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0344 Numbers UK – How to buy, Benefits and Drawbacks

There are many non-geographic 0344 numbers in the UK that are used by the government and other organizations, which provide a homogenous rate of calling from all parts of the nation so that business is increased nationwide. Similarly, the number resembles the 01, 02 series of landline codes. As an alternative to premium 08 numbers, it was introduced in 2007 by the government regulator Ofcom.

If you are calling 0344 from a landline, your per-minute charges range from 9p to 14p a month, and from a mobile, it is free for minutes within your contracted landline minutes allowance and 3p to 35p a month for minutes outside of your contracted landline minutes allowance.

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0344 code numbers: where and how to buy

In the UK there are numerous service centers where you can buy phone numbers without setup fees or contracts within minutes. It takes only a few seconds for the system to work, and you can begin making and receiving calls immediately.

0344 Numbers UK – How to buy, Benefits and Drawbacks

Using the 0344 number has several benefits

As far as I am concerned, its greatest advantage is the fact that you can operate the number in any location. So, the freedom of action of call centers is increased by the fact that they are able to forward calls to any part of the country. Having numbers like this increase the relationship with the customer where they can call any of the registered numbers under different addresses for the same company while saving the number in the phone book to avoid the disarray of your phone book. The program is very useful not only to large but also to small corporations.

Using a 0344 code number has its drawbacks

It is important for the users to take care at the same time to avoid fraud and scams in the network. Whenever you enter these numbers, you should always be cautious of their security of them. By calling this number, many trickery people can easily make money by cheating innocent people.

How to make a call using the 0344 code

The 0344 number can be called anywhere in the UK, whereas it is required to add +44 and avoid the first 0 of the 0344 number when making a call outside of the UK (+44344).

Calling 0344 numbers costs money. Are 0344 numbers free?

There is no cost for 0344 numbers, but many phone plans offer them for free on certain plans. Your phone tariff may offer free calls to landlines at certain times of the day or may include inclusive calls or bundled minutes that cover calls to landlines, and this includes calls to 0344 numbers & other 03** numbers as well, on the exact same terms.

There is the no different rate charged for numbers that begin with 03 as there is for those that begin with 01 or 02 in a landline number. Dialing 0344 does not incur a charge.


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Are 0345 numbers free?

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