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Atherstone RDC – All You Need to Know

Atherstone RDC is a market town in England that is located in the North Warwickshire Administrative District of the County of Warwickshire.

Atherstone Regional Development Corporation

An Atherstone Regional Distribution Center is a warehouse and distribution center. There is a Royal Mail Atherstone RDC, United Kingdom.

Groupe Royal Mail

Atherstone RDC – All You Need to Know

The Royal Mail Group plc was established in 1516 as a government department with headquarters in London, UK. Royal Mail Group Limited operates the brands Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide.

Royal Mail offers various services including Universal Service, Special Delivery, Business Services, Prohibited Goods, and Promotional mail that is unaddressed. Approximately 93% of First Class post is to be delivered the next working day, and over 98% of Second Class post is to be delivered within three working days.

According to Citizens Advice research and news on independent UK news, nearly 15 million people were impacted by Royal Mail post delays over the Christmas period, including 2.5 million who missed important documents about health appointments, fines, or bills.

During the Business segment, mail collection services are provided for businesses with less than 250 employees, advertising materials are distributed, direct marketing materials are collected, immediate marketing material returns are processed, the mail is collected from business customers’ letterboxes, sorted by geographic locations for delivery to households and businesses, and mail is delivered to addresses not served by the company.

Founded in 1852, the UK’s signature red pillar boxes are owned and maintained by Royal Mail. We deliver to all UK regions, except on weekends and holidays, every day at the same price except over weekends and holidays. Postal pillar boxes replaced the previous system of hand-delivering letters to recipients. Each one is painted red, with a crown atop each box, and can usually be found by the side of the road or near post offices.

Atherstone RDC – All You Need to Know

Royal Mail – Atherstone Delivery Office

Delivery office in Atherstone RDC

provides delivery services for the CV9 1AA area.

Address: 7 Coleshill Street, CV9 1AA

Opening hours for the Atherstone RDC Delivery Office

Monday 8am-10am
Tuesday 8am-10am
Wednesday 8:00-10:30
Thursday 08:00-10:00
Friday 08:00-10:00
Saturday 08:00-14:00
Sunday Closed


Information about the Atherstone RDC Delivery Office:

tel. 03457 740 740

Call 03456 000 606 to text

A list of Royal Mail delivery centers

Listed below are all the operational mail centers that serve the Royal Mail as of March 2021 (split into Royal Mail regions).

Eastern: Chelmsford, Norwich, Nottingham, Peterborough, Romford, Sheffield, South Midlands (Northampton)
Northern: Cheshire, Manchester, North West Midlands (Wolverhampton), Preston, Warrington
South East: Kingston, Gatwick (Crawley), Greenford, Home Counties North (Hemel Hempstead), Jubilee (Hounslow), Medway (Rochester), London Central (Mount Pleasant)
South West: Cardiff, Poole, Exeter, Plymouth, Southampton, Swansea, Swindon, Truro
North: Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Northern Ireland (Newtownabbey), Tyneside/Newcastle (Gateshead)

In addition, the Isle of Man, Jersey, and Guernsey have been consolidated into the domestic network of Royal Mail.

RDCs are regional distribution centers for Royal Mail.

It is Royal Mail’s responsibility to handle pre-sorted mail from business customers at seven Regional Distribution Centres across the country.

  • Distribution Centre in Scotland
  • PRDC (Princess Royal Distribution Centre)
  • National Distribution Centre (NDC)
  • SWDC (South West Distribution Centre)
  • NWDC (North West Distribution Centre)
  • YDC (Yorkshire Distribution Centre)
  • NIDC (Northern Ireland Distribution Centre)

Distribution Centre in Scotland

Excelsior Park, Canyon Road
at Northern Industrial Estate,
Wishaw, Manitoba ML2 0XX

PRDC (Princess Royal Distribution Centre)

A drive called Blackmore
Circular North
in London NW10 7RH

National Distribution Centre (NDC)

Deans Way
East Dirty East
Newhampton NN6 7DD

SWDC (South West Distribution Centre)

Severn Beach Distribution Park
is located in Bristol (BS35 4GG).

NWDC (North West Distribution Centre)

located at Miller Lane
in Winwick

YDC (Yorkshire Distribution Centre)

Express Way, Silkstone House
in Wakefield
Northallerton WF6 2XX

NIDC (Northern Ireland Distribution Centre)

enterprise route

Abbey, Newtownabbey, BT36 4HQ

Parking Lot

Royal Mail’s custom load-carrying bicycles have been a popular feature since 1971. Through the charity Re*Cycle, the old bicycles used for custom load-carrying have been shipped to Africa between 2000 and 2004. A push-trolley and a van replaced the load-carrying bicycles later in 2009, but bicycles were still used on rural routes during that period.

Delivery vehicles can now be tracked in real-time using the fleet tracking system. From 1927 until 2003, Royal Mail operated the London Post Office Railway, a network of driverless trains running on a private underground track.

In addition to using roads, the Royal Mail also relies on trains, ships, and some aircraft, with an air hub at East Midlands Airport. Titan Airways operated a dedicated night mail flight for Royal Mail between East Midlands Airport and Bournemouth Airport as well as between Exeter International Airport and London Stansted Airport. The Royal Mail announced in June 2013 that it would extend Titan Airways’ contract to operate night flights from Stansted Airport, from January 2014 to January 2017, adding new routes to Edinburgh and Belfast using three Boeing 737s. As part of the contract, the British Aerospace 146-200QC (Quick Change) aircraft were to be replaced with a standard Boeing 737 fleet, and the type was withdrawn by Titan Airways in November 2013.

A drone will be used to deliver mail between the UK mainland and St Mary’s airport in Scilly Isles, Royal Mail announced in 2021. Windracers Limited manufactures the twin-engine vehicle in the UK, which is capable of carrying 100 kg, which is the same weight as a typical delivery round.

The aircraft is capable of flying in poor weather conditions, including fog, and will be out of sight of operators for the 70-mile flight. Parcels will be transported between the islands in the archipelago using vertical takeoff and landing drones. When a package was sent to a remote lighthouse on Scotland’s Isle of Mull, Royal Mail sent its first parcel using a drone in December 2020.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

An item will arrive at RDC shortly

Depending on the logistics provider and courier, you will see a status of “item on its way to Atherstone RDC” for your orders and deliveries. It means that the item is transported to the Regional Distribution Center, and once there, it will be distributed to the FDC (Frontier/Front-End Distribution Center). After that, it will be delivered to you.

In which area is the RDC?

Regional Distribution Centers will be located in different parts of the country and belong to Logistics and Courier Company. Here is an example of where Royal Mail’s Atherstone RDC is located.

How does RDC work in shipping?

Regional Distribution Centers are the hubs of logistical activity. Distribution of radiation capacity and preparation of inventories is provided to the provincial users at this distribution center. A large distribution scale used to exist at such a distribution center.

Describe Royal Mail’s national distribution center.

It has been reported that a distribution center in Northamptonshire leased to the Royal Mail has been acquired for almost £50m. Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal site at Danes Way has been acquired by listed company Tritax Big Box REIT for a total consideration of £48.82 million. Having been constructed in 2003, the parcel delivery building provides a centrally located and adaptable distribution center to all Royal Mail parcel hubs across the country.

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