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A Few Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills

By definition, communication consists of passing on ideas and information through speaking, writing, or other means. It is essential to communicate clearly in business, in relationships, and in every aspect of life in order to achieve our goals and deliver our message effectively to the outside world. According to a 2019 study, good communication skills are essential when looking for work or growing a business. In light of all that, what are some ways in which we can improve our ability to communicate?

Communication in both verbal and nonverbal forms

Non-verbal communication involves the use of gestures, eye contact, body movements, and other expressions in place of words to express our thoughts and feelings, as opposed to verbal communication in which words are used to express our thoughts and feelings. Communication involves both verbal and non-verbal Communication Skills, as often, these two types of Communication Skills are used simultaneously when conveying a message, as can be seen in movies, comics, and advertisements, for example.

In contrast, non-verbal communication often becomes ambiguous, because it is impossible to control what is conveyed through images or body language. The receiver often misinterprets these messages in the same way. As a result, non-verbal communication generally reinforces verbal communication.

Communicate with gestures and eye contact

During a job interview or when we have to give a speech or a presentation, we often forget to pay attention to our body language or we become too nervous. When we look someone in the eye, we are conveying confidence and showing that we are attentive to what they say. By listening to what they have to say even without words, we will demonstrate that we are interested. Approximately 90% of our communication is nonverbal, according to specialists. The way we move our bodies communicates much more than we think, even unconsciously. Observe yourself and practice your gestures because sometimes a gesture can persuade, convince and create trust much more effectively than an elaborate speech.

Don’t interrupt others and ask questions

In order to gain a deeper understanding of an idea, we must be able to ask questions openly and admit when we don’t understand. Communicating effectively requires you to keep your interlocutor’s point of view in mind at all times. Therefore, be sure to summarize what they have said in your own words to ensure that you are on the same page.

Don’t interrupt or divert a conversation by adding your own ideas to what others are saying. You can express your doubts or comments after allowing other people to express their points of view without interrupting. You should also use your perception to connect with people effectively; sometimes a short email is as effective as a long one, and sometimes a phone call is as effective as a letter.

Take advantage of the mirror to practice

Being aware of our body language in a face-to-face conversation or in front of a group of people can be challenging. CHOICES Worldwide founder Vickie Austin recommends using the technique of mirroring as a communication technique. The technique consists of observing the body language of our interlocutor and mimicking it in a subtle way. For example, if the other person nods, you should nod back. It is, however, important to practice reading Communication Skills when communicating online since most of our Communication Skills is in writing.

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The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important tools for achieving your goals, so finding time to improve them shouldn’t be a problem.

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