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A detailed guide to buying a Yamaha Revstar guitar

There is no doubt that Yamaha always brings style and balance to their guitars. Yamaha’s Revstar series comes with a solid body design that delivers quality and tone to match their awe-inspiring appearances. And while the Revstar has some resemblance to Yamaha’s long-discontinued and sought-after SG series, when it comes to the basic features, the Yamaha Revstar series offers unique profiles. 

The good news is that the Yamaha Revstar is easily accessible. However, there are a couple of things you need to know before you buy one. This article is a detailed guide to help you buy the Yamaha Revstar that is best for you. 

Yamaha Revstar Guitars

Today, you can find a wide range of Yamaha Revstar electric guitars with a unique 5-way switching circuit. These guitars come in three forms, namely, Element, Standard, and Professional.

All new Yamaha Revstar models have this unique switching option to improve their versatility. The Revstar Element model has a dry switch high-pass filter that was also used in the original series. Yamaha’s Standard and Professional models have either P90-style single-coil pickups or a passive humbucker and tend to feature the focus switch. This is a passive boost function that brings the sound of over-wound pickups. They also have the unique 5-way switch circuit that gives a twist to the classic in-between sounds.  

It’s worth mentioning that the new Yamaha Revstar series has chambered bodies that were developed based on the Yamaha acoustic design process. Yamaha uses advanced modeling and measurement tools to develop the chambering pattern so that it can precisely increase resonance and shape tone while optimizing balance and reducing weight. The new Yamaha Revstar guitars also have a new neck profile, a range of finishes, and the first left-handed models. 

Revstar Features

As explained earlier, the Revstar range comprises the Element, Standard, and Professional models along with new finishes and chambered bodies. Some differentiating factors are that the Professional models are made in Japan and the Element is the mid-priced option. Each model has a body that is now slightly larger than the models that were released in 2015. But because they also have chambers, these guitars are also lighter.

Besides improving the resonance of the guitars and lowering the overall weight, Yamaha has also optimized the balance through their acoustic design process.

The Element, which is the more affordable Revstar guitar, has a mahogany neck and body. It also comes with a rosewood fingerboard. The Revstar Standard model comes with a maple top and you can also have a more stable carbon-reinforced neck. And finally, the Japanese-made Professional model has carbon inserts that are placed inside the chambered body. These carbon inserts help to further improve the vibration transfer. Further to this, it utilizes their proprietary response acceleration treatment, which Yamaha believes can improve the feel and sound of the guitar, allowing you to feel like you have played them for several years from the beginning.

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