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Ask an Expert -Should You Install a Quadrant Shower Enclosure?

Shower enclosures are a recent trend that is sweeping throughout the UK. Homeowners prefer it as it looks good and is a more practical option in comparison to the Bath. Moreover, it can transform the entire look of the bathroom without a full bathroom upgrade. It is easier to take a shower in minutes in comparison to the bath rather than waiting for your bath to be filled. However, there are various shapes of shower cubicles available in the market. Which one should you choose depends on the various factors?

Although a quadrant shower enclosure is a popular choice. It may not be the best fit for every bathroom. Therefore, many people who are planning for a shower enclosure installation often ask themselves simple questions like is a quadrant enclosure the right option for their bathroom? It may or may but how you know it should be your choice is our topic of discussion in this blog.

So, What’s a Quadrant Shower Enclosure?

It is a shower cubicle with a curved front and a rectangular shape back. It resembles a half-circle or half-rounded from the front. Due to its shape, it offers various advantages over others ranging from space-saving to corner fittings and much more. Such enclosures are fitted into a single frame but may come in 4 parts of the glass panels. Two of which will be fixed while two for use of a shower door. Depending on the type these may be hinged or sliding door options. So, these come with a single framed fitting and if you are going to install it in the corners then there may be no need to add side panels.

Is Quadrant Shower Enclosure a Right Option for You?

Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Whether a quadrant shower enclosure is the right fit for your bathroom depends on various factors. It makes it easier to understand we recommend asking a few questions.

Is Space Saving Your Preference?

The first question you should ask yourself is whether you are looking for a space-saving design? Is your bathroom have a small space that you want to use as a shower enclosure. If that is the case, then a quadrant shape might be the best option for you. Perhaps, in comparison to all other shapes, it can help you save space in many ways. However, that does not mean you cannot fit it in the large bathroom. These can equally be great for large spaces as well. But square and rectangular designs may offer a more spacious shower experience. So, the bottom line is if you need a space-saving option then a quadrant enclosure should be your choice.

Is Corner Fitting Possible?

So, you want a space-saving design for which a quadrant cubicle is a perfect fit. But you will need to know whether you can convert the corner area into an enclosure. Therefore, make sure you don’t have any other fitting occupying the bathroom corners that you can not or don’t want to remove. It is because it is a kind of shape that almost always fits into the bathroom corners. That means you will need to check the possibility of a corner fitting before proceeding any further before placing an order for a quadrant cubicle. That also means your enclosure will be contained with a corner offering you space-saving.

Advantages that You Can Expect.

You can expect the following major advantages with a quadrant shower enclosure.

  • The best thing about the quadrant shape cubicles is that they offer wide corner access to the shower area. That is not available with other shower enclosure shapes which usually have small or awkward entrances. You can expect around 50% of the enclosure to cover its access area. For example, if you order an 800mm enclosure then the entrance may be around 400mm. It is also great for someone with some extra pounds and the elderly with limited mobility.
  • As discussed earlier quadrant is a unique shape that makes it different from other enclosure types. Therefore, people prefer it because of its attractiveness and distinctive design. It can transform the look into a modern bathroom space, can easily match with other fittings and fixtures, and can help you create a perfect style statement. So, for bathroom aesthetics and looks, nothing beats a quadrant enclosure.
  • Besides other advantages, you would love the fact that these enclosures are available in various shapes and sizes. So, whether you need a tiny enclosure with 660mm size or want a bigger size of 900mm for a standard bathroom, there are sizes available for your space.

 How to Choose The Best Quadrant Shower Enclosure?

Quadrant Shower Enclosure

In order to choose the perfect quadrant shower enclosure for your bathroom, you will need to consider the following things.

Step-1. Choose The Space to Fit Enclosure?  As a quadrant cubicle is suitable for a corner fitting, the first thing you will need to consider is the place where you want to fit it. For example, your bathroom may have multiple corners and you may have to choose the most suitable corner for it. You should make sure that the position you choose has the water supply connection and drain available.

Step-2. Decide about the Size.  The next step in this process is deciding about the enclosure size. You have sizes available ranging from 660mm to 900mm. You will need to think about the space that you can allocate for it. Make sure there is no other fixture very near to it. The 800mm and 900mm sizes are the most popular choices in the UK.

Step-3.  Choose The Shower Door.  After deciding the size of the enclosure, the next step will be making a shower door choice. There are two-door options that may fit with this type of enclosure that is a hinged shower door and a sliding shower door. More than 95% of people prefer a sliding door option with it as it is a space-saving and stylish option.

Step-4. Other Consideration. In addition to other considerations, you will also need to choose the glass thickness ( a standard 6mm is recommended), glass type( frosted or transparent) and a choice between framed and frameless shower enclosure choice.

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