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Upgrade your organization to Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager must be upgraded if your organization is currently using the Device Enrollment Program (DEP). You may enroll in Apple Business Manager if your organization only uses the Volume Purchase Program (VPP). You can then invite existing VPP Purchasers to your new apple business portal account.

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions that integrate with apple business account let you buy content and configure automatic device enrollment. Developed for technology managers and IT administrators, the apple business portal is accessible via the web.

Upgrade to the updated Apple Business Manager

You can upgrade to the apple business portal* by logging into using your Apple Deployment Programs Agent account. Upgrades only take a few minutes.

When you upgrade, your apple business account will have all of your:

  • Invoices
  • Login credentials
  • With MDM
  • Mobile devices
  • Using server tokens
  • To order services
  • That is associated with your account

Utilize the apple business account portal to access your data after the upgrade is complete. If you upgrade, you won’t be able to access the Apple Deployment Programs website.

Join Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager can be enrolled by visiting and clicking Enroll Now. Your business information, including your D-U-N-S number, and an email address that has not been used as an Apple ID for any Apple service or website are required.

Select a domain for Managed Apple IDs

If you enroll in or upgrade to an apple business account you will be asked to enter your organization’s website. If you enter a website, an apple business account will create a reserved domain as the default domain for your Managed Apple IDs. If your website is, your Managed Apple IDs will look like

The apple business account Administrator can change the default domain and add additional domains after upgrading. Adding domains after enrolling requires verifying them before they can be used for Managed Apple IDs.

VPP purchasers should be invited to Apple Business Manager

Depending on your organization’s size, you may have multiple VPP accounts. If you enroll in or upgrade to the apple business portal, you can invite them to your new Apple Business Manager account. Discover how to invite VPP Purchasers to Apple Business Manager.

Apple Business Manager roles changed

The roles that you assign to your users have been changed in the apple business portal.

Administrators are now Agents

The highest level of administrative access was Agent within Apple Deployment Programs. You had the option of having your agents accept the Apple Deployment Programs Terms and Conditions on your behalf.

Apple Business Manager now refers to this role as Administrator. Apple business portal supports up to five Administrators.

Managers are now admins.

Apple Deployment Programs had administrators for DEP and VPP. Upgrades to the apple business portal convert existing administrators to managers. Below is a table showing how administrator roles are converted to manager roles:

Apple Deployment Program Role Within Apple Business Manager
“DEP Administrator” Under device management
“VPP Administrator” Select “Content Manager”
The administrator who can create and edit other administrators In “People Manager”
There is none Employed

Multiple roles can be assigned to a single user in Apple Business s As an Admin, your user will be assigned all roles that apply in the apple business portal if they were an Admin for more than one program. Administrators and People Managers can add, remove, or change Manager roles after upgrading.

All roles were managed with Apple IDs

As soon as your previous Agent and Administrator sign in to the apple business portal for the first time, their Apple IDs will be converted into Managed Apple IDs. It is recommended that they set up two-factor authentication at that time if their accounts did not previously have it.

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