while you dine out here – which can be done either indoors or outdoors on sunny days!

16. Stratus

Consistently on top of their game, Stratus is one of our favorite restaurants in Bradford. With a fantastic location (right near downtown), it’s a great choice if you want to grab dinner and then head out for drinks afterward. The menu changes frequently, but we are huge fans of pretty much everything they serve up especially when they have their grouper on special! The decor here is also beautiful; you may even feel like you’re in Miami. Oh, and their brunch dishes aren’t bad either. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take your taste buds on an adventure! Turn off your computer and get yourself over to Stratus right now!

17. eastZeast – Bradford

eastZeast is a popular Indian restaurant in Bradford that offers an authentic dining experience. The most popular dishes at eastZeast are Chicken Tandoori, Rogan Josh, and Vindaloo. The ingredients used in these dishes include fresh organic chicken, grilled to perfection over coals.

The end result is simply one of those addictive comfort Food Restaurants In Bradford you’ll find yourself craving over and over again. If you’re looking for something less spicy, try out their Butter Chicken or Bhuna Gosht if you like things hot and spicy! Though prices may seem steep initially at eastZeast, remember that fine dining has its price tag attached to it; moreover, it’s worth every penny spent!

18. Bangkok Thai Restaurant

You simply cannot visit Bradford without visiting Bangkok Thai Restaurant. It’s a staple among locals and, for good reason. The service is quick, friendly, and knowledgeable about their Food Restaurants In Bradford and ingredients. The menu has plenty of dishes to choose from, including all of your classic Thai favorites: Pad Thai, Chicken Green Curry, Cashew Nuts & Vegetables, and more. Get in early to avoid long lines; they also have a take-out option if you don’t have time to sit down for dinner!

Their Food Restaurants In Bradford quality never disappoints and it’s never too busy for good conversation. Make sure to save room for dessert because their Mango Sticky Rice will bring you back next week! Be warned: It’ll be hard not to come back as soon as possible. For an extra treat, try going on Mondays when every dish is half off — just make sure to bring your appetite with you because there are only three rules at Bangkok Thai Restaurant: Eat Healthy. Eat Fresh. Eat Well.

19. Kiplings Restaurant Bradford

Kiplings is one of my favorite restaurants in all of Bradford. The restaurant offers good Food Restaurants In Bradford, service and a great atmosphere. I have personally eaten at Kiplings on several occasions and have always had a good time eating there. The best part about eating at Kiplings is that it has a ton of options for anyone to enjoy.

You can be sure that you will find something that will catch your attention as you walk by their doors. If you are ever in need of some good Food Restaurants In Bradford, I highly recommend going to Kiplings for dinner or lunch with your family or friends because they offer everything from salads to fish & chips! My favorite thing to get there is an order of Fish & Chips, it’s what brings me back every time.

20. Shimlas

You’ll find Shimlas on Trafalgar Street – a great little family-run eatery. It has been winning awards for its fresh, healthy, homemade Food Restaurants In Bradford and a friendly welcome is always on offer. The food restaurants in Bradford serves up a tempting menu of breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers, and an array of daily specials so you are sure to find something to suit your tastes.

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Food Restaurants In Bradford If you love exploring new restaurants, and you enjoy the food that’s served in those restaurants, you’ll love our list of the best food restaurants in Bradford.Thursday nights they feature ‘Tasty Thursdays’ where you can enjoy two courses for just £9.99 so it’s definitely worth checking out what Shimlas have in store for you tonight! The nice bright decor, calm ambiance, and good service will help make your dining experience a great one. So whether you want to escape from everyday life with a refreshing cup of coffee or take some time to chat with friends over lunch, be sure not to miss out on their outstanding menu here at Shimlas.


While there are many food restaurants in Bradford, here are our recommendations: Located at 4 St. Thomas’s Square, Tastes of Punjab serves a variety of dishes that taste as authentic as they do tasty. For starters, try their papri chaat or samosa chat if you like your meals with a bit of a kick. But for those who prefer milder flavors, you can’t go wrong with chicken tikka or vegetable biryani. In fact, almost anything from their menu is sure to leave a smile on your face.

The 20 best food restaurants in Bradford are, but we really wanted to include #1 and #2 on our list because they offer so many vegetarian options. If you’re going to eat at a restaurant that serves meat, you should expect it to be responsibly sourced – otherwise why go? If I didn’t add them, how could I live with myself? We hope you enjoyed our little roundup of great eateries, but if not feel free to tell us where we went wrong!


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