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20 Best Food Restaurants In Aberdeen

While you may be familiar with some of the best food restaurants in Aberdeen, chances are you’ve never been to all of them. To help you discover your next favorite Food Restaurants In Aberdeen joint, we’ve compiled a list of 20 places in and around Aberdeen that serve up delicious dishes that cover just about every cuisine imaginable, from the Mediterranean to vegan and everything in between. From steak houses to sushi spots and everything in between.

The Aberdeen food scene has never been better. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the best restaurants Aberdeen has to offer, check out this list of 20 Best Food Restaurants In Aberdeen, arranged by category and voted for by real people just like you! Whether you’re looking for the best Indian Food Restaurants In Aberdeen has to offer or an Aberdeen chippy serving up some of the city’s tastiest fish and chips, you can find it all here!

1. Cafe Harmony

This popular eatery was named for its desire to provide customers with a harmonious atmosphere that offers both great Food Restaurants In Aberdeen and great service. It does just that, offering patrons a delicious menu of tasty dishes from around Asia. Its menu is ever-changing so expect some new and unexpected tastes each time you visit. You won’t be disappointed. Be sure to try one of their world-class beverages like an Ethiopian brew or Korean fruit tea.

Their restaurant definitely knows how to do it right. Be warned though: there will most likely be a wait; Cafe Harmony is always packed! So order your food while waiting in line, then take your number and find something interesting in downtown Aberdeen while you wait for your table; it will all go by quickly as soon as your Food Restaurants In Aberdeen arrives!

2. Borsalino Restaurant

This Italian Restaurant in Aberdeen is a little pricier than other restaurants on my list, but they are definitely worth it. I suggest getting their carpaccio with burrata mozzarella and rosemary oil to start. You won’t be disappointed! If you want a pasta dish, get their black tagliatelle with truffle butter and parmesan. It’s also one of my favorite Food Restaurants In Aberdeen that has unique flavors I haven’t found anywhere else. Additionally, if you are vegan or vegetarian there are plenty of options for you on their menu!

A unique feature about Borsalino is that many times they will have local bands come play live music during dinner hours or provide entertainment for dancing after dinner. It’s a nice touch that makes their dining experience more authentic. As usual, reservations are recommended at Food Restaurants In Aberdeen like these; however, sometimes you can just walk up if it isn’t too busy. The restaurant seats well over 100 people so don’t worry about standing room only most nights!

3. Nargile Restaurant

You will find all types of authentic Turkish foods at Nargile Restaurant. They offer mouthwatering Food Restaurants In Aberdeen items that include lamb chops, grilled fish, fresh salads, and traditional desserts. You will enjoy your meal as you overlook picturesque views of the River Dee. Located in Sheskburn Terrace, it is just a 3-minute walk from St Machar Drive Railway Station and Buchanan bus station. Nargile Restaurant is a perfect place to savor tasty dishes and spend an evening with family or friends over a glass of Turkish wine or drinks served in traditional glasses.

The prices are moderate and you can even have a belly dancing performance once in a while. There is no need to worry about parking since there are plenty of spaces available near Nargile Restaurant. Nargile was our regular grocer and we had missed our visits since the fire and Covid, so we were delighted to be back with our daughter from Kent. My husband has a disability and the staff was extremely accommodating to his needs. As always, the Food Restaurants In Aberdeen was excellent, and even the chef left his kitchen to welcome us back.

4. Madame Mews Thai Cafe

When in Aberdeen, why not spend an evening enjoying a romantic night out? One of these romantic places to eat is Madame Mews Thai Cafe. Their menu offers a wide variety of delicious Thai specialties, from spicy Tom Yum soup to coconut prawns. But even if you’re not in the mood for Thai Food Restaurants In Aberdeen, Madame Mews has plenty of options that fit any budget and every craving. You can find them at 1 New Road Square in Aberdeen. For work, I travel to Aberdeen several times each year. When the place was in its previous location, I frequented it almost every time I was in the city.

After covid, I have not been back in Aberdeen until this week. It was a surprise to find Madame Mews had moved, and I was pleased to stumble across the premises while wandering. Tuesday I had lunch and Wednesday I had a late lunch before getting home by train. There is no high-end restaurant here, just a cafe. There is a relaxed attitude to service here. The Food Restaurants In Aberdeen is inexpensive, hearty, plentiful, and delicious straight from the kitchen. I have had a wide variety of dishes over the years, which have ranged from good to great.

5. Croft and Cairns

The best food restaurants in Aberdeen, such as Croft and Cairns, aren’t just places you eat your dinner; they are also institutions that have become so iconic they’ve almost been absorbed into folklore. If you want to get a flavour of true Scotland, here is where you should head first. If you are looking for somewhere that not only provides quality cuisine but also delivers a memorable experience that is second to none then these 20 establishments will provide exactly what you need.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In AberdeenI have been there twice now and both times the Food Restaurants In Aberdeen was excellent and for such quality, the price was very reasonable. The staff was professional, but at the same time friendly, and our main serving staff were Fraser and Tom, two lovely gentlemen. The atmosphere and décor of the restaurant may not be up to par, but the quality of the Food Restaurants In Aberdeen and the service more than makeup for it.

6. Rustico

Located on St. Nicholas Place, Rustico is a romantic pizzeria with Tuscan and Mediterranean influences. With charming candles and olive trees decorating their walls, you can enjoy excellent Food Restaurants In Aberdeen while feeling like you’re in Italy. And if you want to make your date feel special on a chilly night, request a table next to their cozy fireplace! Despite its several floors and constant bustle.

This ’50s-style trattoria is equally suitable for a date night or a party night thanks to its neat little alcoves. Located in a family-owned Italian restaurant, the portions are generous, the staff is remarkably friendly, and the menu is extensive. A few of the menu’s highlights include linguine with prawns and parma ham sauteed in white wine, saffron, and garlic; homemade pork ragu with rigatoni; and Sicilian-style lamb meatloaf. Starting at £9.95 for mains.

7. Cafe 52

When craving a savory lunch, Cafe 52 is my go-to spot. On a nice day, I like to sit outside and watch people walk by while enjoying a delicious sandwich. The tomato bisque soup is always a good choice as well; it’s flavorful without being too heavy or rich. If you need something more filling, try one of their paninis or wraps. Their portions are generous, so I almost always end up taking half of my meal home with me!

Food Restaurants In Aberdeen are very continental, but Cafe 52 offers al fresco dining, outdoor heaters, and blankets. Having just celebrated its 23rd anniversary, it is a local and tourist favorite. There is a mix of meat and vegetarian options on the menu, such as curried hake tartiflette with cream and goat’s cheese and marinated Scottish beef with chermoula. The mains cost £10 each.

8. Carmine’s

If you’re looking for food that is authentic, authentic Italian Food Restaurants In Aberdeen, then Carmine’s is a must. Their pizza is delectable and their calzones are more than worth your time. They have some of those classic pizzas we all love, like pepperoni and sausage; but you can also get creative with some of their other toppings, such as spinach with onions or sun-dried tomatoes.

If you want to venture out from pizza or if you need something to soak up all that alcohol from last night’s escapades, go for one of their oven-baked pasta or perhaps try a carbonara pasta dish with bacon bits! If it’s a pasta you’re craving, they have plenty to choose from. Carmine, a big personality who runs this low-key Italian café on Union Terrace, is a traditional Italian café with a low-key atmosphere. There are times when Carmine spoils the children for free.

9. The Ashvale

Everyone in Aberdeen has heard of The Ashvale – it’s a legend! This local eatery is famous for its quality ingredients and rustic atmosphere. There are two options when you order: pick up at one of their several locations, or have Food Restaurants In Aberdeen delivered to your door. Expect generous portions and quality ingredients each dish is a masterpiece. You can take on the city’s most famous ‘Ashvale whale’ challenge at The Ashvale:

Finish a one-pound haddock fillet by yourself, and you’ll get a free second one. The family-run Great Western Road restaurant has been serving up fish that comes directly from Peterhead Market for more than 30 years. In 2015, Stuart Devine, owner of The Ashvale, received an MBE for his services to the Food Restaurants In Aberdeen industry and charity work – so it’s not just about lip-smacking fish and chips. Mains have a starting price of £11.95.

10. Hammerton Store

If you want to start your own business, food is a great sector. You don’t need to spend much to set up, and it doesn’t take long for your business to become profitable. If you are looking for an easy-to-access Food Restaurants In Aberdeen market, try out restaurants and stores in Aberdeen or its surrounding areas. The city has been ranked as one of the best places in Scotland, the UK, and Europe to start a business. Many aspiring entrepreneurs like using food because they don’t have to do anything but cook food;

20 Best Food Restaurants In AberdeenThey can also put their creativity into play by coming up with different recipes based on what ingredients they use. Here are the 20 best food restaurants in Aberdeen that have stood out. You can find cookbooks, art, and ceramics in this wonderful food store and deli, in addition to stocking up on edible treats. Browse locally and organically grown fruit and vegetables, meats, baked goods, wines, gins, and real ales. The market is open seven days a week.

11. Kirk View Cafe & Bistro

A nice cozy café with a quirky relaxed feel, Kirk View Cafe & Bistro is a hidden gem that I have just recently discovered. Great service and great Food Restaurants In Aberdeen- they also do breakfast and it looks delicious! The outside seating area is lovely as well with beautiful views over to Howes Cavern. If you’re after a bite to eat during your trip to Howes Cavern then look no further! It’s only minutes away by foot so grab some lunch here before you start exploring.

There were no faults in this performance at all. The Food Restaurants In Aberdeen was delicious and the waiters were very attentive and friendly. Definitely the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted. Welcome to your new home. It will be my pleasure to come back to experience the food and service you provide again. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My family and I were the last customers on their old premises. The place was clean and welcoming.

12. Cafe Boheme

Boheme is not only one of Aberdeen’s best restaurants, but it’s also a restaurant to explore. With everything from pasta dishes and fresh Food Restaurants In Aberdeen to some of the best steaks in town and one of their signature desserts on offer, Boheme caters to almost every craving. With its fun music and quirky decor, as well as both an indoor dining area and an outside patio that overlooks busy Union Street, Boheme is a great place to dine with friends or family and make new ones too!

If you want good Food Restaurants In Aberdeen but you don’t have time to make it yourself, be sure to check out their restaurant! Café Boheme is a small, intimate restaurant in Aberdeen’s city center that offers fusion French cuisine with a twist of individuality and passion, tucked away down a lane. Set over three floors and with only 30 covers, Boheme is a small, intimate restaurant in Aberdeen’s city center that offers fusion French cuisine with a twist of individuality and passion, tucked away down a lane. The most surprising thing about Café Boheme is its size despite being consistently full each night.

13. Siam Cottage

This quaint little eatery on King Street North is serving up authentic Thai cuisine. It’s an ideal spot for groups of friends or family, and their menu features a large selection of appetizers, curry dishes, and rice meals that are sure to keep your taste buds happy! I recommend ordering several dishes to share – there are definitely enough options to go around. The Siam Cottage is a great place for those who want to try some new flavors without breaking their budget.

It’s only open for dinner so make sure you’re hungry when you arrive! 5 out of 5 stars 21 reviews. Our search for something different led us to Siam Cottage, instead of Union Square. Located in Aberdeen, Siam Cottage is a quaint little place. The menu is not entirely Thai there are some Chinese dishes too but full of authentic Thai dishes. The Food Restaurants In Aberdeen is wonderful, the atmosphere is casual and relaxed, and the prices are low.

14. Maggie’s Grill

If you’re looking for a taste of New Orleans, Maggie’s Grill is your place. If you haven’t tried it, be sure to visit soon! They have great gumbo and some awesome barbecue. Don’t miss their monthly crawfish boils! The restaurant even makes its own spice blends that are exclusive to Maggie’s Grill Food Restaurants In Aberdeen. You can get a bucket of five different ones so you can try them all and decide which one is your favorite.

Each blend has a very distinct flavor with an equally distinct aroma; they make excellent gifts! This unpretentious eatery on Holburn Street serves barbecue and Cajun dishes. In a laid-back café atmosphere, you can enjoy spicy staples such as Texas-fried chicken, poutine, Cajun-blackened salmon, and howlin’ wolf chili. Kids can choose from popcorn chicken and BBQ pulled pork on the kids’ menu. Entrees start at £12.45.

15. Wild Ginger Restaurant

One of my favorite places to eat is Wild Ginger Restaurant. They have awesome Chinese Food Restaurants In Aberdeen and great sushi. I’m a huge fan of their soups and always ask for extra to take home. They also serve other Asian dishes, like Chicken Adobo and Beef Rice Noodle Soup. One time we got take out from here and they threw in some prawn crackers just because they thought it would be fun! The service has always been great here and there are never too many people waiting to be seated; even on Friday nights after eight PM!

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20 Best Food Restaurants In AberdeenThis makes sense since they don’t accept reservations. But trust me: with Food Restaurants In Aberdeen as good as Wild Ginger’s, you won’t mind being turned away at times or going early to get your name on the list for a Friday night table! We had a wonderful experience at this Food Restaurants In Aberdeen, the staff were very accommodating and couldn’t do enough for us. The food was fantastic and we could have taken leftovers home. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone and I will return again.

16. Conservatory Restaurant

This is a luxury restaurant. It’s run by a Michelin-starred chef and does fantastic Asian-inspired fusion Food Restaurants In Aberdeen. The service is impeccable, but so is everything else about it. This is one of those restaurants that you will come back to again and again because of how consistently high quality it is. The menu changes frequently, but there are a few things they do well on every menu like lobster fried rice.

Reservations are required, book at least a month in advance. At the 5-star Marcliffe Hotel and Spa, set on 11 acres of grounds, guests can dine in the enticing Conservatory Restaurant. The Marcliffe also offers local game and beef in addition to a signature seafood menu that includes Shetland scallops, shellfish bisque from the North Sea, Peterhead monkfish, and cod from the North Sea. The Marcliffe offers Food Restaurants In Aberdeen main courses starting at £21.

17. Moonfish Café

Located in Uptown, Moonfish Café offers a wide variety of Mexican dishes ranging from nachos to burritos to fajitas. Don’t forget about dessert flan is popular at Moonfish. You can watch sports on TV while enjoying your meal and there are different dining areas depending on how quiet or loud you want your environment to be. The staff here is great, with servers who will make sure you’re having a good time. It’s a good place for friends to gather and eat good Food Restaurants In Aberdeen while catching up on each other’s lives.

It might be more expensive than other places in town, but it’s worth every penny. Moonfish Cafe is located in Aberdeen’s Merchant Quarter on the cobbled medieval streets and features a menu of quality dishes. Its menu includes roasted skate on the bone with peppercorn & sea truffle sauce and sirloin of beef with broccolini and roast garlic, perfect for fine dining or casual gatherings. Additionally, The Botanist offers the likes of Saffron from France.

18. Foodstory

This is a new restaurant that focuses on simple and seasonal food. Everything is made from scratch, using local produce wherever possible. This gives them complete control over their menu, which means that they can ensure everything is grown organically and ethically. The result is truly delicious Food Restaurants In Aberdeen at a great price you can always get a set lunch for under £10 (more if you want to indulge in more drinks than normal). Its modern décor matches its simple cuisine perfectly although there are no bookshelves full of classics here, so don’t be put off if you see lots of other diners flicking through pages while they wait for their next meal.

Here you’ll find regular events such as yoga and life drawing classes, as well as delicious food and coffee from local sources. Yoga and life drawing classes are frequently offered here, along with delicious Food Restaurants In Aberdeen and coffee made from local ingredients. A number of events are held at this venue, such as yoga and life drawing classes, as well as local beer and delicious food. A number of events are held at this venue, such as yoga and life drawing classes, as well as local beer and delicious food. At this venue, you’ll find yoga and life drawing classes as well as beer and delicious Food Restaurants In Aberdeen.

19. The Sand Dollar

An American classic and a true hidden gem in Aberdeen, The Sand Dollar boasts a beautiful interior that’s equal parts charming and elegant. From classic Food Restaurants In Aberdeen to more eclectic dishes such as peanut butter chicken sandwiches and spicy elk meatballs, The Sand Dollar serves up an eclectic mix of American cuisine with a definite Southern flair. It’s one of those perfect casual dinner date restaurants where you can grab a drink at the bar before being seated or bring your entire family for a delicious meal everyone will love.

Either way, it doesn’t get much better than The Sand Dollar! You can enjoy a delicious breakfast or brunch at this bistro café just a short walk from Aberdeen Beach. The overnight oats and porridge dishes are full of slow-release carbs, the yogurt breakfasts come with fruit compotes, muesli, seeds, and nuts, and the full Scottish breakfast is a traditional, no-nonsense specialty. Children can eat before they hit the beach with a children’s menu. Prices start at £3.95 for breakfast.

20. Books and Beans

Books and Beans is one of my favorite places to get coffee. It’s a small, cozy café with walls decorated with bookshelves, making it feel like you’re in someone’s living room. Their lattes are delicious and made even better by their special shots called Bean Shots that come alongside your drink. One of my favorites is their Grumpy Monkey, which has a shot of banana puree and cinnamon flavor, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. The staff at Books and Beans are also very friendly, so it makes for a great place to chat with friends.

20 Best Food Restaurants In AberdeenThose of you who like books (who doesn’t? ), should go straight to Books and Beans. Breakfast is served here at this cafe, which offers everything from pancakes to porridge. In addition to toasted paninis, sandwiches, and salads, they have a comprehensive all-day menu. But the real draw is the fun setting since Books and Beans is also a local book store, with thousands upon thousands of new and secondhand books filled every inch of the upstairs cafe seating areas. Enjoying a coffee or breakfast in this setting is a great way to start your day in Aberdeen.

21. Bonobo Café

Bonobo Café has a reputation for serving Food Restaurants In Aberdeen that is 100% organic and sustainable. This café has a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options for diners who are trying to keep their meat intake low. Enjoy a breakfast burrito or eggs florentine with hash browns, toast, and fresh fruit at Bonobo Café in Aberdeen. If you’re looking for lunch ideas, try one of their wraps, burgers, or soups. The wrap Hemp Heart comes with avocado, homemade salsa, and guacamole while their soup menu features many vegan options like spicy red lentil stew or carrot ginger quinoa. For dinner, enjoy pizzas topped with herbs from their garden or have a plate of veggie lasagna.

Visiting Bonobo Café is a great way to experience a vegan dining experience. Although Jess and I are omnivorous, we enjoyed our breakfast here. I had a full Scottish vegan breakfast and Jess had avocado toast. They were both excellent. Aberdeen doesn’t have another completely vegan cafe, and it’s a workers’ cooperative as well. The restaurant serves excellent breakfast and lunch options, and in addition to the tasty breakfast I mentioned, they also serve wraps, sandwiches, and a wide selection of cakes. The majority of their items are organic and raw and gluten-free options are available.

22. Cognito on the Corner

Cognito on the corner is a restaurant serving traditional Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican Food Restaurants In Aberdeen. They specialize in dishes like Lechon Asado, empanadas, seafood paella, and Moros y Cristianos black beans and rice. If you’re looking for some really good Puerto Rican or Dominican Food Restaurants In Aberdeen in Aberdeen you should definitely check them out. The desserts are to die for! Located on 974 Southbridge Dr they’re open from Monday-Sunday 10 am-10 pm so stop by next time you get a craving for something delicious.

As the first restaurant we ate in Aberdeen, Cognito on the Corner certainly raised the bar a lot regarding dining experiences in the city. Located near the Sears Tower, Cognito on the Corner is one of four “Cognito” restaurants and cafes in Aberdeen. They are open on all seven days of the week, and their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus differ according to the time of day. There is everything from toasted brioche to eggs benedict and filled rolls for breakfast. In the afternoon, they offer two menus a daytime menu with baked potatoes, burgers, and soups and wraps.

23. The Silver Darling

A top-notch restaurant situated in downtown Aberdeen, The Silver Darling offers an eclectic menu with a wide range of vegetarian options. Diners are sure to find something that appeals to their palate and be delighted by both flavor and presentation. With gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan selections available upon request, diners will be pleased that they can enjoy a delicious meal without compromising their dietary preferences. Ask for half portions to make room for dessert:

Their peanut butter cookies are topped with dark chocolate drizzle and are too good to pass up! Located at 55 Main Street #4, The Silver Darling can seat up to 16 guests in private booths as well as tables both inside and outside on the patio. The Silver Darling is situated at the south end of Aberdeen’s Esplanade in Footdee. It offers stunning views of the seafront as well as Scottish cuisine for lunch and dinner. Local produce dominates the menu, and the restaurant is located so close to the sea that there is a strong Food Restaurants In Aberdeen selection though.

24. The Marcliffe

Consistently ranked one of Aberdeen’s top ten restaurants, you can count on The Marcliffe for a gastronomic experience. Their new menu is creative and full of unexpected twists. Start with any of their delicious appetizers like crispy pork belly or mackerel fish cakes and you’ll quickly realize what a talent they have for surprising flavors. From there, order one of their entrees like seared scallops or venison medallions and you won’t be disappointed by tender Food Restaurants In Aberdeen and vibrant flavors in your mouth.

Make sure to leave room for dessert; they do decadent French very well! The Marcliffe, which offers fine dining in its restaurant, is just outside of Aberdeen’s immediate city center. Aside from their afternoon teas and Sunday lunches, they are also known for their King Crab and Lobster dining. If you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion, then this is the right place. For more information, visit the special offers section of the hotel’s website. There are also good deals on rooms that include meals.

25. Carmelite Hotel

Located in Aberdeen’s city centre, Carmelite Hotel is within walking distance of Union Street and St. Nicholas Kirk, one of Scotland’s oldest parish churches. Free WiFi access is available in public areas. All rooms are furnished with a TV and tea/coffee making facilities. Some have views over the city or River Dee and some feature air conditioning. Bathrooms include a shower only, a hairdryer, and free toiletries. Restaurant & Bar: The restaurant serves international cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day as well as traditional afternoon tea served on fine china with home-baked cakes every afternoon from 3 pm until 5 pm.

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20 Best Food Restaurants In AberdeenThe Carmelite Hotel & Event Space is a boutique hotel in the heart of Aberdeen and offers a range of dining options, including two-afternoon tea menus and brunch. There’s no doubt that this is a good choice for afternoon tea or brunch if you’re in the mood. Their Bar&Grill serves meals throughout the day, including full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. There are decent prices here, and the Food Restaurants In Aberdeen is of a traditional British theme – think grilled and roasted meats, burgers, scampi, and pies. There is a slight price premium for evening meals, but the value remains the same.

26. Ninety-Nine Bar & Kitchen

Located on Bridge Street, Ninety-Nine is an independently owned gastropub serving modern European and international cuisine. The menu has a wide range of fish and meat dishes, with tapas also on offer. There are two floors, with dining being available in both. The upstairs floor offers a greater degree of formality, while downstairs it is more relaxed. This makes it a perfect place for dinner with friends or family. Menu items include scallops served in vincotto sauce made from grape must, grilled fillet steak served with Bearnaise sauce and garlic butter, or any kind of burger you can imagine.

There are also platters featuring roasted meats, cured meats, or cheese to share between friends great if you’re looking for a casual meal out! Credit cards are accepted, as well as cash. During 2015, Ninety-Nine Bar & Kitchen won joint second place in the category of ‘Best Gastro Pub’ at UKHospitality’s Excellence Awards 2015. It was recognized for providing outstanding service to customers along with exceptional Food Restaurants In Aberdeen quality and menu innovation. Based on feedback received via its nomination forms, mystery diner visits, and survey data collected by UKHospitality’s panel of independent judges.

27. Tippling House

A historic site, Tippling House is one of Aberdeen’s oldest houses, dating back to 1803. The restaurant prides itself on serving authentic British dishes like haddock and chips, chicken curry and steak, and kidney pie. The interior is decorated with antiques and traditional furniture so you feel right at home Food Restaurants In Aberdeen. A full menu is available for lunch and dinner. Make sure to leave room for dessert! Their sticky toffee pudding with crème Anglaise will knock your socks off! They are open Monday through Saturday from 11:30 am-3 pm for lunch and 5 pm-9:30 pm for dinner. Booking a table in advance is advised as they do get busy.

It’s also possible to order meals via Deliveroo or UberEats if you don’t want to go out. Wherever you choose to dine, make sure not to miss out on these Aberdeen classics while visiting Tippling House Restaurant! Dee Gee’s Tea Room: Dating back as far as 1722, Dee Gee’s Tea Room is an award-winning tea room that specializes in fish & chips. You can choose between four different kinds of batter beer batter, breadcrumbed skinless fish fillet, breadcrumbed chunker fillet, or deep-fried turkey served alongside chunky fries and mushy peas.

28. Monsoona Healthy Indian Cuisine

Healthy Indian Cuisine is a gem of a restaurant located in Southside, near the University of Aberdeen. The atmosphere at Healthy Indian Cuisine is great and I recommend visiting in colder months when they have their open fireplace going. You’ll find a wide variety of vegetarian options as well as an excellent lamb korma. The chicken tikka masala is spicy without being overbearing.

And they even serve authentic Indian street food snacks such as dosa crepes made with black lentils and pakoras vegetable fritters. Prices are reasonable; however, you do pay for quality here so be prepared to part with about 10 pounds per person on average. If you’re looking for healthy Indian cuisine then look no further than Healthy Indian Cuisine in Food Restaurants In Aberdeen!

29. Brig O’Don

The small, understated bar is unique, cozy, and perfect for a date night or low-key evening out with friends. The menu changes regularly; but no matter what you order, it will be fresh and delicious. This place is definitely on our top-five list of favorites. The vibe here is relaxing; plus their happy hour specials are unbeatable. If you can only go to one restaurant in Aberdeen, make it Brig O’Don. And if you like sushi or pasta (or both!), then add Brig O’Don to your favorites immediately! You won’t regret it!

30. Mount Everest Restaurant

Everest Restaurant is a fantastic place to stop for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and enjoy some real home-cooked meals in a nice setting. It’s conveniently located right on Route 2 so you don’t have to go far out of your way to get there. The service is great and they have specials every day of the week which are really affordable.

20 Best Food Restaurants In AberdeenMy favorite meal is their all-you-can-eat fish fry on Fridays! I get that every time. It comes with a baked potato and rolls, too, but I never fill up on those because there’s so much fish! They have great seafood dishes here especially for being in such a small town and their green beans are delicious as well.


If you’re a foodie looking for a city packed with tasty treats, look no further than Aberdeen. You’ll find a wide range of offerings from all over Scotland, such as hearty seafood dishes like cockles and scallops or smoked salmon. There are also plenty of good places to try traditional Scottish fares like haggis or lamb.

For something sweet, there are 20 Best Food Restaurants In Aberdeen specializing in desserts like sticky toffee pudding or whiskey cake, or ice cream and gelato shops where you can find your favorite flavors from back home. And for those with more exotic tastes, there are Indian and Italian eateries that will satisfy your hunger pangs just as well.

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